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  1. white house
    Trump Says a Person Was Shot by the Secret Service Outside White House GroundsA COVID-19 briefing was delayed when Trump was escorted from the room and informed that Secret Service shot a person outside the White House fencing.
  2. coronavirus
    National Security Adviser Robert O’Brien Tests Positive for CoronavirusHe’s the highest-ranking White House official to test positive, but he’s not the first.
  3. coronavirus
    A Questionable Day for White House SanitationOn Wednesday, a cafeteria on the White House grounds closed after a COVID-19 infection, while Trump spoke about handwashing in a bizarre manner.
  4. coronavirus
    Trump, Citing TV Ratings, Says Daily Coronavirus Briefings Will ResumeA lot has changed since the briefings wound down in late April, including 90,000 more coronavirus deaths in the U.S.
  5. president trump
    Everything We Learned From Mary Trump’s BookIn Too Much and Never Enough, Trump’s niece claims he allegedly cheated on the SATs. In an interview, she alleged she heard him use racial slurs.
  6. coronavirus
    The White House Is Still Blocking the Public From COVID-19 Hospitalization DataThe Trump administration said it would repost COVID-19 hospitalization data after a CDC site went dark, but wouldn’t provide new info moving forward.
  7. white house
    Ivanka Trump Promotes Can of Goya Beans, Violates Ethics StandardsBoth Ivanka and President Trump posted pictures of themselves with Goya products, which goes against federal rules for executive-branch officials.
  8. white house
    Former Melania Confidant Pens Latest Trump Tell-All BookStephanie Winston Wolkoff, a former adviser to Melania Trump, is set to release a book on her friendship with the first lady on September 1.
  9. celebrations
    What We Know About Trump’s Second Annual July 4th CelebrationAfter a fireworks show above Mount Rushmore, Trump will head back to D.C. for more fireworks and flyovers.
  10. coronavirus
    The White House Is Rolling Back Its Coronavirus Safety ProtocolsMandatory temperature checks will no longer be conducted on all visitors, and last week, mask wearing became voluntary.
  11. white house
    What We Know About John Bolton’s Tell-all BookBolton writes that Trump was obsessed with giving Kim Jong-Un an autographed CD of “Rocket Man” and pressured China to interfere in the 2020 election.
  12. white house
    All the Absurd Details About Trump’s Church Photo OpIvanka reportedly hatched the idea, Bill Barr ordered the clearing of the park, and no one thought about what Trump would do in front of the church.
  13. politics
    Trump Denounced for Using the Bible As a PropThe violent clearing of peaceful protesters so Trump could awkwardly pose with the Bible is drawing condemnation from religious and political leaders.
  14. protests
    At the White House, the Lights Were OffEven as there was chaos right outside the gates — and in cities across the nation.
  15. coronavirus testing
    Coronavirus Test Used in White House May Have Faulty Rate As High As 48 PercentAn NYU study showed, before peer review, that the Abbott ID NOW test used in the White House may have a false-negative rate of 33 to 48 percent.
  16. coronavirus
    White House Coronavirus Outbreak Undercuts Trump’s Safe Reopening MessageTrump claimed he had “met the moment” for safe testing levels for a reopening, as the White House issued new restrictions to dampen its own outbreak.
  17. coronavirus
    Everything We Know About the White House Coronavirus OutbreakTwo staffers have tested positive, and several officials are under self-quarantine, now that the virus has arrived at the White House.
  18. coronavirus
    Pence Self-Isolates for Just 3 Days After Coronavirus Breach in the White HouseWhile Fauci will quarantine for the recommended two weeks, Pence is self-isolating for just three days following the White House’s coronavirus breach.
  19. coronavirus
    Dr. Fauci Has Entered ‘Modified Quarantine’The immunologist will isolate for two weeks after coming into “low risk” contact with an infected White House staffer.
  20. trump administration
    Pence Spokesperson Katie Miller Tests Positive for the CoronavirusMiller is married to top Trump adviser Stephen Miller. It is not yet clear how many White House aides and officials may have been exposed.
  21. coronavirus
    The Person Who Serves Trump His Meals Tests Positive for the CoronavirusAfter one of Trump’s personal valets became ill, the president and vice-president tested negative.
  22. coronavirus
    So, Just What Is a Presidential Valet?One of Trump’s personal valets has tested positive for the coronavirus.
  23. the swamp
    The American People Should See Trump’s Coronavirus Briefings in Their EntiretyIf the press wants to reveal the real Trump, we shouldn’t help the public look away.
