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  1. wikileaks
    Will Julian Assange Finally Be Extradited to America?If his lawyers can’t extend his appeal, the WikiLeaks founder will face espionage charges in the U.S.
  2. renegades
    The Ballad of Barrett BrownHe was a “preppy anarchist” who went to jail for his fight against the surveillance state. Was it all for nothing?
  3. conspiracy theories
    When Sean Hannity Made Life Hell for Seth Rich’s FamilyWhen Fox News revived a conspiracy theory about a murdered DNC staffer, his family came under blistering assault and decided, finally, to fight back.
  4. wikileaks
    Julian Assange Could Be on Trial in the U.S. SoonA British high court ruled that he can be extradited to America, where he faces espionage charges.
  5. wikileaks
    The 5 Biggest Takeaways From Yahoo’s Wild Julian Assange StoryMike Pompeo really wanted to kidnap the WikiLeaks founder.
  6. protests
    Why Is Vivienne Westwood in a Cage?It’s a lot more than a fashion statement.
  7. wikileaks
    Assange Indicted Under Espionage Act, Raising First Amendment QuestionsAssange claims he is a journalist, but the Justice Department appears to be treating him as if he were a whistle-blower like Edward Snowden.
  8. hackerz
    Did Donald Trump Jr. Break Computer Law?Never ever use a password that mysteriously appears in your DMs.
  9. encounter
    Hiding Out With the Stand-up Comic Who Could Put Roger Stone in PrisonRandy Credico seems to be a key witness for Robert Mueller against longtime frenemy Roger Stone. But he’s scared as hell.
  10. russia investigation
    Longtime Trump Adviser Roger Stone Indicted in Mueller ProbeStone is charged with making false statements and trying to tamper with a witness to hide his efforts to learn about hacked Democratic emails.
  11. Roger Stone Sought Clinton Emails From Assange in September 2016New emails reveal Stone sought access to stolen dirt from WikiLeaks — and recently warned an associate not to “run your mouth” to investigators.
  12. russia investigation
    Roger Stone Says He’s ‘Prepared’ to Be Indicted by MuellerTwo of Stone’s associates have recently been served with subpoenas, so the investigation may finally be closing in on the longtime Trump adviser.
  13. Report: Mueller Investigating Whether Roger Stone Had Dinner With AssangeStone says he was joking when he claimed to have eaten with the WikiLeaks founder.
  14. Incorrect CNN Report on Wikileaks Provides Fuel for Pro-Trump MediaIt has not been a great week for accuracy in mainstream media.
  15. wikileaks
    Sweden Drops Rape Investigation of Julian AssangeThe WikiLeaks founder’s lawyer called it “a total victory.”
  16. spy games
    The U.S. May Be Preparing to Charge WikiLeaks Founder Julian AssangeIt’s still unclear how they could charge him without creating legal problems for mainstream journalists.
  17. early and awkward
    Mike Pompeo Is Anti-WikiLeaks, Now That He’s CIA DirectorWhile he once promoted hacked DNC emails, now he thinks WikiLeaks is “a non-state hostile intelligence service” abetted by the likes of Russia.
  18. trailer mix
    Watch the Trailer for Risk, the New Documentary About Julian AssangeScarier than that trailer for It.
  19. select all
    What’s Not in the WikiLeaks Documents Is More Important Than What IsGovernment officials and security researchers disagree on their implications.
  20. select all
    It’s Time to Assume Your TV Is BuggedIf a device can connect to the internet, it will be compromised.
  21. select all
    Apple Says It’s Patched Vulnerabilities Exposed by WikiLeaksJust make sure your OS is up to date.
  22. last night on late night
    Ex-CIA Director Casually Debunks Trump’s Wiretapping Claim on The Late Show“I can tell you that these tools would not be used against an American.”
  23. select all
    No, the CIA Hasn’t Compromised Signal and WhatsAppSignal’s end-to-end encryption is still safe from the CIA’s prying eyes.
  24. select all
    WikiLeaks Releases CIA Hacking ExploitsWhat’s compromised? It’s easier to ask what isn’t.
  25. Trump Calls Attention Paid to Russian Hacking a ‘Witch Hunt’The president-elect is also calling for an investigation into intelligence leaks to NBC.
  26. IT Staffer: John Podesta Was Hacked Because of My TypoClumsiness has rarely been so costly.
  27. select all
    Something Weird (or Weirder Than Normal) Is Happening at WikiLeaksSome suspicious files are causing Reddit and other message boards to wonder if WikiLeaks has been compromised.
