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Winston Churchill

  1. merry england
    Paul McCartney Shares Heartwarming Story of Jacking Off With John LennonOnce, maybe twice.
  2. Texas Governor Posts False Winston Churchill Quote About AntifaWe shall fight them on the Twitter, we shall fight them on the message boards …
  3. The 4 Things That Helped Gary Oldman Disappear Into Winston ChurchillHere are the keys to Oldman’s acclaimed performance in Darkest Hour. (One of them is a piece of furniture.)
  4. how to win an oscar
    How Gary Oldman Lured a Makeup Magician Back for One More JobAfter years of trying, Kazuhiro Tsuji escaped Hollywood. Then Oldman called.
  5. Gary Oldman Is Unrecognizable As Winston Churchill in the Darkest Hour TrailerSome 200 hours of makeup results in quite the transformation.
  6. Is America Ready for an Octogenarian President?If he runs in 2020 — much less in 2024 — Bernie Sanders would be pushing the envelope on the maximum acceptable age of elected political leaders.
  7. method makeup-ing
    It Took 200 Hours in a Makeup Chair to Turn Gary Oldman Into Winston ChurchillTime well spent.
  8. first looks
    Damn, Gary Oldman Looks Really Good As Winston ChurchillFor Darkest Hour.
  9. we shall fight them on the beaches?
    Transformers Film Criticized for Nazi FlagsKeep Calm and Shout at Michael Bay.
  10. oh my god
    Letter to Winston Churchill May Contain First Known Use of ‘OMG’Oh! My! God!
  11. eye of newt
    Newt Gingrich Would Rather Have Dinner With Charles Darwin Than Jesus ChristUh-oh!
  12. stuck in the mittle
    Mitt Romney, Secret Keynesian or Gullible Googler?He made an unfortunate gaffe.
  13. gingrinch
    Newt Gingrich Knows Exactly What President Obama Thinks About Winston ChurchillHis explanation for why Obama is “anti-colonial.”