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Wisconsin Primary

  1. business reopening
    Wisconsin Court Overturns Stay-at-Home Order and Revelers Hit the BarsWisconsin continues to feature savage polarization on all aspects of the coronavirus pandemic, from elections to business closures.
  2. vision 2020
    Relatively Non-Disastrous Ohio Primary Could Be Harbinger for NovemberIs any election held in better conditions than the COVID-afflicted Wisconsin one good enough for democracy?
  3. coronavirus
    Voting by Mail Helped Democrats in Wisconsin — a LotNormally Republicans are as likely as Democrats to vote by mail. Not in Wisconsin, say findings that may intensify polarization on voting rules.
  4. 2020 elections
    Progressive Upsets Conservative Judge After Suppressed Vote in WisconsinDespite insisting on holding an election in the middle of a pandemic to restrict voting, Wisconsin Republicans lost their grip on a key judicial seat.
  5. covid-19
    The Novel Coronavirus Is Devastating Black Communities. This Was Predictable.Wisconsin is an object lesson in how racist policies have created an environment that leaves black Americans vulnerable.
  6. wisconsin primary
    Here’s What Voting in the Middle of Pandemic Looks LikeVoters in Wisconsin are wearing masks and waiting in long lines as the states holds its primary amid the coronavirus outbreak.
  7. 2020 elections
    U.S. Supreme Court Slams Door on Wisconsin Vote-by-Mail for Mid-Pandemic PrimaryA few hours after a Wisconsin court reinstated in-person voting, the conservative-majority U.S. Supreme Court halted an absentee voting extension.
  8. vision 2020
    Against All Logic and Reason, Next Week’s Wisconsin Primary Slouches AheadA federal judge attacked both the GOP legislature and Democratic governor for refusing to delay the primary, as he liberalized voting by mail.
  9. vision 2020
    How Long Can Bernie’s Campaign Survive?The postponement of primaries means Biden cannot claim the Democratic nomination until June, but a Sanders loss in Wisconsin would be damaging.