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    Can Tech Help You Sleep Better?Plug in, drift off. The world of hyperconnected sleep monitors claims to make you snooze smarter. But most of the solutions don’t address the problem.
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    Making My Baby a Smart Baby Was a MistakeWearable smart baby sensors promise parents peace of mind, but for the cost and functionality they deliver, parents should feel more like preyed upon.
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    Snapchat Lost Millions on Spectacles, So Now It’s Gonna Make MoreSpectacles 3.0 will reportedly cost $300.
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    Do Not Waste $600 on Rings That Let You Feel Your Partner’s HeartbeatNot everything needs to be tech-enabled.
  5. This Jacket Is Made of Conductive Yarn So You Can Use It Like a SmartphoneBringing new meaning to the concept of wearables.
  6. This Wearable Will Electrically Shock You Into Spending Less Money, MaybeThe future is now. And it’s painful.
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    Your Sleep Tracker Probably Isn’t Very Good at Tracking Your SleepYou know yourself better than your Fitbit. 
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    The Apple Watch Is Great for Starting Conversations About the Apple WatchI spent 72 self-absorbed hours with the Apple Watch, and I loved it (and me).
  9. 10 Fashion People Envision Their Dream WearableMichael Kors wants “Samantha Stephens on my wrist”; Daphne Guinness is out to disrupt the zipper.
  10. Decades of Hand-wringing About Wearable TechWe are all cyborgs typing in thumb code. 
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    Gucci Is Getting Into the Wearable-Tech GameWith an assist from Will.i.am.
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    Google: Hey Guys, Just FYI We’re Making a Smart Watch, TooThe company is teaming up with luxury Swiss watchmaker TAG Heuer.
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    The Apple Watch Is Being Advertised in the Most Analog Possible WayVia a 12-page spread in Vogue.
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    The Apple Watch Is Finally Coming to Us in AprilCEO Tim Cook made the big announcement.
  15. Sorry, Aspiring Glassholes: Google Is Scrapping Google GlassAt least in its present form.
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    Does Anyone Outside Silicon Valley Even Want a Smartwatch?Nearly every big tech company is betting on them in unison.
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    The Maybe-Wearable Tech of South by SouthwestNew designs charge your phone and know who you are.
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    There Will Soon Be an Opening Ceremony Wearable DeviceCarol Lim and Humberto Leon are collaborating with Intel.