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  1. civil rights
    D.C.’s Lone Representative Thinks She Might Have Some Company in Congress Soon“You feel that you are not treated as an American citizen in your own country,” she told Intelligencer.
  2. republicans
    Actually, D.C. Is Full of ‘Real People’GOP senators are sounding some old-fashioned dog whistles while arguing against statehood for Washington, D.C.
  3. coronavirus
    The White House Is Rolling Back Its Coronavirus Safety ProtocolsMandatory temperature checks will no longer be conducted on all visitors, and last week, mask wearing became voluntary.
  4. protests
    Huge ‘Black Lives Matter’ Mural Painted on Street Leading to White HouseBlack Lives Matter D.C. called the move a “performative distraction from real policy changes” meant to appease “white liberals.”
  5. street vendors
    Street-Vendor Organizations Declare Support for Black Lives Matter“We condemn the violence and brutality police are using against those fighting for the right to exist.”
  6. george floyd
    As Protests Continue, Chefs Pledge Solidarity“Our window can be replaced. George Floyd can’t”
  7. coronavirus
    Senate Aide Tests Positive for CoronavirusThe staffer, who works in the D.C. office of Washington senator Maria Cantwell, apparently had no known contact with any members of Congress.
  8. the fall classic
    José Andrés Throwing Out the First Pitch at World Series Game 5 in D.C.The same game Trump is expected to attend, if the Astros make it that far.
  9. washington d.c.
    Shunned by the Usual D.C. Circles, Trump Staffers Made Their Own Social ClubMeet the 45 Club, a group of Trump staffers who wear bullet-casing lapel pins and hang out with each other, because no one else in D.C. wants to.
  10. cityscape
    A Built-From-Scratch Neighborhood in Washington That Doesn’t Feel PrefabThe Wharf doesn’t gaslight us into pretending it’s something it isn’t.
  11. the other critics
    Is D.C.’s Sushi Nakazawa a Bust?A local critic says it’s crickets inside the lauded sushi destination’s Trump Hotel location.
  12. bankruptcy
    After Sexual-Assault Suit, Mike Isabella’s Restaurant Group to File BankruptcyHe says sales dropped significantly.
  13. white nationalism
    Anti-Hate Protesters Far Outnumbered Unite the Right Rally AttendeesBy the time Jason Kessler spoke at the Unite the Right rally, only 20 participants remained.
  14. charlottesville anniversary
    White Supremacists Are Planning a Second ‘Unite the Right’ Rally in D.C.What to know about the event, which is set to take place on the anniversary of Charlottesville.
  15. protests
    Watch a Woman Confront EPA Chief Scott Pruitt at LunchKristin Mink held her 2-year-old son in her arms as she urged the politician to resign “before your scandals push you out.”
  16. confrontations
    Mother and Toddler Confront Scott Pruitt in a D.C. Restaurant“I just wanted to urge you to resign because of what you’re doing to the environment and our country.”
  17. lawsuits
    Chef Mike Isabella Settles Lawsuit Alleging Sexual Harassment at His RestaurantsFinancial terms weren’t disclosed, but the chef promises “corrective measures” to ensure an abuse-free workplace.
  18. keeping up with kongress
    Kourtney Kardashian Went to D.C. to Advocate for Safer Beauty ProductsKourtney takes Kongress.
  19. lists
    We’re No Longer Getting a List of the Hottest People in D.C.The Hill is ending their annual ranking of the “50 Most Beautiful.”
  20. sexual harassment
    Former Employee of Celebrity Chef Mike Isabella Files New LawsuitThe new complaint alleges that NDAs were used to hush accounts of sexual harassment.
  21. sexual harassment
    Celebrity Chef Mike Isabella Sued for Sexual HarassmentA former employee is seeking $4 million in damages.
  22. everybody's a critic
    Trump’s D.C. Hotel Has Taken Aim at the Local Food Critics“Another big miss not mentioning @TrumpDC Dessert Night happening every Friday.”
  23. Man Shoots and Kills Himself in Front of White HouseHe was standing in a crowd of more than 100 people at the time.
  24. food politics
    José Andrés Says He Begged Trump to Walk Back Anti-Mexico CommentsThe chef says he got nowhere — which is when he decided to pull the plug on a restaurant contract.
  25. interesting times
    Andrew Sullivan: #MeToo and the Taboo Topic of NatureThe new breed of feminists — and liberals in general — are going to have to choose between reality and ideology.
