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What Could Have Been

  1. what could have been
    Thor: Love and Thunder Was Also Going to Heavily Feature Kate BushAccording to Christian Bale.
  2. what could have been
    Amazon Not Moving Forward With Nicolas Cage Joe Exotic ShowCowards!
  3. what could have been
    Brie Larson, Former Teen Pop Star, Auditioned for Pitch Perfect Never forget that Brie Larson sings.
  4. what could have been
    High Fidelity Season 2 Was Going To Follow Cherise and Her Top 5 Heartbreaks“Annoyingly, Season 2 was really gonna be a Cherise-focused season.”
  5. think of the cgi
    Game of Thrones’ Battle of Winterfell Could’ve Been Direwolf Vs. Dragon ShowdownWe were deprived of 50 direwolves. 50!
  6. flirtations
    The One Where Sophie Turner Tried to Seduce Matthew PerryIt involved cigarettes.
  7. what could have been
    Annette Bening Explains Why She Was Cut From American Crime Story: KatrinaBening, a true professional, says her character being cut is for the good of the narrative.
  8. what could have been
    Sufjan Stevens Almost Voiced Older Elio in Call Me by Your NameLuca Guadagnino also originally wanted Sufjan to make a cameo in the film.
  9. what could have been
    Eminem Planned to Debut His Anti-Trump Freestyle Live at the BET Hip Hop Awards“We have a president who does not care about everybody in our country.”
  10. what could have been
    We Could’ve Had Angelina Jolie in The CraftOr Scarlett Johansson! Or Alicia Silverstone!
  11. what could have been
    Of Course Donald Trump Almost Played the President in Sharknado 3He reportedly threatened to “shut the entire show down” after they replaced him with Mark Cuban.
  12. what could have been
    This Is What Season 3 of The Knick Would’ve Looked LikePer Steven Soderbergh, of course.
  13. what could have been
    Why Camila Cabello Said No to the Chainsmokers’ ‘Closer’“I had to say no, and then that was the No. 1 song in the world.”
  14. what could have been
    Radiohead Never Released ‘Lift’ Because It Would’ve Made Them Too Mainstream“We kind of subconsciously killed it, because if OK Computer had been like a Jagged Little Pill, like Alanis Morissette, it would have killed us.”
  15. what could have been
    Alec Baldwin’s First Reaction to Meeting Tina Fey Was to Ask If She Was Single“I had the same reaction that I’m sure many men and women have: I fell in love.”
  16. Emma Thompson Once Got Asked Out by Donald TrumpCould the Butterfly Effect of Emma Thompson going to dinner with Trump have averted the electoral crisis of 2016?
  17. what could have been
    The Reason Almost–Christian Grey Charlie Hunnam Still Hasn’t Seen Fifty ShadesIt’s too “traumatic,” he says.
  18. what could have been
    The Passengers Bloopers Look Way Better Than the Actual MovieLaurence Fishburne says “Uranus.”
  19. what could have been
    Michael Fassbender Was Too Busy for a Part in The Force AwakensGood luck getting Michael Fassbender to pencil in time to fuss around with some Jedi lightsabers!
  20. what could have been
    Prince Was in Talks With Netflix for a Paisley Park Reality Show Before He DiedBut he didn’t want to be in it.
  21. what could have been
    Breaking Bad Would Have Killed Off Hank in S1There are silver linings!
  22. what could have been
    The CW Originally Pitched Ashley Olsen As Blair for Gossip GirlOh, what could have been!
  23. what could have been
    NBC Originally Wanted Bill Cosby to Play Sam Malone on CheersHuh.
  24. what could have been
    Matt Bomer Was Supposed to Play J.J. Abrams’s Very Dreamy SupermanWhat could have been.
  25. what could have been
    Mark Consuelos Could Have Been the One Getting Pegged on Broad CityThey were originally “Carly” and “Evelyn.”
  26. what could have been
    What Neill Blomkamp’s Alien Movie Would’ve Looked LikeThe director shared lost concept-art on Instagram.
  27. what could have been
    McConaughey Says He Would Do More True DetectiveToo late now.
  28. what could have been
    Ghostbusters III to Be Reworked Following Harold Ramis’s DeathDr. Spengler will no longer cameo.
  29. what could have been
    My So-Called Life Almost Cast Alicia SilverstoneCan you even imagine?
  30. what could have been
    Watch a Clip from a Failed Apatow-Poehler PilotPoehler plays a particularly crazy patient trying to get the home phone number of her therapist (David Krumholtz ).
  31. what could have been
    Gyllenhaal and Rudd Almost Starred in HangoverThomas Haden Church as Alan?
  32. what could have been
    AMC Wanted Cusack, Broderick for Breaking BadSliding doors, etc.
  33. what could have been
    Angelina Jolie Not in Talks to Direct 50 Shades Sad, sad, sad.
  34. what could have been
    Gillian Anderson Turned Down Downton AbbeyShe says she was offered the role of Lady Cora.
  35. What Could Have Been
    Ten Huge New York Restaurants That Almost HappenedAlinea New York, Andy Warhol’s fast-food concept, a David Copperfield restaurant: These are the places that no doubt would have changed the New York City dining landscape — had they actually opened.
  36. what could have been
    Homer Simpson and Andy Dufresne Were Almost in Wet Hot American SummerAnd other tales from the harrowing, amazing set.
  37. What Could Have Been
    Grant Achatz Wanted to Do a Where the Sidewalk Ends Menu at NextUnfortunately, legal issues turned the menu-development process into a “sh-tshow.”
  38. what could have been
    Green Lantern Almost Featured a Barbara Walters Sex SceneIf only they’d made an earlier draft!
  39. what could have been
    Imagine If Kareem Abdul-Jabbar Had Gone to St. John’sDamn mandatory retirement age.
  40. what could have been
    Brandon Jennings, What Might Have BeenBrandon Jennings will haunt the Knicks for a long time.