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Women’s March

  1. vision 2020
    Trump Election Chicanery Could Spur Massive ProtestsPlans are already underway to greet any Trump effort to contest or steal the 2020 election with millions of peaceful protesters in the streets.
  2. politics
    National Archives Apologizes for Censoring Protest Signs From Women’s MarchThe agency digitally altered protester’s signs to remove mentions of Trump and women’s anatomy in a failed effort to avoid controversy.
  3. power
    3 Inaugural Members of the Women’s March Have Stepped DownAhead of the 2019 event, co-chairs Linda Sarsour, Bob Bland, and Tamika Mallory faced calls to resign.
  4. women’s march 2019
    4 Women on What the 2019 Women’s March Was Like“I made sure we went to a march that was not associated with leaders who have been at the center of the anti-Semitic controversy.”
  5. 2019 women’s march
    Everything to Know About the 2019 Women’s March on WashingtonThe march has lost some of its biggest supporters amid the organization’s anti-Semitism controversy.
  6. the body politic
    Don’t Give Up on the Women’s MarchThe movement must transcend its organizers.
  7. politics
    Can the Women’s March Survive Its Latest Controversy?The organization has had a very bad week.
  8. women and power
    The Women’s March ‘Mob’ Was Built With Nice, Suburban WomenBob Bland, Linda Sarsour, and Tamika Mallory have become some of the most dominant faces of feminism in the Trump era.
  9. civil disobedience
    Capitol Police Arrest More Than 600 Women Chanting ‘Abolish ICE’According to reports, Representative Jayapal and Susan Sarandon were among those arrested.
  10. Why Won’t Women’s March Leaders Denounce Farrakhan’s Anti-Semitism?Women’s March leaders seem to be tiptoeing around hate speech that demands a firm response.
  11. 2018 women’s march
    Oh, My God, Joe Scarborough Wrote a Song Inspired by the Women’s MarchIt’s called “Stand”.
  12. women’s march 2018
    Natalie Portman Shares Her Experience of ‘Sexual Terrorism’ at 13“I understood very quickly, even as a 13-year-old, that if I were to express myself sexually, I would feel unsafe.”
  13. All the Best Signs From the Women’s March“Someone please read all these signs to Trump.”
  14. women march 2018
    Gloria Allred Revives Call for Equal Rights Amendment at Utah Women’s March“Let me tell you no one has ever given women their rights,” she said.
  15. women’s march 2018
    The Most Inspiring Photos From the 2018 Women’s MarchWomen around the country showed up for the second-annual protest.
  16. Why We’re Going to the Women’s MarchOn Saturday, the Cut will join the thousands of people marching in New York City.
  17. gallery
    One Year Later: Artists Reflect on the Women’s MarchCheck out this show at the Outsider Art Fair in Chelsea.
  18. women’s march
    Here’s What Happened to All the Women’s March SignsOn January 21, 2016, a small team of curators in Washington collected posters for the Smithsonian.
  19. politics
    Bernie Sanders Will Give the Opening Night Speech at the Women’s Convention“I’m honored to join the women at the front lines of our struggle for economic, social, racial, and environmental justice.”
  20. Women’s March Organizers Announce a Women’s Convention in DetroitThe convention will take place in October, ahead of the 2018 midterm elections.
  21. Women’s March Co-Chairs on Race, Controversy, and Pussy HatsA co-chair reminded the audience that “all pussies aren’t pink” at a Vanity Fair event.
  22. strike
    On March 8, Women Will Go on Strike“It is not enough to oppose Trump and his aggressively misogynistic, homophobic, transphobic, and racist policies.”
  23. 3 Things Sociologists Learned by Studying the Women’s MarchThe power of “intersectional activism – a version of activism that is sensitive to how race, class, gender and sexuality complicate inequality.”
  24. This Poll Is the Best News Liberals Have Had in a Long TimeThe Women’s March is twice as popular as the tea party once was — and Democratic women are increasing their political engagement in large numbers.
