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Wendy Davis

  1. power
    Wendy Davis Is Running for CongressThe sneaker-wearing, filibustering abortion activist is challenging Chip Roy in Texas.
  2. Texas’s Coolest Politician Loves Missy ElliottAnd other things we learned from her Q&A with Tumblr at SXSW.
  3. mean girls
    Texas State Senator Has Pro-Life Cowboy Boots, and They’re HeinousThese boots were made for undermining Wendy Davis.
  4. the national interest
    Salon Writer Condemns Arithmetic As RacistWendy Davis exit polling truthers.
  5. fan clubs
    Wendy Davis Explains Texas Politics on The Daily ShowThe state is on its way to becoming blue-ish.
  6. early and awkward
    Wendy Davis Should Have Left Her Opponent’s Wheelchair Out of Her Attack Ad Not a good look. 
  7. early and awkward
    Texas Bro Figured ‘Boats ’N Hoes’ Was a Good Name for a PACA PAC with ties to Wendy Davis’s opponent.
  8. shmashmortion
    Abortion Will Stay Barely Legal in TexasUntil it goes to the supreme court.
  9. binders full of women
    The Hot New Campaign Finance Trend Is Glaring SexismIt’s gone from taboo topic to fund-raising tool. 
  10. truthers
    Wendy Davis’s Daughters Respond to Biography TruthersIn an open letter. 
  11. early and awkward
    Wendy Davis Admits Her Biography Isn’t Totally AccurateShocker: Her ex-husband helped pay her tuition.
  12. memoirs
    Wendy Davis to Publish Memoir Before Governor RaceInevitable, still exciting. 
  13. Wendy Davis Is Running for GovernorIt’s official. 
  14. texas
    Anita Perry Acknowledges That Abortion Is ‘a Woman’s Right’A surprising statement from Texas’s First Lady.
  15. unlikely candidates
    Wendy Davis Still Won’t Admit She’ll Be Running for Texas GovernorBut she is.
  16. filibuster fashion
    Ted Cruz Chose Black Walking Shoes for FilibusterAnd this is why we don’t talk about male politicians’ clothes.
  17. shmashmortion
    Ross Perot Steps Up for Beleaguered Texas Planned ParenthoodAnd soon Wendy Davis will, too. 
  18. rising stars
    That Filibuster Was Good to Wendy Davis’s Bottom LineShe’s raised $1.2 million since.
  19. Getting an Abortion, the Video GameTexas’s draconian abortion regulations inspired a role-playing game. 
  20. superheroines
    Wendy Davis Wore High Heels in VogueShe is confused by a Photoshopped picture in which she is Daenerys Targaryen.
  21. quotables
    Texas Republican Wants to Teach Wendy Davis a LessonAnd it costs about as much as an unplanned baby.
  22. quotables
    Wendy Davis Reclaims Life Story From Rick Perry“Planned Parenthood was my only source of health care … That’s my story.”
  23. shmashmortion
    Texas Senate Passes Filibustered Abortion BillAs expected.
  24. Frank Rich on the National Circus: Obama Looks Lost in Egypt for a ReasonIraq.
  25. shmashmortion
    Texas House Provisionally Approves the Bill Wendy Davis FilibusteredIt’s expected to go all the way.
  26. shmashmortion
    National Republicans Stay Clear of Texas Abortion DebateDon’t want to Akin it. 
  27. life imitating art
    Connie Britton Rightfully Enters Texas Abortion DebateWhat Would Wendy Davis/Tami Taylor/Connie Britton Do?
  28. run don't walk
    Sisterhood of the Traveling Wendy Davis SneakersOr: How her “Rouge Red” Mizunos became an instant best seller.
  29. unlikely allies
    Rapper Lil B Is Your New Favorite Male FeministHe gets it.
  30. the national interest
    The Real Problem With Rick Perry’s Comments About Wendy DavisAn unnecessarily nasty abortion debate.
  31. quotables
    Rick Perry: Wendy Davis Is Proof Women Don’t Need Abortion Rights“It is just unfortunate that she hasn’t learned from her own example.”
  32. shoe reviews
    Amazon Reviewers Say Wendy Davis’s Pink Sneakers ‘Outrun Patriarchy’Five out of five stars. 
  33. let her speak
    On Wendy Davis, the Supreme Court, and Speaking Out As Women“Women, people of color, gay people — anyone who’s underrepresented in national politics — are desperate to see our interests voiced in real time.”
  34. shmashmortion
    Rick Perry Calls Do-Over on Filibustered Abortion Bill It’s good to be the king.
  35. future lifetime movies
    Filibustering State Senator Wendy Davis’s Saga Gets Meme-ifiedWho would you like to play Senator Wendy Davis?
  36. #StandWithWendy Was More Popular Than #StandWithRandJust barely. 
  37. shmashmortion
    Texas Abortion Defender Wendy Davis Was Amazing Way Before We Knew Her NameShe’s been at it for years. 
  38. shmashmortion
    Dramatic Filibuster Beats Texas Anti-Abortion Bill (Eventually)With help from an “unruly mob.” For now.
  39. shmashmortion
    Texas Lawmaker Filibustering Anti-Abortion BillAnd she can’t even lean against her desk.