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    Amazon Prime Will Soon Get You Discounts at Whole FoodsBeing a Prime member means free two-day shipping and a great deal on almond milk.
  2. grocery wars
    Amazon Prime Will Be Whole Foods’ Rewards ProgramYour $99 membership will grant you “special savings and other in-store benefits.”
  3. grocery wars
    Walmart Opened an Organic Fast-food Restaurant Inside One of Its SupermarketsThe company that sells Larry the Cable Guy chips has entered the “slow food for fast people” business.
  4. home to roost
    Big Poultry Now Supplies a Surprising Amount of Whole Foods’ ChickenOdds are high that Perdue or Tyson processed the 365-brand meat.
  5. mergers
    Here Are the People Who Could Stop the Whole Foods–Amazon DealShareholders have a class-action lawsuit, and a congressman wants to hold a hearing.
  6. cityscape
    From Alligator Shoes to Whole Foods: Watching One Harlem Corner Over 28 YearsA photographic history of gentrification at 125th Street and Malcolm X Boulevard.
  7. grocery wars
    Amazon Will Likely Cut Warehouse Jobs First at Whole FoodsThousands of robots will take over.
  8. grocery stores
    How Amazon Can Help Whole Foods Fix ItselfThe tech giant has the chance to help the grocery chain get back to its original mission, while still keeping an eye on the future.
  9. love stories
    Whole Foods Doesn’t Have a ‘Tinder Relationship’ With Amazon, Its CEO ClarifiesJohn Mackey is quite infatuated with his new boss.
  10. grocery wars
    Alice Waters to Amazon’s Jeff Bezos: You Can ‘Change Our Food System Overnight’She has something to say about the online retailer’s purchase of Whole Foods.
  11. grocery wars
    Amazon Is Reportedly Planning to Cut Jobs at Whole FoodsInsiders say Bezos is looking into “using technology to eliminate cashiers.”
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    Why Did Amazon Gobble Up Whole Foods for $13.7 Billion?Why Jeff Bezos suddenly got very hungry for the high-end grocery store.
  13. grocery wars
    Amazon Is Buying Whole FoodsThe online giant is going all in on IRL groceries.
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    Amazon Acquires Whole Foods for $13.7 BillionAmazon Market: Coming soon to a Whole Foods near you.
  15. grocery wars
    Whole Foods CEO Is Ready to Fight Those ‘Greedy Bastard’ Activist InvestorsHe also sees similarities with the Ringwraiths from The Lord of the Rings.
  16. grocery wars
    Could a Rival Grocery Chain Buy Whole Foods?Albertsons is reportedly readying a bid.
  17. grocery wars
    Whole Foods Says It’s Actually Lowering PricesIt’s centralizing purchasing to bring costs down, but that could limit selection.
  18. grocery wars
    Investors Want Whole Foods to Sell the Company to Amazon or KrogerWhole Foods’ nose-diving stock has lost almost half its value since 2013.
  19. grocery wars
    Industry Analysts Say Whole Foods’ Traffic Declines Are ‘Staggering’It’s hemorrhaging millions of customers to the competition, which now even includes Kroger.
  20. recalls
    Whole Foods Expands Recall of Vulto Creamery’s Raw CheeseIt’s pulling it from eight additional stores.
  21. recalls
    Whole Foods Recalls Raw Cheese Over Listeria ConcernsThe soft cheese is made by Vulto Creamery.
  22. grocery wars
    Whole Foods Will Downsize for the First Time in Nearly a DecadeSix straight quarters of sales declines are forcing the company to close nine stores.
  23. true story
    Whole Foods’ New Bryant Park Store Has a ‘Produce Butcher’Some poor employee will “cut, slice, dice, julienne, chop, and grate” any vegetable.
  24. the chain gang
    Whole Foods Will Open Its Affordable 365 Store in Fort GreeneIt will arrive in 2018.
  25. lawsuits
    Whole Foods Accused of Cheating ‘at Least 20,000’ Employees Out of BonusesIn a new class-action lawsuit.