  24. coronavirus
    Trump Boosts Tweet Calling for Anthony Fauci to Be FiredThe doctor said fewer people would have died with earlier social distancing. That’s obvious, and to Trump, potential grounds for dismissal.
  25. the media
    Where the Risk of Coronavirus Comes With Unparalleled AccessThese days, the White House is almost certainly the weirdest beat in American journalism.
  26. revolving door
    Trump Campaign Aide Kayleigh McEnany Named White House Press SecretaryThe Trump loyalist once said that the president never lies to the American people.
  27. turnover
    Trump Names Mark Meadows Chief of Staff, Fires Mick MulvaneyThe president named his fourth chief of staff in less than four years after wanting to get rid of Mulvaney for months.
  28. trump administration
    The White House Reportedly Just Hired a College SeniorThe 23-year-old will be working in the newly politicized Presidential Personnel Office.
  29. white house
    Fired Trump Loyalist Will Now Control White House HiringJohn McEntee was fired after committing financial crimes. Now he’s back to help Trump and his allies fire their perceived enemies in the government.
  30. white house
    Trump Hired Them, Then He Called Them IncompetentJohn Kelly is just the latest Trump hire to fall from the president’s good graces. So much for hiring the “best people.”
  31. white house
    John Kelly Criticizes Trump 14 Months After Leaving White HouseThe president’s former chief of staff claims he could have prevented some recent bad behavior.
  32. politics
    Trump Asked Reince Priebus How Badgers ‘Work,’ If They’re ‘Mean’: ReportTo be distracted from an important meeting with thoughts of a charismatic animal is perhaps the most relatable the president has ever been.
  33. white house
    White House Said It Was Snowing in D.C. on Night It Was Almost 50 Degrees OutNot the kind of climate denialism the Trump administration is usually known for.
  34. trump tweets
    The White House Scheduled Trump Tweets to Keep His Afghanistan Trip SecretIf Trump doesn’t tweet for 12 hours, people start asking questions.
  35. racism
    Melania Trump Will Be FineHer cold reception in Baltimore belies a life of staggering insulation, even compared to her predecessor.
  36. field notes
    A Restaurant Critic Crashes the White House Turkey PardonThis increasingly tired, loony ritual is the perfect window into the madcap, farcical spirit of the Trump White House.
  37. white house
    ‘Anonymous’ Author of White House Book Promises to Reveal IdentityIn a Reddit AMA, the former senior White House official says they will reveal themselves before the election.
  38. white house
    White House Flummoxed by Sex of Hero Dog ConanIf only there was a definitive way to find out.
  39. impeachment
    Senate Republicans Mulling Two-Week Impeachment TrialLong enough to look like an actual trial, short enough to ensure the fix is in.
  40. vaping
    Trump Sours on E-Cig Flavor Ban Amid Fear of Losing the Vaper VoteTeens don’t vote, but vapers do and Trump doesn’t want to lose them.
  41. power
    Tasteless ‘Build the Wall’ Decor Seen at White House Kids’ Halloween PartyKids who attended a party at the White House were encouraged to participate in a “build the wall” mural.
  42. donald trump
    Trump Attacks Democrats for ‘Bullshit’ Probes but Won’t Say ‘Jockstrap’The man is full of contradictions.
  43. white house
    Press Secretary: Trump Killed Briefings Because Reporters Weren’t NicePress Secretary Stefanie Grisham reveals why she’s never held a White House press briefing: Only Trump is allowed to be awful to his underlings.
  44. guns
    White House Circulating Gun Proposal That Trump May Not SupportThe NRA is already denouncing the gun background-check bill that nobody in the Trump administration will openly embrace.
  45. politics
    Trump May Tap Pompeo to Pull Double Duty as National Security Adviser: ReportIf Pompeo replaces Bolton, it wouldn’t be the first time one man served as secretary of State and national security adviser simultaneously.
  46. politics
    Trump’s Assistant Reportedly Made Some Very Rude Comments About TiffanySo that’s what triggered her abrupt resignation.
  47. hey girl
    I Must Know What Trump’s Personal Assistant Was Fired for LeakingTo Madeleine Westerhout: Feel free to reach out to me if you need to vent about anything, like the “intimate details” you allegedly shared.
  48. trump lies
    Does Trump Ever Lie? White House Press Secretary Stephanie Grisham Says ‘No’That’s not true.
  49. too little too late
    The White House Tells Taylor Swift That She Needs to Calm DownThis would be funny if not for the “human-rights violation” of it all.
  50. power
    Ivanka’s Eternal AmbitionsAfter the White House, she probably can’t go back to the city that made her. So she has cannily devised another exit strategy.
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