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Winter Olympics

  1. olympics 2018
    USA’s Curling Team Celebrates Historic Win With Hilariously Bad KaraokeCurl up and watch this.
  2. Rich Brian’s New Music Video Is a Not-So-Stealthy Yuri!!! on Ice HomageIf you haven’t already bought your Jimmy Ma stock, now is the time.
  3. winter olympics 2018
    Adam Rippon Is Now an Official Olympics CorrespondentThis is great news.
  4. hangry
    Chloe Kim and the Undeniable Power of Breakfast SandwichesIs there anything they can’t do?
  5. the national circus
    Frank Rich on the National Circus: NBC Fiddles As Kiev BurnsDoes Sochi 2014 = Berlin 1936?
  6. sochi problems
    Shoshi Games Takes Girls’ Shoshanna to the OlympicsIt’s an ode to Zosia Mamet’s glorious facial expressions.
  7. Alan Cumming Is Boycotting the Sochi Olympics“No ice skating for me.”
  8. sochi 2014
    Olympic Athletes Told to Go Incognito in SochiLeave the uniforms in the dorm room.
  9. other countries' embarrassments
    Putin Trolls Gays Ahead of OlympicsVladimir Putin insists the events are gay-friendly.
  10. Russian Gays Talk ‘Homosexual Propaganda’ and Life in New YorkThings are getting weird in Moscow.
  11. vancouver games
    Winter Olympics Score Massive Ratings for NBCAlso, basically everyone in Canada watched their hockey team take gold.
  12. johnny weir
    Johnny Weir Gives Press Conference to Drag Queens and Guy Named NarduwarVacuuming, cheese-cutting, and homophobia addressed.
  13. winter olympics
    Interviewing an Olympic Hero Is Basically Like Meeting a Drug DealerTurn right at the car wash.
  14. miracles
    NBC Momentarily Out of Fourth PlaceTen nights of winter games, watched by an average of 26 million, have lifted NBC out of fourth place for the first time since 2004.
  15. vancouver games
    Why the Media Needs More of the Olympic CauldronBoots on the ground in Vancouver.
  16. evan lysacek
    How Evan Lysacek Got Ready to Win GoldThe triumphant skater’s training and preparation routines.
  17. upfronts
    NBC Upfronts: Ben Silverman Declares War on Repeats, Makes Peace With ObamaPerhaps most surprising of all, he restrained himself from going off on Nikki Finke!