  28. early and often
    Clinton Aide Claims Foundation Donor Kept Stories Out of the National EnquirerThe revelation comes from a memo leaked by WikiLeaks.
  29. Clinton Foundation Says It Accepted $1 Million Donation From QatarAccording to a Reuters report.
  30. Report: Clinton Linked to Satanic Ritual Involving Children and Marina AbramovicThis may be the far-right’s most unhinged misreading of a WikiLeaks email yet.
  31. politics
    Emails Show Clinton Staffers Worried About Bill’s History With Women“How is what Bill Clinton did different from what Bill Cosby did?”
  32. In Leaked Emails, Clinton Aides Plot to Use Shirtless Shot of Bernie Against HimThe septuagenarian was just trying to catch some rays.
  33. Clinton Considered Releasing Her Wall Street Speeches on ‘Transparency Day’After Clinton’s top aides found out about her private email server, some advised her to lay all of her cards before the public in a one-day news dump.
  34. early and often
    Bill Clinton Mixed Charity and Personal Business, Says Aide’s Leaked MemoIn leaked emails, Doug Band describes steering corporations to the Clinton Foundation and the former president — and feuds with Chelsea Clinton.
  35. Sanders: My Campaign Sent Mean Emails About the Other Side, TooThe Vermont senator is unfazed by being dissed in the Clinton team’s emails, saying, “That’s what happens in campaigns.”
  36. Trump and Clinton Debate Who Is More of a Puppet for PutinTrump had Clinton cornered on immigration. Then, he went out of his way to defend the leadership of Vladimir Putin.
  37. select all
    ‘Citizen Journalism’ Is a Catastrophe Right Now, and It’ll Only Get WorseIn theory, the internet could be a great place for crowdsourced journalism, analysis, and debunking. In theory.
  38. If You’re Ever Dissed in a Hacked Email, Try to Respond Like Larry LessigWikiLeaks revealed that some Clinton aides hate Larry Lessig. Lessig is outraged – that those aides had their privacy violated.
  39. Clinton’s Initial VP List Included Bill Gates, Tim Cook, and Bernie SandersWikiLeaks reveals that a democratic socialist and the “billionaire class” were both early veepstakes contenders.
  40. hacked emails
    Here Are Hillary Clinton’s Goldman Sachs SpeechesThe unauthenticated transcripts of Clinton’s remarks at three Goldman Sachs events in 2013 have been released by WikiLeaks.
  41. Sanders Dismisses Relevance of Hacked Emails, But Some on the Left Feel Burned“The job of the progressive movement now is to look forward, not backward,” Sanders said Wednesday. Some of his former supporters disagree.
  42. Trump Says His Accusers Are Pawns in a Global Conspiracy to End U.S. SovereigntyTrump says he is only being accused of sexual assault because he stands in the way of Clinton’s plan to sell America to “international bankers.”
  43. 6 Insights From the Latest Batch of Clinton EmailsThe vice-chair of the DNC leaked a town-hall question to Clinton and Blink 182’s Tom DeLonge conferred regularly with her campaign manager about UFOs.
  44. Donna Brazile Denies Sharing Town-Hall Question With Clinton CampaignShe was reportedly prepping for a discussion of her own.
  45. all the small things
    Blink-182’s T. DeLonge Takes UFO Info to the TopWikiLeaks uncovered the clandestine extraterrestrial research.
  46. If Trump Weren’t a Monster, Clinton’s Leaked Speeches Would Be DevastatingOn Friday, WikiLeaks revealed Clinton’s closed-door speeches to Goldman Sachs. It’s no mystery why she wanted to keep them secret.
  47. WikiLeaks Releases Transcripts Believed to Be From Clinton’s Paid SpeechesIn an alleged hack of Clinton campaign chair John Podesta.
  48. wikileaks
    WikiLeaks Cancels Expected Clinton-Related Announcement Over ‘Security Concerns’Trump surrogate Roger Stone claimed that the reveal would derail Clinton’s campaign.
  49. Swedish Court Upholds Warrant in Rape Case Against WikiLeaks’ Julian AssangeHe will still be questioned next month at the Ecuadorian embassy about the case.
  50. early and often
    Suspected Russian Hackers Hit the Democratic Party AgainDNC interim chair Donna Brazile suggested Russia is trying to help out Donald Trump.
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