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  1. trailer mix
    Console Wars to Continue into 2020 with Xbox Series XMicrosoft promises backwards compatibility, Master Chief.
  2. the cloud
    Google’s Video-Game Platform Wants to Replace Your Console With the CloudThe company unveiled an aggressive push this week to demonstrate parity with more mature console systems.
  3. select all
    How PlayerUnknown Created the Biggest Gaming Phenomenon of the YearThis year’s breakout hit arrives on console today.
  4. select all
    Microsoft Has Got Deep Black Friday Discounts on Xbox One, Surface Pro, and MoreBlack Friday brings an Xbox One S for $189 and Surface Pro for $899. Not bad!
  5. select all
    The Xbox One X Is the Best Console You Can Own. Should You Get It?Microsoft’s screamingly fast new machine comes with a whole bunch of hard questions for console gamers.
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    Gamers, No Excuse Not to Join the Military NowThe Navy is using Xbox controllers because it’s all the youngs know.
  7. select all
    What Microsoft’s Xbox-Follow-up Project Scorpio Can Learn From NintendoIt’s the software that matters most.
  8. select all
    The Xbox 360 Perfectly Encapsulated the Last Decade of Home EntertainmentOne box grew to perform many tasks.
  9. Xbox Orders Variety Show Pilot from JASH Featuring Sarah Silverman and […]Xbox announced today that they’ve given a pilot commitment to an untitled half hour variety series from JASH’s Sarah Silverman, Michael Cera, […]
  10. Sarah Silverman, Michael Cera, and Seth Green Land Shows on XboxXbox has been developing a slate of original shows over the last year and a half, and according to Variety, among them are two comedies from […]
  11. in development
    Nas Is Developing a Semi-Autobiographical ShowFor Xbox.
  12. documentary
    Xbox to Launch Series of Video-Game and Tech DocumentariesThe first one will be about the legendarily bad E.T. video game.
  13. adaptations
    Steven Spielberg Is Making a Halo TV ShowFor Xbox Live.
  14. bad idea jeans
    Someone Allegedly Considering Heroes RevivalWhat an amazingly terrible idea.
  15. clickables
    See a Hacked Xbox Kinect Program That Turns Your Life Into a Comic BookPOW! WHAM! etc.
  16. america's sweetheart
    The Cult of Sarah Palin Finds Its Most Devoted MemberThat’s kind of an accomplishment, in an embarrassing sort of way.
  17. the future
    Leaving the Couch No Longer Necessary for Buying Video GamesDon’t get up! The future is now!
  18. evil faceless corporations
    Netflix’s ‘Watch Instantly’ Service in Trouble?According to ‘The Wall Street Journal,’ Hollywood movie studios will probably soon seek to renegotiate their content-supply deals on tougher terms.
  19. video games
    New Grand Theft Auto Installment Will Save Our Crappy Economy1.6 billion Microsoft points is nothing to sneeze at, folks.