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  1. your next move
    ‘Should I Try to Use an Outside Job Offer to Get a Promotion?’Leveraging an external offer is helpful to get a promotion at your current job, but it takes some finesse.
  2. how i get it done
    Ashley Graham Is on Her Second Cup of Coffee by 7 a.m.How the supermodel and mother to three young boys gets it done.
  3. ask a boss
    ‘My Job Offer Was Rescinded After I Asked for More Money’I realize it’s cold comfort right now, but you’re better off not working for a company that’s hostile to employees who advocate for their own worth.
  4. how i get it done
    This Baby-Formula Founder Considers Herself a Wartime CEOBobbie CEO Laura Modi on working through a national crisis.
  5. work
    Will Employers Finally Listen to What Mothers Need?There’s never been a better time for working mothers to ask for more flexibility — and actually get it.
  6. your next move
    ‘Is It Worth Taking a New Job With a More Junior Title But Better Pay?’I wouldn’t let a title change be the determining factor in your final decision.
  7. how i get it done
    Sarah Kate Ellis Swears That You Really Can Get Over Impostor SyndromeHow the president and CEO of GLAAD gets it done.
  8. ask a boss
    ‘Should I Tell My Boss About Problems at Home?’If your safety is threatened or your work is affected, yes.
  9. how i get it done
    Dr. Orna Guralnick Will Serve You a Dose of RealityHow the psychoanalyst and star of Couples Therapy gets it done, from double-double espressos to the soothing sound of Annette Bening’s voice.
  10. burnout
    When to Just Quit AlreadyHow to figure out it’s time to move on — and be okay with it.
  11. your next move
    ‘How Can I Convince My New Boss That I’m Ready to Be a Manager?’The arrival of a new boss means having a clean slate at work, especially if they’re an external candidate. So position yourself as an asset to them.
  12. work
    My Breakup With Those 3 Little Words: ‘Happy to Help!’The phrase defined my ambitions — then those ambitions changed.
  13. quitting
    Did the Great Resignation Save Your Life?To make their lives better, millions of people left their jobs last year — and no, they don’t regret it.
  14. how i get it done
    E! Host Nina Parker Isn’t Afraid to Make Mistakes“I’m no longer in a place where I need to be loved by everybody. The right people find you.”
  15. ask a boss
    ‘Several of My Co-workers Were Fired. Am I Next?’It’s possible your company fires people without warning, but it’s just as possible there were warnings you weren’t privy to.
  16. how i get it done
    How Frieze L.A. and New York Director Christine Messineo Gets It DoneShe’s the first person to oversee both art fairs and is currently gearing up for New York’s tenth edition.
  17. your next move
    ‘I Want to Transition Into a New Line of Work, But I’m Not Getting Far’If your résumé doesn’t list the exact work experience required, making the case for yourself in a cover letter could be the best move.
  18. how i get it done
    How Alicia Graf Mack, Director of Juilliard’s Dance Division, Stays En PointeThe dancer, educator, and mother of two never stops moving.
  19. ask a boss
    ‘How Can I Get My Co-worker to Stop Complaining to Me?’You’re justified in putting limits on conversations and people that sap your energy and affect your quality of life.
  20. how i get it done
    How Roman and Williams Co-founder Robin Standefer Gets It DoneFew designers have had a more indelible impact on New York interiors in the past two decades.
  21. your next move
    ‘My New Job Is Nothing Like I Expected’Before you do anything else, you need to decide exactly what you want, and then have an honest conversation about it with your manager. Here’s how.
  22. how i get it done
    How Puma’s Creative Director Gets It DoneJune Ambrose is also Jay-Z and Missy Elliott’s longtime stylist.
  23. ask a boss
    How to Find a Job Long DistanceThere are ways to improve your chances of getting a response when applying to jobs out of state.
  24. how i get it done
    How Dr. Lucy Jones, ‘the Beyoncé of Earthquakes,’ Gets It DoneBeing a government-service celebrity was never seismologist Dr. Lucy Jones’s plan. Nobody told her 170,000 Twitter followers.
