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  1. women in science
    Wikipedia Didn’t Think This Woman Nobel Prize Winner Deserved a PageA moderator denied Donna Strickland’s entry — that is, until she won the Nobel in physics.
  2. spooky scary
    The 9 Best Horror-Movie Wikipedia Pages (According to People Who Read Them)Because this is what you do when you’re too afraid to watch the actual movie.
  3. select all
    Remember the Time Philip Roth Got Mad at Wikipedia?He wrote an open letter to the site.
  4. select all
    Why Wikipedia WorksIt could have gone horribly wrong, but Wikipedia is still one of the most trusted sites on the web.
  5. select all
    Wikipedia Is Not Going to Save YouTube From MisinformationThe video site will use the crowdsourced encyclopedia for fact-checking.
  6. select all
    The 20 Most Terrifying Stories on the InternetYou probably shouldn’t read these before bed.
  7. select all
    The Odd Story Behind One of Wikipedia’s Oddest ImagesA mysterious image of the Twin Towers persists.
  8. select all
    Trump Added to Presidents of the Confederate States of America Wikipedia PageJefferson Davis, the lone president of the Confederate, briefly had some company on Wikipedia today.
  9. select all
    Somebody Edited the Villain Wikipedia Page to Include Paul RyanYet another Wikipedia edit inspired by Speaker Ryan.
  10. the chain gang
    Why Wikipedia’s Editors Are Demanding an Apology From Burger KingEditors say the chain violated rules by inserting ad copy for its Google Home stunt.
  11. select all
    Study Finds Many Wikipedia Attacks Aren’t From Anonymous UsersA third of attacks on the online encyclopedia are from registered users, not faceless trolls.
  12. select all
    Wikipedia Bans Daily Mail As Source Material: ‘Unrealiable’The popular online encyclopedia is cracking down.
  13. select all
    Wikipedia Edits Are the Only Joy in These Fraught Political TimesSean Spicer, Paul Ryan, and Sally Yates are just a few people whose Wikipedia pages have seen some humorous changes in recent days.
  14. select all
    Somebody Edited the Invertebrate Wikipedia Page to Include Paul RyanHorseshoe crabs, coral, arachnids, and Paul Ryan.
  15. best reads of 2016
    The Weird, Wonderful Personal Lives of Middle-aged Male CelebritiesThe best thing to read right now is the “personal life” section of a male celebrity’s Wikipedia page.
  16. Your Middle School Teacher Was Wrong About WikipediaThe infamous open-sourced internet encyclopedia has become an invaluable source of information, no matter what the haters tell you.
  17. select all
    Did Wikipedia Edits Just Tip Us Off to Hillary Clinton’s VP Pick?Wikipedia users have descended on Tim Kaine’s page.
  18. Rachel Roy Posts Unsubtle Beyoncé-Related PhotoFans are not being kind to “Rachel Roach.”
  19. Wiki Executive Ousted Following Community OutcryThe community outcry was loud and swift.
  20. select all
    The Definitive Wikipedia List of ListsWikipedia, a near-infinite repository showcasing our collective intelligence and absurdity, is 15.
  21. Fan Gets Backstage by Editing WikipediaNever trust Wikipedia.
  22. Wikipedia Shows the Internet Is Lists All the Way DownListicles are the native format of the Internet, but it’s lists all the way down.
  23. department of corrections
    Sheila Heti on Drinking Her Way to a Child’s-Eye ViewAnd other lessons from Chris Kraus, Sheila Heti, and Emily Gould’s Wikipedia annotations.
  24. wikipedia
    Kremlin-Run Wikipedia to Tell Truth About How Great Russia IsThe real thing is “untrustworthy.”
  25. oh congress!
    Congressional IP Address Banned From WikipediaA House IP address has earned a ten-day editing ban.
  26. in situ
    Love and Drama at the Wikipedia Conference“We’re really the typical demographic, actually.”
  27. gender gaps
    Closing Wikipedia’s Gender Gap — ReluctantlyFeminism’s dullest mission.
  28. the sports section
    Knicks Fans Venting Frustration on Wikipedia Page for James Dolan’s BandSong titles include “Fall From Grace As an Average Owner” and “Slow Motion Turnaround Jumper (feat. JR Smith).”
  29. early and awkward
    Rand Paul’s Wikipedia Plagiarism Defense: I Never Said I Wrote GattacaRachel Maddow is just “spreading hate on me.”
  30. the sports section
    According to Google, the St. Louis Cardinals Are a ‘Gay Butt Sex Team’This is awkward. 
  31. problem solving
    Brown University Trying to Fix Wikipedia’s Gender GapEdit-a-thons?
  32. scary things
    Adam Lanza’s Online Life As Kaynbred: Guns, WikiAs a teenager, the Sandy Hook shooter talked firearms.
  33. special investigations
    Are People Who Donate to Wikipedia Just Better People in General? A Daily Intel special investigation.
  34. Meet Steve, the Human WikipediaMr. Wikipedia 2012.
  35. veepstakes
    Wikipedia Tries to Keep the Riffraff Out of Veepstakes EntriesAnd is maybe not as good of a predictor of Romney’s pick as it once was. 
  36. The ‘Stand-Up Comedy’ Wikipedia Page Has a Female Comedian ProblemHave you ever check out the “stand-up comedy” Wikipedia entry? If not, please do so. If so, you can probably agree it’s pretty fucked. Of the […]
  37. last night on late night
    Alec Baldwin Dropped His Pants, Talked PaparazziPlus: Kate Upton taught Jimmy Fallon how to “cat daddy,” and more, on our daily late-night roundup.
  38. the misinformation age
    You Can Pay Some Dudes in Bed-Stuy $300 to Make a Wikipedia Page About YouOf course you can.
  39. the youth of today
    Young Brooklynites Paying Good Money for Wikipedia RegurgitationBut the fun kind.
  40. Encyclopaedia Britanica Is Going Out of PrintGood-bye to all that.
  41. technology
    What Did the Internet Blackout Against SOPA and PIPA Accomplish?Some lawmakers actually changed their minds!
  42. the internet
    Wikipedia to Shut Itself Down for 24 Hours in Protest of SOPA Get your free articles on Tuesday.
  43. fame
    The Fastest Way to Fame Is Getting Your Picture Atop Wikipedia EntriesReality TV is for suckers.
  44. Openings
    American Sardine Bar Debuts; Lands Wikipedia MentionA reference to Chef Schroeder’s Krab Cake sandwich turns up on Wikipedia.
  45. today in no shit
    Most Wikipedia Contributors Are MenShocker.
  46. clickables
    Watch a Nifty Animated Short About Wikipedia’s HistoryAre you a Pastafarian?
  47. For a Brief Moment, Jon Stewart was BatmanThis probably happens every time Jimmy Wales does an interview on TV, right? Someone makes a joke about changing their Wikipedia page, Jimmy […]
  48. j.d. salinger
    Salinger Mourned by Jerks“Catcher in the Die.”
  49. killjoys
    30 Rock Prompts Predictable Wikipedia LockdownAll references to Janis Joplin’s fear of toilets have been deleted.
  50. apropos of nothing
    New Mariah Carey Album Spawns Least Necessary Wikipedia Redirect of All TimeYesterday, Mariah Carey announced that her forthcoming album will be titled E=MC2, thus ensuring at least one high-school physics student a terrible grade on his homework.
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