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  1. ink-stained wretches
    What’s Going On With Rupert Murdoch and Mort Zuckerman?Yesterday a blog item reported that the ‘Daily News’ owner is considering selling his paper to the News Corp. mogul. Today, an editorial by the former appears in the paper of the latter.
  2. media deathwatch
    WNYC Confirms Layoffs, CutbacksThe public radio station will lay off four people and eliminate eleven unfilled positions. Senior staff will take a pay cut, as well.
  3. media deathwatch
    Reshuffling, Reimagining at OK!The celebrity weekly will focus more on style. Also, several editors are out. That and the rest of today’s media news.
  4. media metamorphoses
    Mixed News for News Corp.: Journal Circulation Up, Post Way DownOf all the top 25 newspapers in the country, only the ‘Journal’ grew in circulation this year; the New York ‘Post,’ however, lost more readers than any other paper on the list.
  5. media deathwatch
    FHM Is Looking for an Editor-in-chiefYep, you read that right. There’s a media job, everybody! A media job!
  6. bad ideas
    Is The Wall Street Journal’s Fashion Blog on Its Last Legs?Sources say the blog could go dark any minute.
  7. straight to tv
    Americans Will Not Surrender SUVs Without a FightTwo repo men set out on an epic journey in pursuit of a “lipstick-red” Jeep Cherokee.
  8. media deathwatch
    Media Is Tired and Pretending This Isn’t HappeningLalalalalala. The media can’t hear you, bad news. Lalalala.
  9. aubergine-haired moguls
    Rupert Murdoch Is Comfortable With the Level of Evil He Already Is“I’ve got no desire to be an even bigger public enemy,” he told reporters yesterday.
  10. bloodbaths
    Wall Street Journal Cans Fashion StaffWith just one week until Fashion Week, they must be insane.
  11. ink-stained wretches
    WSJ Editor Does Not Recall Getting Markopolos Madoff TipBut if he did know anything, he wasn’t the only one who knew something and didn’t do anything. Or something?
  12. ink-stained wretches
    ‘Wall Street Journal’ to Lay Off FourteenThe company plans to close the largely New York-based Fashion and Retail group.
  13. media deathwatch
    The Media Doesn’t Understand What’s Happening to Its BodyThe awkward puberty of the media continues.
  14. ink-stained wretches
    Powder Sent to Wall Street Journal Was HarmlessThe only way it could hurt people was psychologically.
  15. it just happened
    Wall Street Journal Receives Envelopes Containing White Powder’At least 10’ envelopes arrived at the paper’s offices today, addressed to the paper’s executives, beginning a Day of Terror.
  16. the greatest depression
    Women of the Greatest Depression Would Rather Starve Than Go Wrinkled’As god as my witness, I’ll never go wrinkled again!’
  17. ink-stained wretches
    Rupert Murdoch Is Like the Jewish Mother Bob Thompson Never HadThey bicker all the time, but really they love one another.
  18. first looks
    The Wall Street Journal Attempts a Fashion SpreadTwo words: dog balloons.
  19. neighborhood watch
    Brownstone Viciously Attacked by Gang of Anonymous HipstersTony Soprano was consulted on this one, they say.
  20. early and often
    Bernanke’s Support of Democrat Bailout Plan Was Obama ‘Endorsement,’ Says ‘Journal’’Perhaps Mr. Bernanke’s blunderbuss political intrusion will win him more Democrat friends,’ says the ‘Journal.’
  21. the greatest depression
    ‘Times’ vs. ‘Journal’ on Bailout DramaWho did it best?
  22. the greatest depression
    ‘The Financial Markets Were Simply More Out of Whack Than Her 16-Year-Old’s Proboscis’In our faltering economy, rich people are going without essentials, such as nose jobs.
  23. web sights
    Look! The ‘Journal’ Redesigned Its Web PageJust in time for an epic international financial crisis, WSJ.com gets a pretty makeover. At least some people are taking care of themselves these days.
  24. ink-stained wretches
    The ‘Wall Street Journal’ Coverage of Lehman Is Weirding Us Out All of a SuddenLurking outside the office, eavesdropping near fast-food carts. Really?
  25. luxury will never die?
    This Just Makes Us Even More Excited for ‘WSJ.’At the mag’s unveiling yesterday, reporters were treated to a taste of the fabulous life that they themselves may never know.
  26. company town
    Anti-Feminist Sues Columbia Over Women’s Studies ProgramRoy Den Hollander, the guy who sued against ladies’ night promotions at nightclubs, is at it again. Plus, no one cared that the New York ‘Times’ raised its cover price, and Lehman sells a key asset.
  27. intel
    Liberal Columnist Thomas Frank: ‘Journal’ Readers ‘Get Him’The 2008 addition to the paper’s opinion roster says the financially minded readers of the ‘Journal’ understand what he’s talking about, as opposed to the readers of the “small lefty magazines” he used to write for.
  28. company town
    The Obamas All Over the Glossy Newsstand, Once AgainMichelle and Barack appear on the covers of ‘Ebony’ and ‘Essence.’ But Meghan McCain has an interview in ‘Glamour’! Plus the latest on Barbara Corcoran, John Thain, and the other captains of industry.
