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  1. florida news
    WWE Deemed ‘Essential Business’ in Florida During Coronavirus QuarantineThe wrestling organization will begin airing live shows again as of Monday.
  2. wrestlemania 36
    Rob Gronkowski Hosts, Wins WrestleMania 24/7 ChampionshipYou know, more hosts should be allowed to win their respective gigs.
  3. wrestlemania
    WrestleMania Set to Stream Live With No AudienceThe event was also moved to Orlando.
  4. homages
    Dwayne Johnson Posts Tribute to Late Father Rocky’s ‘Trailblazing Soul’“You broke color barriers, became a ring legend and trail blazed your way thru this world. I was the boy sitting in the seats, watching and adoring.”
  5. rip
    Rocky Johnson, WWE Hall of Famer and Dwayne Johnson’s Father, Is Dead at 75WWE described Johnson as “physically imposing” and “wildly charismatic.”
  6. cooking lessons from the rock
    The Rock Returns to Offer Some Cooking Lessons on WWE’s Friday Night SmackDownThe WWE People’s Champ returns to the ring and has the crowd chanting “STD” in no time.
  7. wednesday night wars
    The Wrestling Revolution Will Be TelevisedBehind the scenes of All Elite Wrestling, the most audacious promotion to throw its hat in the ring in a generation.
  8. wednesday night wars
    What a Time to Watch WrestlingA long-lapsed fan’s guide to getting back into the greatest show on earth.
  9. the industry
    Arrow Star Stephen Amell Completes His Heel Turn With Starz Wrestling DramaHeels explores a fictional indie wrestling community in small-town Georgia.
  10. glow
    The GLOW Comic Takes the Gorgeous Ladies Deeper Into the Wrestling WorldWriter Tini Howard and artist Hannah Templer break down what goes into translating the series to a new medium. Plus: An exclusive preview of issue 2.
  11. heels
    SNL’s Colin Jost and Michael Che Were Big Losers at WrestleMania 35“I feel like maybe this path wasn’t meant to be for us.”
  12. wrestlemania
    Someone Tackled Bret Hart at His WWE Hall of Fame InductionBret “the Hitman” Hart should no longer be hit. Please don’t do it.
  13. last night on late night
    John Oliver Has a Simple Request for This Year’s WrestleMania FansStart cheering for extremely basic employee benefits!
  14. wrestlemania
    SNL’s Colin Jost and Michael Che to Compete at WrestleMania 35The pair will take part in this year’s Andre the Giant Memorial Battle Royal.
  15. so hardcore
    The Magic That Is A Star Is Born’s ‘Shallow’ Finally Makes Its Way to the WWESo hardcore.
  16. wrestling
    SNL’s Colin Jost Gets Voluntarily Choked Out to Get You Hyped for WWE RawBoth Jost and Michael Che will also reportedly serve as “special guest correspondents” for WrestleMania 35.
  17. oh no
    David Arquette Cut Badly and Left Bloody in L.A. Wrestling Death Match“Turns out Death Matches aren’t my thing.”
  18. games
    There Is a Professional Wrestling Angle to the Murder of Jamal KhashoggiThe WWE is forging ahead with its plan for a major event in Saudi Arabia this Friday.
  19. Eighth Former OSU Wrestler Says Jim Jordan Knew About Sexual AbuseThe former wrestler says that when he told Jordan about the team doctor’s inappropriate touching, “he just snickered.”
  20. fashion du jour
    How GLOW Season Two Made Its Flashiest ’80s CostumesThe Gorgeous Ladies of Wrestling got makeovers this year.
  21. it’s important to glisten
    Everything Riverdale’s Wrestling Episode Taught Us About WrestlingA GIF guide.
  22. Inside the Weird but Wonderful World of Comedy WrestlingIf you have ever found yourself at the UCB Theatre in Chelsea at 11:00pm on a Thursday night, you’ve probably witnessed a comedy wrestling […]
  23. games
    It Seems Like Sports Can’t Sink Lower Than Mayweather-McGregor. But Just Wait.When you have nothing to sell, sell the racism, sell the hate.
  24. What GLOW Gets Right About Pro WrestlingThe Netflix series faithfully portrays how wrestling leagues appeal to fans.
  25. Because You’ve Always Been Curious What Alison Brie’s Wrestling Name Would Be▶️ “When she’s in the ring she just goes and goes. There’s no end in sight!”
