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  1. upsets
    Carlos Alcaraz’s Wimbledon Victory Announces a New Era in TennisThe 20-year-old Spaniard beat Novak Djokovic in a classic final that felt like a changing of the generational guard.
  2. tennis
    This Little Red Hat Caused a Lot of Drama at WimbledonTennis purists are not happy about Nick Kyrgios violating the all-whites dress code.
  3. keeping up with the royals
    This Little Businessguy Is Back on His GrindPrince George attended an extra-sweaty Wimbledon in a suit and tie.
  4. the sports section
    Is Nick Kyrgios Finally Good Enough to Be Interesting?At Wimbledon, the volatile Australian has a chance to live up to years of hype.
  5. tennis
    Rafael Nadal Pulls Out of Wimbledon in Major BummerAn abdominal tear did what no opponent has been able to do this year: defeat the Spaniard in a major.
  6. sports!
    What Was Prince William Mumbling at Wimbledon?Some people think they saw him drop a royal F-bomb.
  7. games
    Wimbledon’s Ban on Russian Players Is the Coward’s Way OutThe tournament’s wrongheaded decision is political but not in the way it wants you to think.
  8. sports
    Serena Williams Has Dropped Out of Wimbledon After an Injury“I was heartbroken to have to withdraw today,” the tennis star wrote on Instagram.
  9. sports
    Naomi Osaka Has Withdrawn From Wimbledon“She is taking some personal time with friends and family,” according to her agent.
  10. wimbledon
    Kick Back and Enjoy Wimbledon Through the Medium of Woody Harrelson’s FaceHe’s just as stunned as you are.
  11. keeping up with the royals
    Meghan Markle and Kate Middleton Attend Wimbledon Final TogetherThe royal sister-in-laws attend the Wimbledon final to cheer on Markle’s friend Serena Williams.
  12. sports!
    Phoebe Waller-Bridge Rides Emotional Rollercoaster at WimbledonShock! Awe! Joy! Tension! Suspense!
  13. keeping up with the royals
    Meghan Markle Cheers On Serena Williams At Wimbledon MatchThe Duchess of Sussex kept it casual in jeans and a blazer during her first solo outing since giving birth to Archie.
  14. sports
    Everything to Know About Cori Gauff, the 15-Year-Old Who Defeated Venus WilliamsShe’s the youngest tennis player to qualify for Wimbledon in the Open era.
  15. hotshot
    Meghan Markle, Emma Watson Wore Matching Pants to WimbledonBut in very different ways.
  16. goat
    Serena Williams Won’t Apologize For Being the Best“I always play everyone at their greatest, so I have to be greater.”
  17. For the First Time Since 2009, an American Man Will Play in Grand Slam SemifinalWith his upset of Andy Murray, American Sam Querrey has reached the first Grand Slam semifinal of his career.
  18. money in the bank
    Serena Williams’s Wimbledon Prize Is About $380,000 Less, Thanks to BrexitBlame it on the lowered value of the pound.
  19. spats
    Why Did Bradley Cooper and Irina Shayk Fight?Wimbledon is no place for a lovers’ spat.
  20. Serena Williams Was Cheered on by Two Fans at WimbledonNice to see her fans get into it!
  21. the greatest of all time
    Serena Williams Wins Yet Another Wimbledon ChampionshipWilliams won her 22nd Grand Slam title at the Wimbledon women’s final.
  22. Bradley Cooper Experiences the Full Spectrum of Human Emotion at WimbledonGo Eagles.
  23. sports
    Five-Time Wimbledon Champion Venus Williams Calls Out Tournament Sexism“I just want equality for men’s and women’s matches.”
  24. nailed it
    Your Guide to Serena Williams’s Badass ManicuresNail art to match her many wins. 
  25. look of the day
    Lewis Hamilton Looked Too Flashy for WimbledonAccess denied. 
  26. workout gifs
    5 Easy Ways to Work Out Like a Tennis PlayerDjokovic would be proud.
  27. that awkward moment
    Try to Look Away From Samuel L. Jackson and Posh Spice’s Awkward MomentThey sat next to each other at Wimbledon. 
  28. party on!
    Party Pictures: Naomi Campbell Canoodles at Gala, Goldie Hawn Plays TennisWho is Naomi’s handsome escort?
  29. body talk
    Marion Bartoli Wins Wimbledon, Loses Accompanying Beauty ContestWomen can’t win. 
  30. pip pip hooray
    Pippa Middleton: I Wear Sunglasses to Hide Drunk Eyes, Take NapsA girl after our own hearts.
  31. zoom shots
    Zoom Shot: Serena Williams’s Vibrant Wimbeldon Nail Art Just don’t get distracted by the ring.
  32. competitions
    Who Won This Grace Jones/Naomi Campbell Pose-Off?A pose-off commenced. And table tennis, too.
  33. look of the day
    Michelle Dockery in Her Tennis-Watching OutfitIt inspired thoughts of cotton candy.
  34. male gaze
    Male Gaze: Rafael Nadal When He’s Off the CourtA delicate side of Nadal before he transforms into a beast at Wimbledon.
  35. it’s vintage
    Ladies Looking Glamorous Posing With Tennis Racquets Why sweat when you can just stand there looking good?
  36. nailed it
    Tennis-Net Nails at David KomaLove.
  37. a rare post on sports
    Slideshow:The Middletons, Wintour at WimbledonPlus, Prince William almost made out with Steffi Graf! Almost.
  38. Roger Federer Beats Andy Murray in Dazzling Wimbledon FinalFor Federer, reclaiming the Wimbledon trophy this afternoon was the culmination of a blueprint he designed more than a year ago.
  39. How Roger Federer Got His Mojo BackReclaiming residence in Djokovic’s head.
  40. tennis
    Ten Reasons You Should Be Watching Tennis Right NowDon’t just wait until the US Open, people.
  41. wimbledon
    Tennis’s Game of Musical ChampionsDjokovic steps up.
  42. wimbledon
    Djokovic Takes Wimbledon TitleFirst for the Serbian wunderkind.
  43. clickables
    Watch a Clever Paper Reenactment of the Wimbledon 2008 FinalBooks can play tennis, too.
  44. wimbledon
    Women’s Tennis Needs More Skittily-Shoo-Be-Bop-BopWe think that assertion speaks for itself but will write the rest of the article anyway.
  45. wimbledon
    Rafael Nadal and the Dark Art of the Tennis DiveNadal is a great champion. He needs no trickery to win. Let’s keep him honest.
  46. wimbledon
    Roger Federer Out at Wimbledon After Blowing Two-Set LeadHe fell to the inconsistent but fearsomely talented Jo-Wilfried Tsonga.
  47. wimbledon
    Better Know an Underdog: Feliciano LópezSome focus on his absurd handsomeness, but Wimbledon purists have taken to swooning over López’s game.
  48. wimbledon
    Anarchy in the Women’s BracketVenus and Serena are out at Wimbledon, and so is top-seed Caroline Wozniacki.
  49. wimbledon
    A Good Day for Tennis GluttonyAn all-England smorgasbord.
  50. duchesses!!!
    Kate Middleton Wore White to WimbledonNot to be confused with tennis whites, though.
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