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War In Afghanistan

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    Trump’s Canceled Meeting With Taliban Was a Failed Attempt to Rush a Peace DealThe Camp David summit was reportedly a last-minute ploy to conclude negotiations and let Trump deliver a grand finale to the war in Afghanistan.
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    S. Stallone to Direct and Star With Adam Driver Tough As They Come tells the true story of Army staff sergeant Travis Mills.
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    Reports: Afghan Taliban Leader Killed in U.S. Air StrikeThe targeting of Mullah Mansour is the U.S. military’s most significant strike on Pakistani soil since the killing of Osama bin Laden in 2011.
  4. mistakes were made
    Military Releases 3,000-Page Explanation of Why Kunduz Hospital Was BombedIt’s just a case of operator error and instrument failure — not a war crime!
  5. boots still on the ground
    Obama Withdraws Promise to Withdraw Troops From AfghanistanIt’s official: America’s longest war will extend its run.
  6. U.S. Slows Down Withdrawal From AfghanistanPresident Obama announces plans to leave 9,800 troops in the country through the end of 2015. 
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    The American War in Afghanistan Officially Ended Today We still have 10,800 troops over there, though.
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    Afghan Soldier Kills 2-Star U.S. General in Insider AttackThe highest ranking military official killed abroad since Vietnam.
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    Fellow Soldiers Criticize Bergdahl They say his actions led to the deaths of his fellow troops.
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    Taliban Releases Captured American Soldier After Five YearsIn exchange for five Afghan prisoners.
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    War in Afghanistan Still Winding DownThe U.S. will leave 9,800 troops after 2014, with all combat forces withdrawn by the end of Obama’s term.
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    Marine Generals Basically Fired Over Attack on Prince Harry’s Afghan Base“Asked to retire” is the same thing.
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    Army Seeks Death Penalty for Sgt. Robert BalesHe’s accused of killing sixteen Afghan civilians.
  14. prince harry
    Taliban Targets Prince Harry in Attack on Afghan BaseTwo U.S. Marines were killed.
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    Taliban Kick Off Their Spring Offensive With Explosions and a Prison Breakout In Kabul, attacked embassies; in Pakistan, nearly 400 inmates freed.
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    U.S. Paid Cash to Families of Murdered Afghan Civilians “They said this money is an assistance from Obama.”
  17. Sergeant Robert Bales Will Face Seventeen Counts of MurderBales’s attorney: “I’m not putting the war on trial, but the war is on trial.”
  18. friendly fire
    Staff Sergeant Robert Bales’s Family Life Revealed on Wife’s BlogJoys of fatherhood, hopes for a transfer.
  19. friendly fire
    U.S. Soldier Who ‘Snapped’ and Killed Sixteen Afghan Civilians I.D.’edRobert Bales was described by neighbors as a patriotic, mild-mannered, family man.
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    Koran Burning Protests Turn Deadly in AfghanistanPresident Obama has sent a personal apology letter about the incident.
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    Claims of Rampant Drug Use in Unit Accused of Killing Afghan CiviliansSeven soldiers were accused of hashish possession.
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    Obama Cancels Traditional Nobel Prize Lunch; Now Norwegians Are Also Mad at HimOver 5,000 are expected to protest the war in Afghanistan at Obama’s award ceremony in Oslo, but 44% of polled Norwegians think it was rude of him to cancel the traditional lunch.