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What I Can Live Without

  1. what i can live without
    The Strategist’s First-Ever Celebrity AuctionIncluding Hari Nef’s Gucci gown, Leon Bridges’s 22-kt gold shades, and Pepa’s “Push It”–themed snowboard.
  2. celebrity shopping
    Catch a Vibe in Tommy Chong’s ‘Magical’ Sweatshirt (That’s Also One-of-a-Kind)“I’ve reached a point in my life where I’m heavily connected to the spiritual world, and this sweatshirt gives a really strong vibe.”
  3. celebrity shopping
    Visit Pee-wee’s Playhouse With Todd Oldham’s Book on An Artist Who Created It“Wayne White is an artist behind Pee-wee’s Playhouse. Anyone who watched the show will be electrified by the photos in this book.”
  4. celebrity shopping
    Start Some Cocktail-Party Banter With Todd Oldham’s Rare Charley Harper Book“All four editions of the book sold out almost immediately. Charley and I signed every edition; these ended up being the last he signed in his life.”
  5. celebrity shopping
    Invest in a Thakoon Blazer (That Thakoon Panichgul Says Will Last Forever)“I could’ve donated a sequin jacket or dress, but they’re just showpieces. Nowadays, you want to invest in something that you’ll live in.”
  6. celebrity shopping
    Dress for Success in Two of Suze Orman’s ‘Signature’ Leather Jackets“The orange Escada Sport jacket was my favorite for years. I can’t tell you how many times I wore it on QVC or other shows.”
  7. celebrity shopping
    Kick Around in Saweetie’s Custom Air Force 1’s“I was obsessed with the sneakers growing up — Nelly had a song out in the early 2000s called ‘Air Force Ones’ — and I had to have a pair.”
  8. celebrity shopping
    Ride On Sandra ‘Pepa’ Denton’s ‘Push It’–Themed Snowboard“The board hung in the rec room of my house, amongst all of my awards, for nearly 20 years.”
  9. celebrity shopping
    Carry The Louis Vuitton Bag That Roxane Gay Put Her Engagement Ring In“When I was using this, I was using it every day.”
  10. celebrity shopping
    Drown Out the Noise With Roxane Gay’s Favorite (Pink) Headphones“The color is really beautiful — pink is my favorite — and also makes the headphones nicer to look at.”
  11. celebrity shopping
    Spin Phoebe Bridgers’s Early Version Vinyl“I know my mom would love to have these test pressings of Punisher and Stranger in the Alps.”
  12. celebrity shopping
    Get the Proenza Schouler Dress Nicky Hilton Had Saved for Her Daughters“Back when I bought it, before I had girls of my own, I thought to myself, ‘I have to save it for when I have daughters one day.’”
  13. celebrity shopping
    Wear Nicky Hilton’s Leather Jacket (That Paris Hilton Once Borrowed)“Victoria Beckham inspired me to buy it.”
  14. celebrity shopping
    Own One of Leon Bridges’s 50 Pairs of Engraved Shades“The frames are electrodipped in 22-karat gold and laser engraved with lyrics from my single ‘Bad News’: ‘Alright, alright, all day, all night.’”
  15. celebrity shopping
    Shoot Hoops in the Shoes New York Knick Julius Randle Calls a ‘Good Luck Charm’“I wore these in a game for the first time this past February. I literally scored 35 points, and they became a good-luck charm.”
  16. celebrity shopping
    Lay a Track With Joji’s Tiny (But Functional) Keyboard“It’s essentially as small as a sheet of A4 paper, and I haven’t seen anything like it.”
  17. celebrity shopping
    Host a One-Person Gala in Hari Nef’s Gucci Gown“It was only produced a couple of times for custom orders.”
  18. celebrity shopping
    Get to (Really) Know Erika Jayne With Her ‘Intimate’ Coffee-Table Book“The book was a gift to thank those who started the Erika Jayne project with me. It’s very personal; I only had 100 made.”
  19. celebrity shopping
    Play Housewife With Denise Richards’s Dress (From The RHOBH Opening Credits)“I wore this dress for the title sequence of the ninth season of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills — my first on the show.”
  20. celebrity shopping
    Acquire Debby Ryan’s Surprisingly Extensive Pin Collection (And Denim Jacket)“I decorated the jacket with souvenir pins and other stuff that captures the spirit of my travels.”
  21. celebrity shopping
    Strum Some Chords With a Guitar Strap Used by Chris Carrabba“This is the first guitar strap I ever bought; I got it in Hartford when I was 15 years old.”
  22. celebrity shopping
    Make Your Fall Jacket the One Cheryl ‘Salt’ James Wore on ‘Letterman’“I just felt so strong and confident singing while wearing this jacket.”
  23. celebrity shopping
    Linger Outside Longer in Catherine Zeta-Jones’s Mosquito-Repellent Shawl“This repels mosquitoes, and I feel it kind of goes with everything, which is another reason I like it.”
  24. celebrity shopping
    Get Married in Betsey Johnson’s ‘Raggy’ Wedding Dress“It slightly resembles the dress I wore to my own wedding and reminds me of glamorous gowns in movies from the ’30s and ’40s.”