  26. white house drama
    Jared and Ivanka Absolutely ‘Love It’ in Washington, Okay?A close reading of the “Page Six” story.
  27. select all
    Romanians Charged With Hacking D.C. Security Cameras Days Before InaugurationIt was allegedly part of a ransomware scheme.
  28. Kate Berlant Makes the Perfect Washington DC Tour Guide on ‘I Love You, […]Here’s a clip from today’s episode of Sarah Silverman’s Hulu series I Love You, America, where “certified America expert” Kate Berlant heads to […]
  29. power
    Will All the Harassment Claims Against Senators Be Released?Senator Tim Kaine thinks they should be.
  30. restaurant reviews
    Here’s Another Look at How Far Restaurants Go to Trick Influential Food CriticsD.C.’s fine-dining world is full of “spies” and “dossiers.”
  31. trump
    Trump Announces He’s Ready to Eat Overcooked Steak in D.C.’s ‘Great Restaurants’Attention, chefs: It’s time to start working on recipes for overcooked steak.
  32. Trump Courts Appearance of Impropriety in Interviewing U.S. Attorney CandidatesHe personally interviewed U.S. attorney candidates in jurisdictions where cases against him or his businesses might arise.
  33. Critic Calls New D.C. Nobu ‘the Most Pretentious Restaurant in Washington’“The specialty of the house … is called obnoxious.”
  34. lawsuits
    Black Workers at Trump Hotel Steakhouse Allegedly Told It’s ‘White America Time’BLT Prime employees claim they got screwed on shifts and dealt with racist co-workers.
  35. stronger together
    Clinton Quietly Supported Comet Ping Pong After the ‘Pizzagate’ ShootingHillary and Bill bought “tons” of pizzas and donated them to a local after-school program.
  36. A Redskins-Themed Bar Racked Up $2.5 Million in Debt After 15 Months in BusinessThe owners opened and closed two other NFL-themed restaurants.
  37. witchin'
    People Won’t Stop Asking Sally Quinn to Hex Donald TrumpThe D.C. grande dame admits to dabbling in the occult, and says she’s placed a hex or two in her day.
  38. lgbt rights
    Top D.C. Steakhouse Reportedly Tells Gay Couple They Clash with the ‘Ambience’They say the Prime Rib told them it “wouldn’t look right” if they shared dessert.
  39. vanity
    The Trump Administration Has Reportedly Messed With D.C.’s Plastic-Surgery PlansCongress has had to reschedule their nips and tucks.
  40. crime scene
    ‘Pizzagate’ Shooter Is Sentenced to 4 Years in PrisonThe judge told him that she’s “never heard anything like the conduct that brings us here today.”
  41. news you can booze
    Comey’s Hearing Is Giving Day-Drinkers the Perfect Excuse to Start Early at BarsLines at some of America’s drinking establishments stretch for blocks today.
  42. drinking games
    A D.C. Bar Will Give Away Free Drinks Every Time Trump Tweets About ComeyYou have to cope somehow.
  43. politics
    Kellyanne Conway Wants to Be a Washington Power HostessShe plans to “dive into social hosting” in her new D.C. mansion.
  44. pizza! pizza!
    Stranded Amtrak Passengers Waited So Long, They Ordered PizzaA “hangry” rider ordered the pie after being delayed for more than an hour.
  45. parties
    Inside the After-party for Sam Bee’s Not the White House Correspondents’ DinnerThere’s Will Ferrell! And Retta! Other fancy people!
  46. protests
    Tens of Thousands March Against Climate Change, Trump in Washington, D.C.The massive crowd braved record temperatures and, yes, brought good signs, too.
  47. lawsuits
    Association for Restaurant Workers Joins Lawsuit Against TrumpThe suit alleges that the president is violating a constitutional clause meant to prevent foreign influence buying.
  48. lawsuits
    The Trump Organization Settled Its Lawsuit With Geoffrey Zakarian, TooNo details were given, outside of both sides saying they’re glad to “amicably resolve our differences.”
  49. How Social Media Is Helping Washington Search for Its Missing Black TeensBlack teens go missing at a disproportionate rate — and the problem isn’t limited to D.C.
  50. crime scene
    Comet Ping Pong Gunman Pleads Guilty to Weapons PossessionHis attempt to “self-investigate” #PizzaGate could put him away for 20 years.
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