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  1. japan
    Warren Buffett Makes Lemonade Out of Japanese Earthquake LemonsThe rich-guy glass is half-full.
  2. the oracle of omaha
    Warren Buffett Just Spent $9 Billion on the Stuff That Goes Into LubricantsBuffett aims his “itchy” trigger finger at Lubrizol.
  3. the oracle of omaha
    Warren Buffett to Retire From Washington Post Company BoardHe’s stepping down after 37 years.
  4. billionaires they're just like us
    When It Comes to His Bridge Game, Warren Buffett Can Be a Little Flaky“Tell them I have a business meeting.”
  5. white men who can say whatever they want 'cause they're old
    Warren Buffett Admits Whole Trickle-Down Thing Basically a LieThe rich actually just like to keep their extra cash in giant piles.
  6. the oracle of connecticut
    Warren Buffett’s Successor Turns Out to Be Teenage BoyApparently, Warren is planning really far ahead.
  7. the oracle of omaha
    Experts Weigh In on Todd Combs’s QualificationsSheryl Lucante, the maid of honor at his wedding, knows why Warren Buffett picked a little-known hedge-fund manager to run his empire.
  8. things that would have been awesome
    For a Moment We Allowed Ourselves to DreamBut Warren Buffett’s new successor was not who we hoped it would be.
  9. the oracle of omaha
    Meet the Next Warren BuffettThe investor-king appoints (anoints?) an anonymous hedge-fund manager to take over Berkshire Hathaway’s portfolio.
  10. yeah its just like that
    Warren Buffett: Wall Street Is Doing God’s WorkExcept for on the weekends.
  11. photo op
    Warren Knew What the Look On Jay-Z’s Face Meant. He Needed a Fresh Depends.Warren Buffett and Jay-Z bro down.
  12. internet tendencies
    Warren Buffett Spends a Lot of His Time Watching Videos on the Internet“One or two hours will go by and I’ve had the time of my life,” says the Oracle.
  13. the oracle of omaha
    Warren Buffett on the Housing Bubble: ‘Yeah, I Blew It’The Oracle is testifying in front of the Financial Crisis Commission today.
  14. the oracle of omaha
    Warren Buffett Defends Goldman, Eats Ice CreamDairy Queen. Yum.
  15. oh congress!
    Senator Ben Nelson Stands Up for Poor Warren BuffettAt least one senator is standing up for the world’s richest men!
  16. bad decisions
    Everyone Who Has Ever Done Anything Cool Has Been Rejected by HarvardIs our country’s highest-rated university actually dumb?
  17. the oracle of omaha
    Warren Buffett Is Literally a Rock Star NowThe Oracle performs a power ballad.
  18. the oracle of omaha
    Did Charlie Munger Stumble Upon a New Model for Journalism?After he read an article he liked, he sat down and wrote the author a check.
  19. the oracle of omaha
    Warren Buffett Is a ComedianWell, this is what passes as funny on Wall Street.
  20. the oracle of omaha
    More Steaks, Less Shakes for Buffett DisciplesThe Oracle of Omaha cancels his famed meet-and-greet reception.
  21. early and awesome
    Hank Paulson: George W. Bush Was ‘Like a Mother’ to MeThe president not only opened up the national pocketbook to Paulson, he opened his heart.
  22. the great recession
    Unemployment Fell to 9.7 Percent Last MonthDown from 10 percent, so … yay? No.
  23. the oracle of omaha
    Warren Buffett Is Sick and Tired of the Crisis, the Government, All of You PeopleThe Oracle lashes out.
  24. family tree
    Is the President Related to Warren Buffett?Maybe!
  25. goldmanfellas
    Are Goldman Sachs Bankers Really ‘Loading Up On Firearms’?Of course not, silly.
  26. the greatest depression
    Let’s All Shed a Tear for the Country’s Richest BillionairesMayor Bloomberg and the rest of the combined ‘Forbes’$2 400 actually lost wealth last year.
  27. the oracle of omaha
    Warren Buffett to Dispense Folksy Financial Wisdom to ChildrenWarren Buffett will be starring in an animated series for children. This is going to be awesome.
  28. the great debate
    Who Is the New Most-Trusted Person in America?With Walter Cronkite gone, the mantle of Most Trusted Person in America is up for grabs. Here’s out list of the top ten contenders.