  29. in other news
    ‘Journal’ Story About Too Skinny Obama Just As Weightless As It SeemedThe paper today issues a correction about some of their sourcing for the sketchy tale.
  30. early and often
    The ‘Journal’ Discovers Something Different About Barack ObamaThe paper attempts to argue that the thing most jarring to voters about Barack Obama’s appearance is his weight. Yeah.
  31. NewsFeed
    Can’t Get Into Ko? ‘Journal’ Suggests Dim SumFood critic Ramond Sokolov is skeptical about chef’s counters.
  32. company town
    ‘Times’ to Raise Cover Price 25 CentsPlus AMI is headed for tough times, Fox News makes fun of Nas, Andrew Cuomo looks into AIG, and more, in our daily industry roundup.
  33. white men with money
    Hedgies of the ApocalypseAs the markets decline, hedge funds like Philip Falcone’s and John Paulson’s still manage to rake in the dough.
  34. company town
    Citigroup Posts $2.5 Billion LossA lot of big news at the banks today — but there’s also crazy stuff going down with Jeff Zucker, Dan Rather, Brooke Astor (from beyond!), and Barack Obama, in our daily industry roundup.
  35. in other news
    The Two Faces of Henry PaulsonIt’s not just the Dow that’s low!
  36. company town
    Chairman Cox Bans Naked Short-SellingHeh. Naked short selling. Sounds like something a frat boy would do, right? Well … it sort of is. Read all about the SEC’s bold move to crack down on market manipulators and more, in our daily roundup of finance, media, law, and real-estate news.
  37. white men with money
    Rumor: Goldman Sachs CEO Accused of Rumormongering by Lehman and Bear CEOLehman CEO Richard Fuld and ex–Bear Stearns CEO Alan Schwartz accused Goldman Sachs CEO Lloyd Blankfein of starting rumors! Reportedly!
  38. company town
    Tabloids Will Reportedly Pay $12 Million for Pictures of Brangelina TwinsThat’s a whole $8 million more than the couple got for Shiloh! Is it because there’s two of them or because of inflation? Plus: Citigroup’s seven-point plan for saving itself, the Palazzo Chupi triplex goes on sale, and other things that make you go hmmm, in our daily roundup of media, finance, real-estate and law news.
  39. ink-stained wretches
    Marcus Brauchli Tapped to Edit Washington ‘Post’As was widely anticipated, the ousted ‘Journal’ managing editor has found a new home.
  40. company town
    Ashley Alexandra Dupré Drops Suit Against ‘Girls Gone Wild’Technically, the famous call girl is forced to admit, she exploited herself. Plus! Boutique hotels in Brooklyn are fighting, NBC gets a bargain on the Weather Channel, and we all may all end up paying for the Fed bailout of Bear Stearns, in our daily roundup of law, real estate, media and finance news.
  41. company town
    Advertisers Still Wary of Don ImusPlus, the latest on what’s going on at Citibank, JPMorgan, and on the Upper East Side, in our daily industry roundup.
  42. ink-stained wretches
    ‘International Herald Tribune’ Gets Closer Ties to the ‘Times’The Websites of the two papers are combined, and the ‘Times’ changes the organization of its international counterpart.
  43. ink-stained wretches
    Peggy Noonan Does Not Like to Be ProfiledThe conservative ‘Journal’ columnist and former presidential speechwriter tries, in the politest way possible, to kill a story.
  44. ink-stained wretches
    Thomson Streamlines the ‘Journal’ Masthead Even FurtherIn the most recent round of changes, there is only one departure, but a consolidation of all the company’s news desks.
  45. company town
    When Yahoo Takes a Beating, Carl Icahn Has a Bad DayIn today’s Company Town: Yahoo goes down, ‘The Wall Street Journal’ gets sloppy, Harry Macklowe throws in the towel, and more.
  46. company town
    Fifty Cent’s Baby Mama Will Get Rich or Die Tryin’The battle between 50 Cent and Shaniqua Tompkins rages on, Columbia bulldozes most of the Upper West Side, more big changes at the Murdoch-owned ‘Wall Street Journal,’ and other epic battles, in our daily roundup of news from the law, real-estate, media, and finance sectors.
  47. company town
    Andrew Cuomo’s Kiddie VictoryPlus the latest on what’s up with UBS, Beth Israel, and McDonald’s in our daily industry roundup.
  48. company town
    ‘Words Can’t Describe’ How Jimmy Cayne Feels About Bear’s Collapse. Fortunately, Figures Can.Also, more news on Bear Stearns, the MTA, and Betsey Johnson, in our daily industry roundup.
  49. white men with money
    Bear Stearns: Like ‘Titantic,’ But Without Kate WinsletA new re-creation of the fall of Bear Stearns has Alan Schwartz as the Captain, Bruce Lisman as the Unsinkable Molly Brown, and Ace Greenberg as the string quartet.
  50. company town
    Sandy Weill Pulls Golden Carpet From Underneath Charles PrinceIn our daily industry roundup, the former Citigroup chairman second-guesses himself on the appointment of successor Charles Prince. And more!
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