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  1. wellness
    7 Ways to Fall Asleep Without AmbienAll of them more effective than scrolling Instagram in the predawn hours.
  2. wellthy
    6 Natural Hair Treatments That Actually WorkWe put yogurt in our hair so that you didn’t have to.
  3. wellthy
    An Exhaustive Guide to Kourtney Kardashian’s Wellness Belief SystemFrom eating clarified butter to catching your own babies.
  4. move it
    The 20 Best Pieces of Cheap Workout GearBecause you’re just going to be sweaty in them anyway.
  5. wellthy
    4 Mental-Health Apps That Are Cheaper Than TherapyJust add a couch.
  6. wellthy
    A Sweet Smoothie From Hannah BronfmanLike dessert, only healthy.
  7. wellthy
    Exercising Like an Animal Knocked Me OutAnimal Flow, alas, is no Prancercise.
  8. wellthy
    How to Survive Your Diet at the OfficeLet’s make it till at least February this time.
  9. wellthy
    In Defense of Working Out While HighWho needs Gatorade? Pass the THC oil.
  10. wellthy
    A Pineapple-Avocado Smoothie From ‘Oh She Glows’Good morning!
  11. wellthy
    Free Wellness Advice From Rappers18 surprisingly useful tips that don’t involve Hennessy. 
  12. wellthy
    A Bright-Red Smoothie Full of Vitamin CFrom British wellness bloggers Jasmine and Melissa Hemsley.
  13. wellthy
    Time-Management Tools for the Truly Modern WomanNever waste another second.
  14. wellthy
    A 3-Ingredient Smoothie From Tara StilesDeceptively simple, like her classes.
  15. faking it
    How to Fake a Juice CleanseNo cayenne pepper required.
  16. wellthy
    Easy Ways to Start Meditating at HomeHow to calm your brain for free.
  17. wellthy
    Here’s How You Can Glow for Under $10Or for free, if you have Instagram and a mirror.
  18. wellthy
    A Pear-and-Vanilla Smoothie From a Wellness ExpertDeliciously Ella’s easy breakfast recipe.
  19. home remedies
    Psychedelic Mushrooms Cured My Cluster HeadachesThey’re so bad, they’re known as “suicide headaches.” But there’s a simple fix.