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  1. knicks
    Jim Dolan Was Listening In on Carmelo Anthony During Friday Night’s GameOh.
  2. Marc Maron Picks His Favorite Episodes of ‘WTF’ for ‘The A.V. Club’The A.V. Club has a cool interview with Marc Maron, where as part of their “Bestcasts” series, they ask him to pick and discuss his five […]
  3. Marc Maron Announces His ‘Out of the Garage’ Tour Comedian and podcaster extraordinaire Marc Maron is about to embark on a month-long run of shows, dubbed the “Out of the Garage” Tour, […]
  4. See the World’s First Marc Maron Action Figure Sculptor Blake Lowe made this really cool action figure of podcasting pioneer Marc Maron as a gift for Maron. It was crafted entirely by hand […]
  5. Marc Maron Was Funny on Conan for the Zillionth Time Marc Maron has been appearing on Conan since 1994 (that’s two Conan shows and one network ago for those keeping track), and here’s his latest […]
  6. WTF
    WTF: Travel+Leisure Choses Only Son of A Gun and Water Grill in BestIs sushi not seafood? Leisure+Travel doesn’t think so.
  7. The Return of the ‘Tompkast’, Gilbert Gottfried Drops by ‘WTF’ and MoreThe comedy podcast universe is ever expanding, not unlike the universe universe. We’re here to make it a bit smaller, a bit more manageable. […]
  8. ‘Nightline’: Marc Maron Is ‘the James Lipton of Laughs’ Well, at least we’d know ahead of time what Marc’s favorite curse word would be. There’s something very interesting about these mainstream […]
  9. Tracing the Birth of the Comedy Podcast BoomThe Montreal Just for Laughs Festival is not every comic’s cup of tea. That being said, many consider it to be the most prestigious event of […]
  10. fiona apple
    Listen to Fiona Apple on Marc Maron’s Podcast, WTFFirst, there was Louis C.K. Then, Robin Williams. Now … who? Wait, seriously?
  11. profile
    WTF Podcaster Marc Maron on Being the Comedians’ TherapistHe feels their pain from his garage.
  12. Marc Maron’s IFC Show Finds its Showrunners (Good Luck!)Sivert Glarum and Michael Jamin have been chosen as the executive producers/showrunners for the tentatively titled Maron. Anyone who listens to […]
  13. ink-stained wretches
    The New York Times’ War on Cursing ContinuesThis time they referred to “a PG-rated expletive.”
  14. Marc Maron Talks about His Podcast and His Newfound Real FearlessnessHave you heard of this podcast called WTF? Of course you have. It’s tops. Well, Marc Maron spoke with the Believer about how it started, […]
  15. Todd Glass Films Powerful PSA to Support Gay Youths Earlier this year, Todd Glass came out on WTF. He explained much of the impetus in doing so was to set an example and to communicate to kids […]
  16. Other Magazines
    WTF: Travel + Leisure Ranks NYC Ninth, L.A. Tenth on ‘Best BurgerThough congrats to Philly in No. 2.
  17. wtf
    Marc Maron’s ‘WTF’ Podcast Getting a Box SetThe first 100 episodes in a nice little package.
  18. Get the First 100 Episodes of WTF with Marc Maron on CDMarc Maron is releasing a special edition box-set of the first 100 episodes of his podcast, WTF. Included are many of the interviews that […]
  19. This Week in Comedy PodcastsJim Gaffigan was sure on a lot podcasts this week – hot podcast. (That flawlessish joke was in reference to Gaffigan’s famous hot pockets bit. […]
  20. wtf
    IFC Green-lights Marc Maron’s PilotTerrific.
  21. This Week in Comedy PodcastsThis very column started nine months ago with these immortal words by Mr. Joe Berkowitz: “Every week, it seems, the known galaxy of […]
  22. movies
    Tickets for Dark Knight Rises Already on SaleAvailable for purchase in NYC, Los Angeles, and San Francisco.
  23. music
    Jay-Z Is the New Duracell SpokespersonMakes about as much sense as 50 Cent shilling for Vitaminwater, right?
  24. tv
    Jack White Will Be on American PickersBecause The Antiques Roadshow is just too edgy.
  25. A Statistical Examination of the Introduction to the WTF with Marc Maron […]After the clip-and-music driven intro to almost every WTF with Marc Maron podcast, the show’s host introduces himself and welcomes his […]
  26. WTF
    Vials of Inhalable Caffeine Soon to Be Available to Speed Freaks EverywhereA gimmick promising coffee highs without coffee breath.
  27. casting couch
    Glee Lands Helen MirrenWell, her voice anyway. But still!
  28. bill cosby
    Wrap Your Head Around Whatever Bill Cosby Is Talking AboutBill Cosby is bloated or something. We need to help Grandpa!
  29. wtf
    Das Racist Brought a Michael Jackson Impersonator to ConanFor the song of that name.
  30. wtf
    Ryan Adams Has Heard Your Demands for Talking PizzaWatch his new fake talk show, “Night Sweats.”
  31. clickables
    Here’s a Dude Eating an Onion While Listening to ‘Single Ladies’Don’t ask why.
  32. WTF
    Does Willie Brown Have a Secret Endorsement Deal With Subway?He keeps name-checking Subway, and today names their Italian sub as one of this three favorite dishes in town. Does he think no one finds this fishy?
  33. WTF
    Wisconsin May Repeal Margarine BanBecause what the world needs is more margarine.
  34. clickables
    Can You Explain This Photo of Jeremy Piven Walking His Emmys?Is it for a Funny or Die video? Or is he going Carrey?
  35. WTF
    Robber Caught Cooking at RestaurantPerhaps he should have taken the food to go.
  36. WTF
    Woman Dies After Injecting Face with Hot Beef FatLet this be a lesson.
  37. WTF
    Man Finds $150,000 in His GardenEver found a duffel bag full of cash in your garden?
  38. WTF
    Kraft Blames Americans for Not Eating EnoughKraft looks elsewhere for growth.
  39. WTF
    State Actively Trying to Ruin Ice CreamHere are a few more reasons to hate the health department.
  40. wtf
    See Mick Jagger Interact With His New Bandmates, Joss Stone and Damian MarleyNew music from a real WTF supergroup.
  41. mr. 3000
    Bidding on Derek Jeter Foul Ball Reached $17,392 — and Didn’t Meet the ReserveSomewhere, non-greedy souvenir-snagger Christian Lopez is crying, just a little.
  42. Lists
    Group Celebrates America and Ground Meat with Burger Day 3000Could you eat that much?
  43. Guests We’d Love to Hear on Marc Maron’s WTF PodcastWTF with Marc Maron has become one of the most popular comedy podcasts in existence and deservedly so. Maron’s deep, probing interviews offer […]
  44. Quote of the Day
    Is Girl & The Goat Now More Popular Than the Curse of the Billy Goat?We like the restaurant more than the curse.
  45. WTF
    Your Organic Apples and Fancy Milk Sends Deer Family AwayNo, deer families don’t want your organic food and milk.
  46. tv
    Marc Maron Has a Pilot In the WorksIt’s about him.
  47. wtf
    Russell Crowe Tweets Against Circumcision“I love the apples and the honey and the funny little hats but stop cutting yr babies.”
  48. Marketing Gimmicks
    Apparently Living Near Tonic East Is a Good Thing?When brokers hype restaurants.
  49. Signs
    Federal Court: Felony Franks Will Get Its SignA federal judge rules in favor of Felony Frank’s.
  50. WTF
    Romney Sends Obama Headquarters Leftover Gino’s East PizzaGino’s East reheats surprisingly well.
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