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    Four Teams Are Through: Now It’s AMERICA’s Turn!Argentina and South Korea are in, and now the U.S. prepares for tomorrow morning.
  2. world cup
    Knockout Round Welcomes Uruguay and MexicoUruguay and Mexico advance out of Group A.
  3. world cup
    A Good Day for España, and a Bad One for Dear LeaderSpain rebounds in its second-round game, and now it’s time for the final round of group games.
  4. world cup
    Your Guide to Each World Cup Group ScenarioA breakdown of every group after two games.
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    Ghana’s Bronx World Cup HQ Is a Barber ShopPatrons root for goals, Obama.
  6. world cup
    The 2014 World Cup Is Going to Be BananasA look back at the weekend of the World Cup.
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    It’s Lord of the Rings, But Now With More VuvuzelaThe vuvuzela wreaks havoc in Middle Earth.
  8. world cup
    Koman Coulibaly Makes It Difficult to Contain One’s RageDealing with that horrible call ain’t easy.
  9. world cup
    Team USA Draws With Slovenia, But … Argghhhh!That wore us out.
  10. ouch
    Americans Tie Up Nation Wearing Charlie Brown Jerseys!The United States falls behind 2–0 to Slovenia in the World Cup.
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    Les Blues, Merde! Messi! Red Cards! And Now: USA! USA! USA!France is pretty much done, and hey: USA! USA!
  12. world cup
    South Korean Sunrise Party Marred Only Slightly by LossA 6:30 a.m. beer can change your way of looking at things.
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    Maradona Seems to Have This Under ControlArgentina is pretty fantastic.
  14. world cup
    Santa Mierda! Spain Lost!Switzerland upsets Spain, wow.
  15. world cup
    West Village’s Brazil Fans Live Up to Stereotype, in a Good WayWith the samba and the olés and whatnot.
  16. movies
    Hitler Reacts to the VuvuzelaHitler, like many others, is no great fan of the endlessly droning South African trumpet.
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    The Swiss Give World Cup Its First Real ShockSwitzerland pulls off the upset of the tournament.
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    All Hail the All WhitesNew Zealand ties, and North Korea holds its own.
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    Your World Cup Morning Brings Yet Two More DrawsTies! Ties! Ties!
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    Oh, To Be Dutch and On the PitchA great day for the Dutch at the World Cup, less so for the Italians.
  21. Booze You Can Use
    Enjoy a World Cup Morning Beverage in the Mission
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    World Cup Is Terrifying People Who Make a Living Terrifying PeopleSoccer is leftist? Sure, why not, run with it.
  23. world cup
    Japan Throws Africa Its First Major CurveballJapan beats Cameroon.
  24. world cup
    Germany Yanks World Cup Out of DoldrumsA look back at the weekend of the World Cup.
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    Hear Weezer’s World Cup Anthem, ‘Represent’USA!
  26. world cup
    Yes, America, a Draw Is Definitely a WinUSA and England tie, 1–1.
  27. amusing images
    Chuckling Obama Looks Cuter Than Fuming Beckham After English Goalkeeper’s Game-Changing ErrorThe game-changing shot left us all amused. Even the President, perhaps.
  28. england
    England and U.S. Face Off in an Oil-Related Phone Call and a World Cup Match TodayTensions are higher than usual with our neighbors across the pond.
  29. world cup
    A Look Back at World Cup, Day OneA look back at day one.
  30. look of the day
    Fergie Wore a Scary Alien Outfit to Perform in Honor of SoccerMostly it’s her fingertips that startled us.
  31. Foodievents
    This Weekend: Rage Against Beer Week, Sing Along with the Kids at the P.O.P.E.Philly Beer Week keeps chugging along through the weekend.
  32. world cup
    Your Team USA Cheat SheetYour guide to Team USA.
  33. world cup
    England-USA: How You’re Spending Your SaturdayEngland-USA … IT’S ON.
  34. World Cup
    The Spotted Pig Wakes Up Early for the World CupGet some sausage rolls, smoothies, and beer with your early-morning soccer viewing.
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    K’Naan Has Poor Grasp on Meaning of the Word ‘Integrity’“This was a really great opportunity for them to use my song, without compromising my integrity as a musician.”
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    Bafana Bafana Earns Opening-Match DrawSouth Africa and Mexico draw 1–1 in the World Cup opener.
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    Your Big, Huge World Cup PreviewStory lines, overviews, and everything else from Josh Dean, your official World Cup Closer for this year’s 2010 World Cup.
  38. World Cup
    Where to Watch (and Eat and Drink During) the World CupWe’ve found a bar for you whether you’re rooting for Algeria, England, or nobody in particular.
  39. competition
    We’re Running Out of Chances to Remind You About Our World Cup PoolTrust us, we’d keep posting these things well into July.
  40. Where to Drink
    Where to Watch the World Cup at All Hours of the Morning and NightA roundup of pubs and restaurants around town where you can get your soccer fix for the next two weeks.
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    Louis Vuitton, Giorgio Armani, and Dolce & Gabbana Join the World Cup FrenzyThey’re cranking out jerseys, belts, bags, and manties.
  42. world cup
    World Cup Preview: Group AOur look at France, Mexico, South Africa, and Uruguay.
  43. User’s Guide
    Where to Eat Around the World and Watch the World Cup in L.A.Even if soccer isn’t your favorite sport, The World Cup offers a tremendous opportunity to try new cuisines.
  44. competition
    Play With This Cool, Interactive Match Schedule, Then Join Our World Cup PoolBut don’t even think about playing with it if you’re not going to sign up the moment you’re done.
  45. world cup
    Half of Americans Surveyed Think the United States Will Win the World CupAs in, the whole World Cup.
  46. right-click
    Prepare to Hear Shakira’s New Song Far Too OftenSee the video!
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    Now Would Be an Excellent Time to Sign Up for Our World Cup PoolYou even know the referee assignments now.
  48. Chasing Choi
    Kogi Chef Caters ESPN World Cup Food Truck This Friday in HollywoodRoy Choi helped craft a menu of global street eats.
  49. world cup
    World Cup Preview: Group BOur look at Argentina, Greece, Nigeria, and South Korea.
  50. competition
    Don’t Forget to Join Our World Cup Pool!The tournament begins Friday!
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