  29. dirty words of wisdom
    Warren Buffett Would Like a Full Tab of Viagra, PleaseThe Oracle did not find the first economic stimulus particularly stimulating.
  30. dirty words of wisdom
    Warren Buffett: ‘You Can’t Produce a Baby in One Month by Getting Nine Women Pregnant’More dirty words of wisdom from the Oracle of Omaha.
  31. white men with money
    Will Lunch With Warren Buffett Set You Back As Much This Year?An annual auction for lunch with the Oracle of Omaha has begun.
  32. the downturnaround
    The Downturnaround’s Top 10 Websites for Making Your Own Prediction About Economic RecoveryIf not for the blogosphere, Hugo Lindgren would just be a lost soul searching for a breadline to join.
  33. white men with money
    Never Ask Warren Buffett to Help You PukeLessons learned from ‘The Snowball.’
  34. imagined conversations
    What Goes On in a Secret Billionaires Meeting?Oprah, Bloomberg, Buffett, and more extremely wealthy people held a secret meeting earlier this month.
  35. the greatest depression
    The Dirty Dozen: Intel’s Guide to the Cheats, Crooks, and Con Artists of the Greatest DepressionThe gang’s all here!
  36. gossipmonger
    Scandalous Items Found in Mary-Louise Parker’s TrashUh, not really. Also, Lindsay loves Samantha but is still way into guys. In Monday’s gossip roundup.
  37. the industry
    Forest Whitaker Sees Trees of Green, Red Roses TooPlus: Cronenberg does Ludlum!
  38. Warren Buffett: The Economy ‘Like a Great Athlete That’s Had a Heart Attack’By the way: When someone has a heart attack, it’s an EXCELLENT time to rifle through their pockets.
  39. gossipmonger
    Is McCain Just Too Tired to Do the Debate?Someone at the debate rehearsal overheard him saying he’s ‘exhausted.’ Well, yeah, but you’re running for the Big Job, John — you have to rally! And other gossip…
  40. white men with money
    Warren Buffett’s Dirty Words of WisdomDealBreaker’s Bess Levin remembers some of the best things that have come out of the filthy mouth of Warren Buffett.
  41. ink-stained wretches
    Goldman Sachs Is ‘Embattled,’ Not ‘Ailing’The ‘Times’ regrets its choice of words.
  42. white men with money
    Warren Buffett’s Brain Food‘The Wall Street Journal’ takes a close look at the snacks the Oracle of Omaha consumes when he’s making deals.
  43. the greatest depression
    What Does Warren Buffett’s Investment in Goldman Really Mean?“What we think he’s saying is that the $700 billion bailout plan being pushed down the country’s throat by Hank Paulson and Ben Bernanke — two men who both had seats at the bar while the lethal subprime mortgage cocktail was being concocted by Wall Street — is for the birds.”
  44. the greatest depression
    Buffett’s $5 Billion Goldman Investment Seen As a Calming InfluenceThe markets already seem more stable as the Oracle of Omaha’s move bolsters investor confidence.
  45. white men with money
    Buffett Wants Bloomberg for National Economy Czar, ‘News’ Wants Him for Mayor, AgainIt seems like everybody wants to give Hizzoner more power these days.
  46. company town
    ‘People’ Gets the Last Giggle Over Brangelina Baby PicsTurns out the issue whose cover displayed little Vivienne and Knox sold 2.6 million copies, the fourth-largest selling issue of all time for the mag. Plus, the rest of our industry news roundup.
  47. company town
    Horizon Strategy’s John Devaney Says He Is ‘Bleeding, Personally’ After Loss of Hedge FundClearly, he doesn’t know Daily Intel’s golden rule. That and more, in our daily roundup of need-to-know news from the fields of finance, media, law, and real estate.
  48. company town
    In China’s New York, Twin Towers Still StandingPlus the latest from the Federal Reserve, Skadden, Condé Nast, and Warren Buffett, in today’s industry report.
  49. company town
    They Waterboarded Christopher HitchensFinally, right? Plus, David Brooks thinks Goldman Sachs may be on the cusp of a coup, and the “summer of legal vindication” kicks off in our hump-day roundup of media, finance, law, and real-estate news.
  50. company town
    Jann Wenner Shopping ‘Us Weekly’ to Condé Nast for $750 MillionPlus, the latest with UBS, Bonnie Fuller, and 15 Central Park West, in our daily industry roundup.
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