  26. Whole Foods Is Now Selling a Chopped CheeseIt’s not clear how this happened.
  27. grocery wars
    Whole Foods Will Launch a Rewards ProgramThe struggling organic grocer is pulling out all the stops.
  28. whole foods
    Now Whole Foods Has to Deal With HepatitisAt least two people got ill after eating prepared foods at a Detroit store.
  29. lawsuits
    Worker Says Whole Foods Made Being Gay on the Job ‘Intolerable’Co-workers allegedly loved asking about her “gaydar.”
  30. grocery wars
    Has America Finally Hit Peak Whole Foods?Many financial analysts think further expansion will be a big problem for the high-end chain.
  31. grocery wars
    Government Won’t Let Whole Foods Call Itself the ‘World’s Healthiest’ StoreThe U.S. patent office feels the term is “exaggerated praise that can’t be proven.”
  32. grocery wars
    Whole Foods Wants to Restyle Itself As the ‘World’s Healthiest Grocery Store’The company has applied to trademark the phrase as its new slogan.
  33. the chain gang
    Hundreds of People Lined Up for the Williamsburg Whole Foods Grand OpeningThe chain opened its first location in the neighborhood this morning.
  34. The Chain Gang
    The Williamsburg Whole Foods Will Open on July 26With breads from Roberta’s, skewered lobster tails from Luke’s Lobster, and lots of pricey produce, of course.
  35. Recalls
    More Whole Foods Products Recalled Over Food-Safety FearsMacadamia nuts and a pesto pasta salad are the latest items.
  36. Health Concerns
    FDA Warns Whole Foods to Fix ‘Serious’ Food-Safety ViolationsThe grocery chain has 15 days to fix leaky ceilings and other sanitization problems at a food-prep plant.
  37. Grocery Wars
    Here’s What to Expect From Whole Foods’ Low-Price 365 ChainRobots, for one.
  38. Crime Scene
    Whole Foods Poisoner May Have Mental IllnessThis saga gets sadder.
  39. Dumb Criminals
    FBI Apprehends Whole Foods Customer It Says Sprayed Mouse Poison in the StoreOfficials believe he also did it in about 15 other grocery stores.
  40. Dumb Criminals
    FBI After Man Who Contaminated a Whole FoodsThe store had to dump everything on its prepared food bars.
  41. Lawsuits
    Man Claims Whole Foods Served Him a Cake With a Gay Slur [Updated]He claims his “Love Wins” icing message included the word f-g.
  42. The Chain Gang
    Whole Foods Will Sell an Invasive Fish Species Within 6 MonthsThe grocery chain believes appetites are growing for lionfish.
  43. Lawsuits
    Transgender Discrimination at Whole FoodsHe says he suffered daily discrimination while working at the grocer’s Chelsea location.
  44. Queen Bee
    Adorable 11-Year-Old Entrepreneur Convinces Whole Foods to Sell Her LemonadeThe precocious preteen’s Bee Sweet line is coming to stores in five states.
  45. Bones to Pick
    Man Claims He Found a Bone in His Whole Foods Trail Mix“I can only imagine what other body parts I was eating while consuming that bag.”
  46. Empire Building
    By Chloe Will Open in the Silver Lake Whole FoodsThe guac burgers will land this summer.
  47. Food Waste
    Whole Foods Has Struck a Deal to Sell Ugly ProduceIt’s unveiled a pilot program to test the idea in several California stores.
  48. Outrages
    Whole Foods Tried Selling Pre-Peeled OrangesThe company now promises to “leave them in their natural packaging.”
  49. Lawsuits
    A Judge Threw Out the Lawsuit Accusing Whole Foods of OverchargingBecause the customers who filed it didn’t save their receipts.
  50. Recalls
    Bowery Whole Foods Warns One of Its Cheeses May Have ListeriaDon’t eat the store’s “Pecorino Aged Cheese in Walnut Leaves.”
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