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  1. what the zuck?
    Anecdotes Reveal Things Are Still Really Messed Up Inside FacebookWired has new details, from staff following reporters into the bathroom to fallout from the Kavanaugh confirmation hearings.
  2. Wired’s New Issue Was Written Mostly by Men, But Includes a Note Thanking WomenIn the magazine’s most recent issue, every feature is written by a man.
  3. select all
    Obama on the Risks of AI: ‘You Just Gotta Have Somebody Close to the Power Cord’The president sat down with MIT Media Lab director Joi Ito for an interview about the future, in Wired.
  4. food philosophizing
    David Chang Explains Why His Famous Pork Buns Are So DeliciousThe Momofuku chef explains his “unified theory of deliciousness.”
  5. select all
    Talking With Kevin Kelly About the Future of Tech, Privacy, and Humanity“I think abortion is just a kindergarten spat compared with where we’re going to go when people start to want to mess with their genes.”
  6. The End of Code Is Really the End of One Guy in a GarageYou’ll eventually be able to train computers as you might a dog.
  7. Serena Williams Makes All Her Passwords Positive AffirmationsTake a tip from the boss.
  8. jessica williams for president
    Jessica Williams Wants to Be the Next OprahShe shares her master plan in this month’s Wired.
  9. movies
    Christopher Nolan Wrote an Interstellar ComicFor the issue of Wired he guest-edited.
  10. sex and the galaxy
    If Your Spouse Goes to Space, Can You Bang Other People?Relationship conundrums for these modern times.
  11. snowden files
    Edward Snowden Planned NSA Leaks for YearsThe besieged whistleblower sat down with Jim Bamford in Moscow.
  12. Can Warby Parker Succeed by ‘Not Sucking’?Wired crunched the numbers. 
  13. R&D
    How Your Fast-Food Mash-Up Gets MadeOr “not made,” in the case of Baskin-Robbin’s ill-fated Waffle Chip Dippers.
  14. Fifth Tastes
    Have We Entered an Umami Renaissance?The so-called fifth taste is more marketable than ever.
  15. Food Issues
    Wired and Bon Appétit Running Collaborative Content inThe two food magazines will team up to feed your mind.
  16. Check Out Wired’s New Animated Web Series ‘Codefellas,’ Featuring John […] Here’s the first episode of Codefellas, a new animated web series that Wired recently debuted. Created by David Rees and Brian Spinks, it’s an […]
  17. ‘Wired’ Argues that ‘The Nielsen Family Is Dead’Wired has a piece out this week called “The Nielsen Family Is Dead,” exploring the ways in which TV has left the Nielsen ratings system behind, […]
  18. The Other Belushi Biographer Breaks Down ‘Wired’ Journalist Bob Woodward’s journalistic tactics were called into question a couple weeks ago over a dispute with the White House, and Tanner […]
  19. Jesus-Pelé Hybrid Scott Dadich to Run WiredThe iPad guru and Condé Nast golden boy will replace Chris Anderson as editor.
  20. ink-stained wretches
    Chris Anderson Leaving Wired for RobotsThe editor-in-chief of twelve years pursuing “an entrepreneurial dream.”
  21. The Future
    Highly Organized Sustainable Food Is Next, Former McDonald’s ExecutiveIn Palo Alto, a former McDonald’s COO engineers the future of fast food, from the ground up.
  22. fbi
    FBI Training Material Says ‘Mainstream’ Muslims Are Mostly Terrorist Sympathizers’Wired’ has obtained some questionable lesson plans.
  23. pink-stained wretches
    What a Difference a Year Makes: The Observer’s Two Takes on Condé Nast Digital Guru Scott DadichSorry, Scott. You’re not Jesus-meets-Pele anymore.
  24. The Trouble with Comedian BiopicsBiopics are a Hollywood mainstay, with films based upon an inspiring public figure’s life being a tried-and-true path for stars and filmmakers […]
  25. On The Science Of HumorIn Wired’s Humor Issue, Professor Peter McGraw postulates that all comedy operates as a kind of benign violation, which I am reserving as an […]
  26. ipad therefore i am
    People Just Aren’t Buying Magazine iPad AppsWho is surprised by this?
