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  1. women in hollywood
    Transparent’s Melora Hardin on Sexist Red-Carpet Questions“I am definitely a feminist.”
  2. Priyanka Chopra Is the Celebrity Feminist We NeedThe international superstar on what men need to understand about feminism.
  3. Films Directed by Women Have Smaller Budgets, But Bigger ReturnsWomen directors do less with more.
  4. women in hollywood
    Courteney Cox Opens Up to Bear Grylls About Having ‘Done Things’ to Her FaceHe gets it.
  5. anthropoid
    A New Film Shows How Women Helped Defeat the NazisAnthropoid tells the untold story of women in the Czechoslovakian resistance.
  6. cut cover story
    Winona Ryder Forever: How the Gen-X Icon Kept Her Cool“I’m so sick of people shaming women for being sensitive or vulnerable. It’s so bizarre to me.”
  7. women in hollywood
    Ava DuVernay Just Broke a Major Hollywood Glass CeilingWith her upcoming film A Wrinkle in Time.
  8. women in hollywood
    Ellen Pompeo Stayed on Grey’s Anatomy Because of Her Age“My clock was already ticking in Hollywood.”
  9. sexy space rihanna
    Rihanna Ruled Comic-Con Without Even Going“Let me tell you what a bad bitch is about to do.”
  10. women in hollywood
    Lucy Lawless Once Went to the Deathbed of a Fan“It was amazing and beautiful.”
  11. advice
    10 Actresses on How to Break Into HollywoodAdvice from Greta Gerwig, Taylor Schilling, Laverne Cox, and more.
  12. i ain’t afraid of no ghosts
    Why You Should See Ghostbusters Opening WeekendWhen it comes to diversifying Hollywood, your dollars matter much more than usual over the next few days.
  13. women in hollywood
    Scarlett Johansson Is Now the Highest-Grossing Actress of All TimeGood job, ScarJo!
  14. women in hollywood
    The Female Creative Utopia of A Woman, a PartThe director and star of A Woman, a Part on the importance of women on-screen and behind the camera.
  15. women in hollywood
    Geena Davis’s Documentary About Sexism in Hollywood Is Being Directed by a ManInteresting choice.
  16. women in hollywood
    Hillary Clinton Vows to Break Hollywood’s ‘Celluloid Ceiling’At an L.A. rally, she devoted a few words to gender inequality within the film industry.
  17. women in hollywood
    Megan Fox on Stereotypes in Hollywood“In terms of what’s available for women to play in general in Hollywood, it’s pretty scarce.”
  18. women in hollywood
    Jessica Williams Doesn’t Want Your Creepy Hug“If I was at a fucking bodega in Harlem and this happened to me, I would literally stab you.”
  19. movie posters
    There’s Something Weird About This Movie PosterI can’t quite put my finger on it.
  20. women in hollywood
    There’s a Thin Line Between Sexual Harassment and Typical ‘Hollywood’ BehaviorChloë Sevigny says she has had “crossing the line weirdness” experiences with directors on three occasions.
  21. women in film
    When Amandla Stenberg Calls People Out, They ListenShe got her latest role by questioning the script’s portrayal of women.
  22. party pics
    Celebrating Women at Cannes With the Real-Life Thelma & LouiseA party for Susan Sarandon and Geena Davis.
  23. women in hollywood
    Jodie Foster Says Filmmakers Rely Too Much on Rape Story LinesIt’s a trope that “lazy” male film writers rely on.
  24. women in hollywood
    The Government Is Investigating Gender Discrimination in HollywoodFinally.
  25. inside amy schumer
    Amy Schumer Skewers Hollywood’s Woman Problem“More than anything I really want to thank the writers.”
  26. the gender gap
    This Study Shows that Gender Disparity Isn’t Much Better on Indie FilmsThe festival circuit is dominated by men.
  27. women in film
    Female Filmmakers Have It Just As Rough in Europe As They Do in HollywoodThe gender-disparity problem isn’t unique to Hollywood.
  28. tribeca film festival
    Jodie Foster Says Hollywood Studios ‘Still See Women As a Risk’Just another day in the patriarchy.
  29. party chats
    Jodie Foster Says Jonathan Demme Is Her ‘Favorite Female Director’“I don’t think there’s some kind of big plot to keep women down.”
  30. chat room
    Director Susanne Bier on Women in Hollywood“My worry: I don’t want us to be fringe. We are more than half of the world’s population, and we are always put in a box as if we’re a minority.”
  31. women in hollywood
    Jessica Chastain Knows What It’s Like to Be the Only Girl on Set“You can feel like a sexual object.” 
  32. women in hollywood
    Why Not Ask a Powerful Man What He’s Doing to Help Women?A modest proposal based on a real-life conversation.
  33. women in hollywood
    What Would Happen If a Man Directed American Psycho and CluelessFemale directors weigh in.
  34. Even Hollywood Stars Are Punished for Demanding Equal PayPatricia Arquette’s call for equal wages cost her jobs.
  35. testing
    Can Anyone Name a Female Director Besides Ava DuVernay?Try to name three.
  36. Hey, a Production Company for Female EmpowermentGreat idea, terrible name.
  37. women in hollywood
    Jill Soloway: ‘Movies Are the Male Gaze’The Transparent director on the stories that need to be told.
  38. fantasies
    What Awards Season Would Look Like If Hollywood Were Run by WomenAccording to insiders on the red carpet.
  39. hot topics
    The Hollywood Gender Gap Gets Its Own DocuseriesFeaturing everyone from Lake Bell to Paul Feig to America Ferrera.
  40. the celluloid ceiling
    Grim New Numbers on Women Behind the Scenes in FilmBut: When women do have positions of power, the stats improve.
  41. women in hollywood
    Raunchy Women’s Comedies Are Here to StayIt has been an excellent year for funny adult women. 
  42. quotables
    Cate Blanchett Is Sick of Having the Same Conversations About Women in Hollywood“We’ll be back here like Groundhog Day next year having the same fucking symposium.”
  43. Priyanka Chopra Is Done With Hollywood Wage Gap, Inequality in GeneralThe international star speaks out.
  44. The Women of Hollywood Are Okay With Crying On- and OffscreenLet the tears flow.
  45. The Women of Hollywood Won’t Stop Talking About MoneyAnd now they’re taking it to The Hollywood Reporter.
  46. 100 women directors
    100 Women Directors Hollywood Should Be HiringStudio executives often protest that there simply aren’t enough talented female filmmakers to choose from. They are wrong.
  47. 100 Women Directors Hollywood Should Be HiringStudio executives often protest that there simply aren’t enough talented female filmmakers to choose from. They are wrong.
  48. women in hollywood
    A Female Producer Explains 4 Ways Women Get a Raw Deal in HollywoodA female producer highlights forms of subtle discrimination.
  49. women in hollywood
    Jodie Foster on How to Make It As a Female Director in Male-Dominated HollywoodEnlist the help of a few old white guys.
  50. equal opportunity sci-fi
    Actresses Must Launch Into Outer Space for Good RolesZoe Saldana says that’s where the good stuff is.
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