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  1. literati
    The Best Reporting Advice Robert Caro Bestows in His New Book, Working“Silence is the weapon.”
  2. debt
    The Collections-Agency Partner Who Knows There’s No Such Thing As an Unpaid Bill“Every debt gets paid, one way or another. They get paid by either you, the debtor, your next door neighbor, or everybody else by way of paying more.”
  3. media
    The Trade Magazine Editor Who Gets to Stay in the World’s Best Hotels“I take what I do really seriously. It’s not just flitting around, staying at great hotels and availing myself of the spa.”
  4. legal system
    The Judge Who Presides Over a ‘Social Emergency Room’“It’s emotional. But the thing to remember is that the law sucks the life out of everything.”
  5. introductions
    Welcome to The Job: A New Pop-up Blog From NY MagFor the next four weeks, we will present a diverse, intimate survey of the American workforce.
  6. New Yorkers Working More Than 49 Hours a Week Thanks to Long Commutes“If New York City is going to symbolize the American Dream, we can’t be a nightmare when it comes to long work hours and commuting. Our residents deserve better.”
  7. Let Stephen Colbert Run You Through a Typical ‘Colbert Report’ WorkdaySlate just launched a new podcast called Working that explores the typical workdays of various celebrities, and the very first episode features […]
  8. stage dive
    Theater Reviews: Working and What Rhymes With AmericaPlus What Rhymes With America.
  9. lies we’ve told
    I Said My Dad Had a Heart Attack — Then I Went ShoppingConfess a lie.
  10. working
    Finally, an Assistant Worth HiringHe will find you an ethnic baby to make fun of AND fake an injury to get you a discount.