  25. activism
    Jay Z Would Much Rather Talk About Activism Than Donald Trump“That display of woman power the other day was so amazing and we saw the effect: That no matter what, no matter who’s in office, we are the people that’s in power.”
  26. women’s march
    Cyndi Lauper Criticizes Madonna’s March SpeechGirls just wanna have broadly digestible protest rhetoric.
  27. resignations
    Nebraska State Senator Resigns After Offensive Women’s March TweetBill Kintner had also been embroiled in a cybersex scandal.
  28. roll clip!
    Trevor Noah Talks Fierce South African Feminists“I grew up in a world that was very matriarchal.”
  29. banned things
    Madonna Music Banned From Texas Radio StationThe station claims it “is not a matter of politics, it’s a matter of patriotism.”
  30. politics
    Thousands of Women Took Over the Utah State Capitol to Fight for Their Rights“I’m sick and tired of men making laws about our bodies and our choices and our lives without consulting us.”
  31. where’s the beef?
    Ewan McGregor Boycotts Piers Morgan’s ShowAnd now Morgan’s trolling McGregor.
  32. last night on late night
    Seth Meyers Looks at Inauguration, Women’s March“More like an ugh-uration.”
  33. teens (who run the world)
    Teens Tell Us Why They Marched“For the kids in the community that didn’t have the opportunity to go, I want to be able to represent them and break the stereotypes held against us.”
  34. select all
    State Senator on Fat-Shaming Meme: ‘Not Sure How That Ended Up on My Facebook’“In one day, Trump got more fat women walking than Michelle Obama did in eight years.”
  35. good signs
    Steve Buscemi Approves of Man’s ‘Shut the Fuck Up, Donny’ Women’s March SignThe sign used a quote from The Big Lebowski.
  36. women’s march
    Bruce Springsteen on Women’s March: ‘We Are the New American Resistance’Springsteen couldn’t be with the protesters in body, but boy is he there in spirit.
  37. protests
    T-Swift, Zendaya, More Support Women’s MarchTaylor Swift, Jessica Chastain, and Zendaya are among the supporters.
  38. gallery
    46 Signs From the Women’s March on WashingtonPhotographer Gillian Laub captured some of the best.
  39. gallery
    Hidden Scenes From the Women’s March on WashingtonPhotographer Andres Kudacki captured moving details.
  40. gallery
    See Stunning Portraits From the Women’s March on WashingtonGrace and determination were on full display.
  41. One of Trump’s Responses to Women’s Marches Didn’t Quite Sound Like HimBut the other one did.
  42. sundance 2017
    Sundance: Jessica Williams at the Women’s March“I am my ancestors’ dream,” she told the crowd.
  43. For One Day of Protest, Every City Belonged to Its PedestriansCities are places for openness — and carlessness.
  44. women’s march 2017
    Janelle Monáe Reminds Us to Choose ‘Freedom Over Fear’ at Women’s MarchMonáe stood alongside the Mothers of the Movement in D.C.
  45. women’s march 2017
    The Women’s March Was So Big It Almost Couldn’t MarchAttendees far outnumbered the 200,000 organizers planned for.
  46. women’s march 2017
    Read Janet Mock’s Women’s March Speech on Trans Women of Color and Sex WorkersFrom the Women’s March: “I stand here today most of all because I am my sister’s keeper.”
  47. women’s march 2017
    The Women’s March Drew a Much Larger Crowd Than Trump’s InaugurationA roundup of the worldwide rallies.
  48. the national interest
    Don’t Let Anybody Tell You the Marches Didn’t MatterWashington heard a powerful message: The Democratic demobilization is over and a backlash awaits.
  49. protests
    See Scarlett Johansson’s Speech at Women’s March“Don’t give up your power.”
  50. Women’s March Draws Much Larger Crowd Than Trump’s InaugurationA roundup of the worldwide rallies in defense of gender equality.
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