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  1. very sad things
    Brazil World Cup Stadium Collapse Kills ThreeA crane malfunction occurred today at Itaquerao Stadium in São Paulo.
  2. quidditch
    Muggles Take Manhattan for the Quidditch World CupThe most fun you can legally have while straddling a broomstick.
  3. i’d like to be under the sea
    Paul the Octopus Is Predicting Things in Heaven NowBecause he’s dead.
  4. the future
    The World Cup Final, in Three DimensionsSpain versus the Netherlands, from the Pavilion movie theater in Park Slope.
  5. world cup
    Netherlands Fans Stoic, Heavily Accessorized in DefeatAnd at a Mars-themed restaurant, for some reason
  6. world cup
    We Have a Winner in Our World Cup PoolCongratulations to J. Beckner.
  7. Viva Espana
    Where Were You When Spain Won?The scene at La Nacional and other Spanish strongholds yesterday.
  8. world cup
    Spain, Champions of the WorldSpain beats the Netherlands 1–0 to win the World Cup.
  9. terrorism
    World Cup Viewers in Uganda Killed by BlastsGroup with Al Qaeda ties is suspected.
  10. world cup
    Spain Wins World Cup!By one point.
  11. abc
    Will the World Cup Final Be the Most-Watched Event Ever?In any case, it’ll be an enormous ratings spike for ABC.
  12. world cup
    Can the Dutch Do It?A preview of the Spain-Netherlands World Cup final on Sunday.
  13. world cup
    Uruguayans Endure Heat, Dutch Strikers With DignityDignity and singing.
  14. world cup
    Checking In on Our World Cup PoolJust one more game that counts remaining.
  15. world cup
    More Cowbell! Puyol Saves the Day!Spain dominates Germany to head to the World Cup finals.
  16. world cup
    Good-bye, South America: It’s a Eurocentric PlanetSpain vs. Germany in the World Cup’s potentially best game so far.
  17. world cup
    Holland Just One Step Away From Total Football VictoryThe Netherlands advances to the their third World Cup final.
  18. world cup
    Nationals, Descendants, Choral-Singing Japanese Immigrants Enjoy German VictorySupporters of Die Mannschaft start early, finish strong.
  19. world cup
    Today, the ‘Lesser’ of the SemifinalsUruguay-Netherlands: Game on.
  20. world cup
    ¡Dios Mio! Europe Lives!Spain and Germany advance to the semifinals.
  21. world cup
    Poor, Poor GhanaGhana’s awful loss.
  22. world cup
    Hup, Holland, Hup!The Netherlands takes down Brazil, 2–1.
  23. world cup
    It’s Quarterfinals Time at the World CupBrazil-Netherlands and Uruguay-Ghana in the quarterfinals.
  24. world cup
    Suddenly, a Day Without Soccer Seems StrangeA day off from soccer. Sad.
  25. cleaning up
    BP to Experience Most Annoying Payback EverWith vuvuzelas.
  26. world cup
    Paraguay, Spain to the Quarters; Ronaldo to the Tanning BedSpain and Paraguay advance to the quarterfinals.
  27. world cup
    Finally, Some Penalty Kicks!Paraguay beats Japan on penalty kicks.
  28. world cup
    Good-bye to Tournament Dark Horses: Brazil Rules AllBrazil and Argentina have been the best two teams in the World Cup so far.
  29. world cup
    English Fans Endure ‘F—ing Disgrace’ With AplombA black day for the Three Lions. Blacker than the blackest black pudding.
  30. world cup
    Moving On, Without Team USAWe’re all dealing with the loss.
  31. world cup
    USA Loses to Ghana. SAD FACE.The USA loses. Damn.
  32. world cup
    Ghana Eliminates U.S. in World CupIt’s over for the Americans, but Ghana moves on to play Uruguay.
  33. world cup
    United States–Ghana: It’s Game Day, People!USA-Ghana. IT IS ON.
  34. world cup
    Questions You Might Have About Saturday’s USA-Ghana MatchYour incomplete USA-Ghana FAQ.
  35. music
    Watch the Video for R. Kelly’s Uplifting World Cup Anthem, ‘Sign of a Victory’As always, let’s achieve anything, including the impossible!
  36. world cup
    Arrivederci, Italia!Italy loses in a bad World Cup for Europe.
  37. world cup
    Italian Restaurant Packed With Algeria Rooters (Except for Pro-U.S. Ecuadorian)North African rooters served with coffee and disappointment.
  38. world cup
    Italy’s World Cup Defense Is OverA 3–2 loss to Slovakia eliminates them from the tournament.
  39. down the memory hole
    North Koreans Still Waiting to Hear About Glorious World Cup VictoryThe one where they lost 7-0.
  40. Mediavore
    Food Can Permanently Change Body Odor; Where To Find Thumb LollipopsA study of garlic and asparagus reveals eating’s effect on your smell, while Google Patents include some strange new food recipes.
  41. Mediavore
    PLCB Fires Up Its First Two Wine Kiosks; Chipotle Opens Its 1,000 RestaurantPlus calorie counting may not be perfect at restaurants, and eating garlic and asparagus can alter body scents permanently, all in our morning news roundup.
  42. world cup
    Team USA, the Day AfterReflecting back on the U.S.’s win, and looking forward.
  43. last night on late night
    Last Night on Late Night: Adam Sandler’s Dating Advice for His 4-Year-Old DaughterPlus, native Brooklyn boys Chris Rock and Jimmy Kimmel discuss how one smuggles illegal contraband into the City, on our regular late-night roundup.
  44. music
    See Weezer’s World Cup Video, ‘Represent’USA! USA!
  45. world cup
    It’s GhanaThough they lost to Germany, Ghana will advance.
  46. world cup
    America: F–K YEAH! A Historic Win, On the Front LinesA look back at the biggest win in U.S.-soccer history.
  47. world cup
    The Scene Outside Demsey’s After the USA VictoryThe scene outside Jack Demsey’s after the U.S. win over Algeria.
  48. world cup
    HOLY SHINOLAS, PEOPLE: THE UNITED STATES JUST WONLandon Donovan scores in stoppage time to give the U.S. a win over Algeria and a win in Group C.
  49. world cup
    FIFA Refs Once Again Cause Every American Fan to Dent Wall With HeadThe U.S. and Algeria are tied nil-nil at the half. That isn’t good.
  50. world cup
    U.S. Soccer’s History, and Future, Is On the Line This MorningThe United States needs to beat Algeria to make the next round.
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