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Where The Wild Things Are

  1. film school
    What to Watch: Fashion Influencers Share Their Favorite MoviesFrom Cassavetes to Clueless, add these to your long-weekend queue for an instant fashion-film education.
  2. maurice sendak
    Check Out an Adorable Avengers-Themed Maurice Sendak TributeSomeone make this book happen! (On second thought, don’t.)
  3. obits
    Maurice Sendak: The King of All the Wild ThingsBook critic Kathryn Schulz on the man behind a whole raft of beastie boys.
  4. vulture lists
    Ten Ways Maurice Sendak Defined Your ChildhoodThe books of Sendak, who died today at 83, are as universal a staple of early childhood as a pacifier or a tantrum.
  5. early and awesome
    President Obama Growling for 30 Seconds [Update: Rest In Peace, Maurice Sendak]The author died today at the age of 83.
  6. obituaries
    Maurice Sendak Is Dead at 83The author of Where the Wild Things Are has died.
  7. clickables
    Watch Maurice Sendak Explain His WorkWhen people ask him to do a Where the Wild Things Are sequel, he tells them to go to hell.
  8. wild things
    A Model Rides a Yak, Dressed As a Yak, in the New British VogueIf only we’d seen this before Halloween.
  9. chat room
    Spike Jonze on his Maurice Sendak DocumentaryThe director talks about bonding with Sendak, how documentary is different than narrative film, and the best way to release a movie.
  10. movies
    Watch Clips From the New Spike Jonze–Produced Short Film Higgelty Piggelty Pop!The 23-minute short comes with the ‘Where the Wild Things Are’ DVD.
  11. wild things
    Sopranos/Wild Things Mash-UpFuggedaboutit!
  12. outrage
    Karen O’s Wild Things Score Ruled Ineligible for Oscar by JerksLame!
  13. halloween
    The Wild Things Ride the Boston SubwayOctober-hit-movie costuming done right.
  14. wild things
    Demme to Animate Eggers’s ZeitounAre you ready for another Dave Eggers–penned film for adults that looks deceptively like one for kids?
  15. weekend box office
    Weekend Box Office: Paranormal Activity Slams Saw VINot very many people wanted to play a game.
  16. chat room
    Paul Dano on Where the Wild Things Are’s Big WeekendVulture raps with Dano about the voice-acting process and the movie’s success despite its offbeat tone.
  17. weekend box office
    Weekend Box Office: Where the Wild Things Are Beats ExpectationsBut still didn’t do as well on its opening weekend as ‘Couples Retreat’.
  18. where the wild things are
    Where the Wild Things Are Rakes in the Friday Night DoughEarliest projections could be sign of a big hit.
  19. vulture lists
    12 Controversy-Causing Kids’ MoviesSome are too intense; others, too visionary. A few, too racist.
  20. flight of the falcon
    On Balloon Boy, Billy Wilder, and Where The Wild Things AreA real-life Max feints from tragedy to farce: Balloon Boy through the prism of movies.
  21. wild things
    Maurice Sendak’s Latest Grandfatherly Advice: ‘Quit This Life As Soon As Possible’Also, says the charming Sendak: “I’m going to die pretty soon.”
  22. quote machine
    Maurice Sendak to Children, Parents: Pee Your Pants and Go to HellPlus: Should ‘Dollhouse’ be canceled, Eliza Dushku is already lining up her next gig.
  23. rawr
    Opening Ceremony’s Where the Wild Things Are Collection Is IncredibleFurry vests look spectacular next to beasts.
  24. wild things
    Mourning the Ace Ventura Sequel Spike Jonze Never MadeHow would he have lit the rhino scene? What would Warner Bros. have thought of Charlie Kaufman’s rewritten screenplay?
  25. wild things
    Karen O’s Wild Things Single: Good!“All Is Love,” the first single from Karen O’s ‘Where the Wild Things Are’ soundtrack, has just been made available for streaming on MySpace.
  26. wild things
    Where Did Dave Eggers Get the Idea for His Furry Book Cover?It certainly looks familiar, doesn’t it?
