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  1. vulture lists
    What Is the Coldest Netflix Show?A thorough investigation inspired by Seven Seconds.
  2. good sports
    Why the Olympics Are So WindyOkay, wind, you’ve made your point.
  3. forces of nature
    This Meteorologist’s Weather Descriptions Have Us Bracing for the Apocalypse“In the storm’s wake, the mother lode of numbing cold will crash south — likely the last but most bitter in brutal blasts since Christmas Eve.”
  4. extreme weather
    New Year’s Eve Revelers Face Brutal TemperaturesThe ball isn’t the only thing dropping in Times Square on Sunday night.
  5. weather
    Finally, a Snowstorm That’s Good for MenFinally.
  6. Why Are All These Reporters Standing Outside in the Middle of Hurricanes?Is it worth the ratings?
  7. news you can booze
    Blistering Heat Turned Lots of Napa’s Wine Grapes Into RaisinsThe natural consequence of three days of 110-degree temperatures.
  8. hurricane irma
    Hurricane Irma Continues Devastating March Across CaribbeanThe Category 5 storm is moving past the Dominican Republic. Turks and Caicos and the Bahamas are bracing for the hurricane’s next blow.
  9. Category 5 Irma Bears Down on Puerto RicoThe storm has killed at least two in the Caribbean so far, and “decimated” the housing stock in Barbuda.
  10. climate change
    When Will the Planet Be Too Hot for Humans? Much, Much Sooner Than You Imagine.Plague, famine, heat no human can survive. This is not science fiction but what scientists, when they’re not being cautious, fear could be our future.
  11. the lynchian psyche
    Here’s a Friendly Reminder That David Lynch Used to Do Kooky Weather ReportsGood morning, Los Angeles.
  12. seasons
    People Really Are Happier When the Sun Is Out LongerMeanwhile, winter is coming.
  13. weather
    Last Month Was the Hottest September Since We Started Keeping RecordsTechnically, it’s in a statistical tie with September 2014.
  14. weather
    A Week Later, Hurricane Matthew Death Toll Continues to RiseIn North Carolina whole towns remain underwater.
  15. The Statistic That Gets People to Actually Evacuate for a HurricaneUnfortunately, it’s not for the thing that causes the most deaths.
  16. weather
    Northeast Mostly Spared As Hermine Heads Out to SeaThough coastal areas should still watch out for storm surges, we will avoid most of the storm’s destructive forces.
  17. How Is Tropical Storm Hermine Going to Affect NYC?This storm might do a lot worse than just ruin your Labor Day weekend.
  18. weather reports
    This Weather Report Has Great Ghostbusters PunsBritish newscaster Sian Welby filled her weather report with ghost-themed wordplay.
  19. This Little Transparent Box Mimics the Weather OutsideA box of rain.
  20. It Turns Out January’s Blizzard Was Actually the City’s Biggest EverSorry, blizzard of ’06.
  21. weather
    It’s Opening Day at Yankee Stadium and There’s Ice on the FieldThe unseasonably cold weather is going to sticking around for a while.
  22. weather
    Why Your Brain Actually Works Better in WinterDebunking the myth of the winter blues.
  23. A Snowstorm Threatens to Chill Turnout at New Hampshire’s PrimarySome predict a snowy primary would be bad for Rubio.
  24. blizzard of 2016
    New York and East Coast Still Trying to Dig Out From BlizzardThe storm almost set a new record for snowfall in New York.
  25. ask an expert
    So How Much Snow Is New York Going to Get?A meteorologist weighs in. 
  26. weather report
    Crazy Weather Declares War on HumansIn Texas, dozens have died after a relentless fusillade of tornadoes and blizzards.
  27. talking about the weather
    Why This May Be the Warmest Christmas of Your LifetimeThanks to several weird weather events, New York may see temperatures in the low 70s this week.
  28. the weather outside is not frightful
    It’s Supposed to Be Super Warm Again Next WeekWe could see the high 60s on Christmas Eve. 
  29. it’s raining puns
    This Weather Girl Sure Makes Good Star Wars Puns“If you Luke father west … if you’re Wookiee.”
  30. winter isn’t coming
    It’s Official: The Strongest El Niño in 18 Years Will Keep You Warm This WinterLet El Niño’s big, gentle atmospheric arms wrap around you …
  31. The Chain Gang
    McDonald’s Menus Will Change With the WeatherThe “smart” technology has already proven effective at convincing people to buy more McFood.
  32. weather report
    Winter Is (Not Really) ComingAt least for now, New York will remain unseasonably warm.
  33. natural disasters
    South Carolina Floods Kill at Least 9“This flood disaster has been like nothing South Carolina has ever seen.”
  34. hurricane watch
    Hurricane Joaquin Not That Into the East CoastThe latest projections have the big storm veering away from the U.S.
  35. talking about the weather
    Hurricane Joaquin Upgraded to Category 4, But Don’t Panic Just YetThere’s a good chance the storm won’t hit the East Coast.
  36. weather
    Hurricane Joaquin Is Heading for the East Coast — and Maybe New YorkMeteorologists still aren’t sure whether the storm will pummel the East Coast quite yet, but it’s not looking good.
  37. weather
    Say Good-bye to Nice Weather — the Never-ending Rain Is Almost HereTemperatures are about to drop.
  38. natural disasters
    ‘Unprecedented Rain’ Hits City Near Tokyo“We can say this is an abnormal situation and there is imminent serious danger.”
  39. weather
    Florida Declares State of Emergency As Tropical Storm Erika ApproachesThe storm has already killed 20 in the Caribbean. 
  40. weather
    Climatologist Is ‘99 Percent’ Sure 2015 Will Be the Hottest Year Ever RecordedJuly was the hottest month recorded since we started keeping track of the weather in 1880. 
  41. weather
    ‘Godzilla El Niño’ Is ComingCalifornia could get the wettest weather in years.
  42. weather report
    It Wasn’t Just You — Sunday Was the Hottest Day of 2015 So Far And today isn’t looking great either. 
  43. Celebrate the First Week of Summer With Awful Humidity and Possible Hail!The day goes from disgustingly humid and hot to ominous and stormy.
  44. So Far, 2015 Is the Hottest Year on RecordNot the good kind of hot, the bad climate-change kind.
  45. weather
    Hurricane Season Is HereThankfully, it’s supposed to be quieter than usual.
  46. weather
    Apparently Lightning Sometimes Does Strike TwiceThunderstorms are cool and also terrifying.
  47. Watch Out for Flash Floods Today, New YorkThe rainy weather will continue into Tuesday.
  48. weather
    New York Under Severe Thunderstorm WatchOr stay at work late.
  49. weather
    Yeah, Your Allergies Are Probably Worse Than Usual TodayThe pollen forecast in New York for Tuesday is 9.3 out of 10.
  50. It’s the Hottest Day of the YearRegretting not installing your A/C unit yet?
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