  26. Talking Wrestling and Comedy with ‘Million Dollar Man’ Ted DiBiase Ted DiBiase is one of the most memorable performers in the history of professional wrestling – not just because of his legendary abilities […]
  27. first looks
    Which First-Look Photo From Netflix’s GLOW Is the Most ’80s?Alison Brie is working that spandex.
  28. John Cena, The Miz, and the Prophetic Comedy of ‘Total Bullshit’ Record-tying sixteen-time World Heavyweight Wrestling Champion and comedy role model John Cena made headlines this weekend when he took a […]
  29. Colt Cabana on Comedy Wrestling, ‘The Chris Gethard Show’, and His New […] Colt Cabana is a true alt comedian, but instead of plaid, he wears spandex. Aside from his own Art of Wrestling podcast, he’s guested on WTF, […]
  30. here’s what’s cooking
    The Rock and Will Ferrell Are Tag-Teaming a Wrestling Pilot at FoxCan you smell what they’re cooking? It’s a TV show. That’s what a TV show smells like.
  31. Dwayne Johnson, Will Ferrell, and Adam McKay Are Developing a Wrestling […]Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson is turning his real-life experiences as a wrestler into a new comedy at Fox. According to Variety, the network has […]
  32. the sports section
    Billy Corgan Smashes His Relationship With TNA Wresting, Sues OwnersThe wrestling world is a vampire, too, apparently.
  33. Jake ‘The Snake’ Roberts on Wrestling, Comedy, and His ‘Unspoken Word Tour’ Even if your older brother wasn’t into ‘90s pro wrestling, you’ve probably heard of Jake “The Snake” Roberts. It’s hard to miss a […]
  34. select all
    Japanese Wrestler Picks Up Her Coach Like It’s No Big Deal for Victory LapWell, damn.
  35. the sports section
    Smashing News: Billy Corgan Is the New President of TNA WrestlingThis guy can’t be tamed.
  36. comedy
    Why Do So Many Comedians Love Pro Wrestling? As John Cena roasted the sports world at the ESPY Awards this week, many of you may have been wondering, “What’s the guy from Trainwreck […]
  37. show-offs
    John Cena Speaks Mandarin Like a (Semi-)Pro他中文说得还不错!
  38. that’s a lot of hamm
    Watch Jon Hamm in the Strangest Wrestling MatchJon Hamm has been having a lot of fun post–Mad Men.
  39. When Rowdy Roddy Piper Got Emotional with the Sklar Brothers on a Standout […] Pod-Canon is an ongoing tribute to the greatest individual comedy-related podcast episodes of all time. When I interviewed wrestler, […]
  40. ouchies
    Jon Stewart Got an ‘Attitude Adjustment,’ a.k.a. Wrecked, by WWE’s John CenaRevenge hurts.
  41. Check Out Some Clips from WWE’s SummerSlam with Jon StewartJon Stewart made his first television appearance last night since leaving The Daily Show as host of WWE’s SummerSlam in Brooklyn, and he did […]
  42. what retirement?
    Jon Stewart Had a Lot of Fake Fun at SummerSlamThis man is great with a chair.
  43. music videos
    Peaches Got Kim Gordon to Play Her Wrestling Coach and Generally Not Give a F*ckDo all wrestling trainers vape this much?
  44. Jon Stewart to Host WWE’s SummerSlam This SundayJon Stewart is making his first return to television this Sunday, and it’ll be alongside his buddies at WWE. According to USA Today, Stewart […]
  45. Keith Apicary Proves He’s Tough Enough to Be a WWE WrestlerLook out, WWE, because there’s a new man in town who wants to be your next superstar wrestler. Comedian Nathan Barnatt’s alter ego Keith […]
  46. dig it!
    The Mountain Goats’ John Darnielle on His 8 Favorite Wrestling Promo VideosJohn Darnielle is a man of many enthusiasms.
  47. wwe raw
    Watch Jon Stewart Knee Seth Rollins in the Nuts on WWE RawGet this guy a full-time wrestling gig. 
  48. wrestling
    Emile Hirsch Reportedly Put a Paramount Executive in a ChokeholdA source says she was “completely blindsided.”
  49. The Complete Guide to Everything: WrestlingThis week’s episode begins with the disappointment that Tim and Tom were unable to attend this year’s Wrestlemania and the full intention of […]
  50. beefs
    Glenn Beck Should Definitely Defend the Tea Party on WWEWhat could go wrong?
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