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Windsor Terrace

  1. Underground Gourmet Review
    The Tuscan Gun Takes a Low-Key Approach to Celebrity ChefdomGuy Fieri’s American Kitchen & Bar this is not.
  2. Name Changes
    Brooklyn’s Mohawk Tavern Changes Name After Upsetting Native AmericansOnondaga is out too, probably.
  3. Neighborhood Watch
    Windsor Terrace Residents Planning a Food Co-opOut with the Walgreens string cheese, in with the local string beans.
  4. The Chain Gang
    Windsor Terrace Walgreens Staving Off Neighborhood Beef With MeatIt’s replacing the only grocer, but claims it will offer produce and a butcher.
  5. Closings
    BleatingFleeting Nanny Goat Hill Wine Bar & Kitchen Is No MoreThe pop-up inside Windsor Terrace’s Crossroads Cafe has closed after just a few months.
  6. Openings
    Le Paddock Would Like Windsor Terrace to Try Some FlammekuecheThe restaurant aims to be a neighborhood hangout, serving wine, beer, burgers, and snacks like flammenkuche.
  7. Neighborhood Watch
    Take $1 Shots at Brunch in the West Village; Enjoy Sixpoint’s FifthPlus: Radegast expands in Williamsburg and Rebecca Weitzman takes over a kitchen in Park Slope.
  8. Neighborhood Watch
    Babbo Hosts ’Shroom Party; Mimi’s Hummus Makes Progress on Wine BarPlus: a food tour of Hell’s Kitchen, and diabetics honor Tom Valenti, in our regular roundup of neighborhood food news.
  9. Openings
    First Look at Le P’tit Paris, a French Bistro for Windsor TerraceSee a slideshow of the casual Brooklyn hangout.
  10. Green Grocer
    Do You Shop at the Windsor Terrace Key Food?A shopper turns to the blogs with her complaints.
  11. neighborhood watch
    Windsor Terrace Really Finding Its Voice!Don’t ban cars from Prospect Park, the Terricians wail. They’ll just go into our neighborhood!
  12. neighborhood watch
    In the Rockaways, Safe Swimming Is a Luxury, Not a RightNasty razor teeth in Chelsea, bank-on-biker discrimination in Windsor Terrace, lifeguard inequality in the Rockaways … and other bad tidings to make you angry and anxious in today’s bitter boroughs report.
  13. neighborhood watch
    Avenue A’s Most Famous Appendage Perks UpSay hello to “The Collection” in Carroll Gardens, a possible good-bye to notorious Club Kalua in Jamaica, and plain old “WTF?” to a Staten Island kid who won’t give up his Confederate-flag T-shirt. That and more in our daily boroughs report.
  14. neighborhood watch
    Park Slope Already Nervous About Their Portrayal on Darren Star’s ShowWill ousted tenants in W’burg ever be allowed home? Will anyone go to SoBro for the floating pool? And will you make it to Monday without our daily boroughs report?
  15. neighborhood watch
    Stuy Town Residents Finally Get to Have Puppies!Cuddly, scrumptious puppies! The people who live there must be so happy! Or not: “We will now have sidewalks like the rest of the city with puddles of urine and smears of dog poop,” grumbles one. All this and more in our daily roundup of neighborhood news.
  16. neighborhood watch
    The Fuzz Play Hide the Salami With a PerpBrownsville: A would-be thief shoved seven large salamis under his clothes at Western Beef. But the police found his salami. The police found his salami. [Gothamist] Bushwick: These ‘shwickers aren’t reacting very compassionately to a former New York editor’s account in this week’s issue of getting assaulted there. Except for this one: “Being a lamer doesn’t mean he deserved to get his jaw broken.” Wow, uh, thanks. [BushwickBK] Central Village: After a $123 million sale fell through last year, the grand old Emery Roth–designed Devonshire House on East 10th and University has been bought by Mets owner Fred Wilpon for $110 mil. It’ll go condo. [NYP]