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Watch The Throne

  1. rankings
    All 285 Jay-Z Songs, Ranked From Worst to BestAll-time classics, unfortunate clunkers, and more.
  2. music
    Kanye West Teases a Sequel to Watch the ThroneDoes Jay-Z know?
  3. watch the throne
    Which A-list Couple Will Ascend Brangelina’s Throne?Kimye, your move.
  4. the queendom and the power
    The Times Says Adult Women Are Wearing Tiaras to MeetingsBecause empowerment.
  5. sibling rivalries
    Kanye and Jay-Z Had a Long Dispute Over Some Magna Carta SongsKanye wanted the material for Watch the Throne.
  6. watch the throne
    Watch a Watch the Throne Documentary Featuring Kanye West and Jay-ZWe’re watching.
  7. niggas in paris
    Watch Eleven Performances of ‘N*ggas in Paris’ Played All at OnceWatch the Throne really closely.
  8. videology
    Jay-Z and Kanye’s No Church in the Wild Video: It’s a RiotMob violence, an elephant, and tons of fire.
  9. watch the throne
    Watch Rihanna Join Kanye West and Jay-Z OnstageRiRi just touched down in Londontown.
  10. politics
    Kanye and Jay-Z Are Soundtracking French Campaign Ads NowAnd yes, “Paris” is the song.
  11. watch the throne
    Jay-Z and Kanye Settle Copyright Suit With Syl JohnsonWatch the Throne settle.
  12. mos def
    Hear Mos Def’s Version of ‘N*ggas in Paris’The Artist Formerly Known As Mos Def changes name, remains “socially conscious.”
  13. midnight in paris
    Watch a Mash-Up of Midnight in Paris and ‘N*ggas in Paris’That’s about right, Internet.
  14. videology
    ‘N*ggas in Paris’ Video: Kanye and Jay-Z Present Tiger-Kaleidoscope Fun HourTwo ‘Yes and two Jays.
  15. parks and recreaton
    Visit Park-Z and Kanye-ation, a Blog That Mixes Watch the Throne Lyrics With Parks and Recreation StillsPart Parks, part Throne, all stuff your grandma wouldn’t be able to follow.
  16. watch the throne
    Watch Pitbull’s ‘Latinos in Paris’Pitbull does his own thang with Kanye and Jay-Z’s original, also directs the video.
  17. Nitsuh Abebe on the Kanye Line That Still Bothers HimOur music critic weighs in on that and other pop matters.
  18. video
    Watch Vulture’s Top 20 Videos of 2011Our Game of Thrones buddy-comedy remake, the Community cast playing pop-culture trivia, every Michael Scott celebrity impression from The Office, and more!
  19. math
    Kanye and Jay-Z Performed ‘Ni**as in Paris’ for 613.2 Minutes This YearThat’s 2,183 “Crays.”
  20. watch the throne
    Read Aziz Ansari’s Translation of ‘N-ggas in Paris’ Using EmoticonsAziz Ansari turns a Watch the Throne track into a text-y masterpiece.
  21. kanye west
    Go Behind the Scenes in the Watch the Throne Tour DiaryKanye West takes you behind the scenes of his mammoth tour with fellow hip-hop kingpin Jay-Z.
  22. kanye west
    Kanye Wants World Leaders at His FuneralAnd — bear with us for a sec — he kinda sounds humble saying it.
  23. beyonce
    See a Very Pregnant Beyoncé Dance From the AudienceWhile catching a performance on her hubby’s Watch the Throne tour, Beyoncé was caught dancing while pregnant, which we all know is extremely cute.
  24. Superhero Rap: Jay-Z and Kanye West Live at MSGKicking over buildings, snapping necks.
  25. watch the throne
    So Far, the Watch the Throne Tour Does Not Include Flame WallsWe have hope for MSG.
  26. watch the throne
    Let’s Speculate Wildly About the Watch the Throne Set ListFlame walls! Throne music!
  27. the law
    Syl Johnson Going Through With That Watch the Throne LawsuitAs promised.
  28. music
    Lil Wayne’s New Album to Outsell Watch the ThroneWith more than 700,000 copies.
  29. music
    Syl Johnson Readying Legal Action Against Kanye and Jay-Z“The Joy” samples Johnson’s “Different Strokes.”
  30. you crazy for this one
    Hear All of Kanye West’s Many ‘Huh’s, ‘Hah’s, and ‘Heh’s From Watch the ThroneTo be fair, the night is young.
  31. clickables
    Read Aziz Ansari’s Watch the Throne ComicsVisionary.
  32. clickables
    Watch Milo & Otis Perform Kanye and Jay-Z’s LatestDon’t miss the tortoise-surfing.
  33. watch the throne
    The Video For Jay-Z and Kanye West’s ‘Otis’ Is HereJust when you were thinking about taking your eyes off the throne for a second.
  34. clickables
    See a Short Teaser for the Spike Jonze–Directed ‘Otis’ VideoKanye and Jay-Z continue to hang out, have more fun than the rest of us
  35. vulture lists
    Hip-Hop BFFs: Rating Rap Music’s Most Intimate FriendshipsIs anyone’s friendships better than Jay-Z and Kanye’s?
  36. clickables
    Watch a Short, Puzzling Trailer for Watch the ThroneIt’s finally out Monday.
  37. last night’s gig
    Kanye West and Jay-Z Threw a Party at the Planetarium Last NightVulture checked out a ‘Watch the Throne’ listening session.
  38. bffs
    Jay-Z and Kanye West Will Take Watch the Throne On the RoadAlso, they came up with a name for their group.
  39. bffs
    Have You Ever Wanted to See Footage of Kanye Giving Jay-Z a Birthday Present?Check out this mini-documentary!
  40. right-click
    Hear Jay-Z and Kanye’s New SongIt’s called “Otis”!
  41. clickables
    See Jay-Z’s Behind-the-Scenes Photos From the Making of Watch the ThroneBeyoncé! Fancy studio equipment!
  42. the industry
    Jay-Z and Kanye West’s Watch the Throne Gets a Cover, Possible Release DateSee the cover!
  43. watch the throne
    Jay-Z and Kanye West Are Working With Frank OceanDude is just racking up the anecdotes.
  44. watch the throne
    Looks Like This Joint Jay-Z–Kanye West Album Is Really Happening“We in a motorcade driving to the studio. I’m seeing kids learning how to ride horses out the window.”
  45. kanye west
    Kanye and Jay-Z Planning Collaborative Album, With Many High-Profile Guest Spots“Me and jay bout to drop a 5 song album called Watch the Throne.”