  25. your next move
    Make Sure Your Next Career Move Is the Best MoveIn a new biweekly column for the Cut, Kimberly Brown helps women and people of color to be seen in the workplace, make more money, and become leaders.
  26. how i get it done
    How Congresswoman Katherine Clark Gets It DoneThe Assistant Speaker handles a grueling schedule and tough legislative battles with a little help from her group chat.
  27. ask a boss
    ‘My Boss Wants Me to Do Her Dirty Work’She’s trying to make you take the lead in a difficult situation so she doesn’t have to.
  28. how i get it done
    How Labor Activist Ai-jen Poo Gets It DoneAnd how she stays hopeful in the face of cynicism.
  29. sorry!
    Kim Kardashian Is Sorry for Questioning Your Work Ethic… or is she?
  30. ambition
    25 Famous Women on Their First Big BreakFrom Julia Child’s first cooking show to Rihanna’s audition for Jay-Z at Def Jam.
  31. how i get it done
    How CNN Anchor Erin Burnett Gets It DoneAnd how a piece of fan mail changed the course of her career.
  32. ask a boss
    ‘I Don’t Know How to Say ‘No’ at Work’You need to be less emotionally invested in doing a good job.
  33. doing the most
    It’s Never Too Late: 25 Famous Women on Starting Over in a New CareerAlexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Cardi B, Mindy Kaling, and more famous women on starting over in a new career.
  34. how i get it done
    How Emma Chamberlain Gets It Done“My work and my life are wrapped up together, and my work is never off my mind. I can’t ever check out.”
  35. ambition
    25 Famous Women on Achieving Success Later in LifeAva DuVernay, Chloe Zhao, Toni Morrison and others discuss the benefits of being a late bloomer in their careers.
  36. how i get it done
    Lady Gaga’s Mom Is Making Kindness CoolHow Cynthia Germanotta, Lady Gaga’s mother and president of Born This Way Foundation, gets it done.
  37. friends forever?
    Where Are All My Work Friends?Mourning the loss of your favorite colleagues in the world of remote work.
  38. ambition
    25 Famous Women on Being the BestMegan Rapinoe, Michaela Jaé Rodriguez, and Kamala Harris on how good it feels to win.
  39. ask a boss
    ‘Should I Tell My Boss I’m Looking For a New Job?’Don’t do it!
  40. how i get it done
    How Margaret Atwood Gets It DoneOn skipping lunch, writing in the cellar, and casting a wary eye on reviews.
  41. ambition
    25 Famous Women on How They Get Their Best IdeasKacey Musgraves, Zadie Smith, and others give tips on staying productive.
  42. how i get it done
    How Bon Appétit Editor-in-chief Dawn Davis Gets It DoneThe writer and author endorses cooking a big Sunday meal and not sending emails after 8 p.m.
  43. sweatpants city
    Eric Adams Hates Remote Work So MuchNow he’s making fun of your pajamas.
  44. ask a boss
    Was I Wrong To Quit My Job, Or Is It Just Nerves?Even when you have good reasons to quit, it’s nerve-wracking to leave a situation where you’re comfortable.
  45. how i get it done
    How Talitha Watkins Gets It DoneAs president and head of ColorCreative Management, she’s shifting the paradigm for women and people-of-color creators.
  46. how i get it done
    How Fearless Fund Co-founder Arian Simone Gets It DoneWomen of color are the most entrepreneurial demographic, but they’re also the least funded. Arian Simone is changing that.
  47. ask a boss
    ‘Can You End a Job Interview Early If You Know It’s Not a Good Fit?’You’re not merely there to be judged, but also to form your own judgments about whether you want this particular position.
  48. how i get it done
    How Black Food Futurist Nia Lee Gets It DoneThe chef, artist, and Netflix marketing executive’s routine includes handstands, morning twerk sessions, and home cooking.
  49. how i get it done
    How Actress Brenda Song Gets It DoneThe Dollface star on becoming a first-time parent with fiancé Macaulay Culkin and the uncertain transition from child to adult actor.
  50. ask a boss
    ‘I Hate My New Job. Can I Quit Yet?’Before you make any moves, have a straightforward conversation with your boss.
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