  27. trailer mix
    Surprise! Second Where the Wild Things Are Trailer Is Great, TooWarner Bros. is still focused exclusively on courting you, the discerning hipster.
  28. wild things
    Maurice Sendak Swears Wild Things Movie Will Be OkaySays Sendak: “What I’ve seen [Spike Jonze] do is, he’s turned it into his without giving up mine … He’s touched me very much.”
  29. parental guidance suggested
    Where the Wild Things Are Gets a PG RatingGuess this means we won’t be seeing any of the Wild Things’ wangs.
  30. the williamsburg conundrum
    Movie Marketers Perplexed As to How to Solve ‘The Williamsburg Conundrum’How do you market to the unmarketable?
  31. wild things
    Where the Wild Things Are DVD to Feature No Shortage of Bonus MaterialKaren O says she’s seen it “13, 14 times, but like 12 different versions of it.”
  32. science
    Wild Things Trailer: Safe for BabiesA YouTube user has conducted a science experiment in which he shows the ‘Wild Things’ trailer to an adorable baby — who actually likes it.
  33. videogames
    Where the Wild Things Are: The Video Game?We can’t help but feel like another part of our childhood is about to die.
  34. the internet
    Which Movie Will the Internet Ruin Next?’Terminator Salvation’ and ‘Watchmen’ were both allegedly made stinkers by fanboy-appeasing filmmakers — what’s next?
  35. the competition
    Spike Jonze Launches Vulture CompetitorIt’s not as easy as it looks, Jonze!
  36. design hunting
    Design Hunting: Gigantic Flowers, Hot-Pink Hands, and Flip-flop AnimalsRoving design editor Wendy Goodman uncovers the treasures of Gaetano Pesce, Robin Joy, Ashley Hicks, and more.
  37. getting their money right
    Spike Jonze: Looking for Where the Green Things Are“I’ve been working on the same movie for four years and basically haven’t been paid anyway.”
  38. terrifying realizations
    Where the Wild Watchmen Are?The trailers of these two films have some eerie similarities.
  39. trailer mix
    Wake Up, the Where the Wild Things Are Trailer Is HereFix yourself a glass of warm milk!
  40. Recession Is Your Friend
    Alcoholic ActivismWildwood caves and offers diners booze instead of dessert.
  41. Where the Wild Things Are Monsters: Scary!New, terrifying pictures have leaked from Spike Jonze’s upcoming movie.
  42. wild things
    Sad Maurice Sendak Gives His Blessing to Sad ‘Where the Wild Things Are’ MovieSendak says he hates ‘syrupy animation.’
  43. Agenda: Read-Along DVD Geniusly Improves on ‘Where the Wild Things Are’While you wait for Spike Jonze to tweak his Wild Things adaptation, pop this genius rereleased animated book in the player.
  44. anything’s possible we guess!
    ‘Where the Wild Things Are’ Gets a Release Date!And it’s next October!
  45. agenda
    Forget Spike Jonze: ‘Where the Wild Things Are‘ DVDWhile you wait for Spike Jonze’s Wild Things adaptation, pop this rereleased animated book in the player.
  46. apropos of nothing
    ‘Where the Wild Things Are’ Producer Says Spike Jonze Will Have Final CutOn his train ride to Comic-Con yesterday, poor producer Gary Goetzman was accosted by three bloggers looking for a scoop.
  47. apropos of nothing
    Jarvis Cocker to Write Music for Wes Anderson’s ‘Fantastic Mr. Fox’; Movie Now Sounds Too Good to Actually HappenSo how long before test screenings start scaring children and the studio demands reshoots on this thing?
  48. countdown
    Which Will Come Out First: ‘Chinese Democracy’ or ‘Where the Wild Things Are’?Our money’s on ‘Chinese Democracy’!
  49. news reel
    Lauren Ambrose Reports Shouting Matches on Set of ‘Where the Wild Things Are’“I’ve been having screaming matches with James Gandolfini,” she told us. Luckily, though, “it’s part of the gig … I play one of the monsters.”
  50. countdown
    ‘Where the Wild Things Are’ Screwed by ‘Speed Racer’?For starters, they’ve hired the screenwriter of ‘Alvin and the Chipmunks’ to punch up the script.
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