  27. Beer Me
    Yards Ales of the Revolution: Not Necessarily New nor Cutting Edge But StillWired digs deep into the Yards beers in its December issue.
  28. ink-stained wretches
    Chris Anderson Backs Away From Free in Wired’s New Cover StoryChris Anderson departs from his original hypothesis.
  29. blog-stained wretches
    Wired Shines a Spotlight on Andrew Breitbart’s Performance Art“The market has forced me to come up with techniques to be noticed.”
  30. ink-stained wretches
    Condé Nast Prepping iPad Versions of Five Titles’GQ,’ ‘Wired,’ ‘Vanity Fair,’ the ‘New Yorker,’ and ‘Glamour’ will be the first to take the plunge.
  31. the industry
    Woody Allen to Fawn Over Carla Bruni in His Next Film?Plus: USA and Fox go renewal crazy!
  32. media deathwatch
    Condé Nast Layoffs Reach GQ, Vanity Fair [Updated]“They said they couldn’t handle laying off everybody all at once. So every magazine has a scheduled day.”
  33. media deathwatch
    The Media Plays Musical ChairsRemember how that goes? If you don’t have a chair to sit in when the music stops, you … are … out!
  34. company town
    Tishman Speyer Is on the WarpathAlso, Lehman Brothers weighs its options, and 15 CPW breaks the $100 million barrier.
  35. company town
    Fox News Sicced Bill O’Reilly on NBC’s Punk AssThin-skinned media bigwigs trade insults, Microsoft and Yahoo continue to make eyes at each other across the boardroom table, and a mysterious, rich felon moves into the Plaza … all in today’s roundup of media, finance, law and real-estate news.
  36. company town
    Dog Sculptor Jeff Koons Is in the DoghouseJeff Koons’s porn star ex-wife says he’s a deadbeat dad, protestors storm Bear Stearns ineffectively, and Vogue is in all kinds of trouble in our daily roundup of Law, Finance, and Media news.
  37. The In-box
    If Wylie Dufresne Is So Original, Why Didn’t He Write a Book?Note: Readers with only a limited appetite for endless Talmudic hairsplitting over chef etiquette might want to quickly scan this exchange between us and the Gurgling Cod, a blogger even more fascinated by the Marcel Egg Scandal than we are. Grub Street,While Marcel Vigneron certainly rips off Wylie Dufresne, the charge of plagiarism does not make sense. There’s no assertion of the work’s origination with Vigneron anywhere in the Wired piece that started this whole fuss. If you attend a musical performance, there is no such expectation that, say, Yo-Yo Ma wrote the cello suite he is performing. In this context, cooking is more like playing the cello than writing a book. If Dufresne wants to protect his intellectual property, he should write a book, which would be copyright protected. Like all artists, cooks rip each other off all the time. I suspect that the current mania for molecular gastronomy may work to create a notion of the molecular chef as auteur, rather than artisan, and thus these allegations of plagiarism.The Gurgling Cod
  38. grub street
    ‘Top Chef’s Marcel Still Viewed as Bad Guy Remember Marcel Vigneron, the foamy villain from last season of Top Chef? He may not be on TV anymore, but he’s still causing trouble in the kitchen. The staff of wd-50 believes Vigneron ripped off a Wylie Dufresne dish in a recent issue of Wired. Grub Street has all the dirt. Or foam. Did Marcel From ‘Top Chef’ Really Just Rip Off Wylie Dufresne? [Grub Street]
  39. company town
    Investment Banks Mull New Trading FloorsFINANCE • JP Morgan, Lehman, and Merrill are in talks with developers to build new trading floors in Manhattan. [Bloomberg] • Donald Trump set a new low last night, defeating WWF owner Vince McMahon in a “Battle of the Billionaires.” [AP via Yahoo] • The SEC celebrates April Fools’ Day with a prank press release about new disclosure rules. [Financial Times via MSNBC]