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  1. on with kara swisher
    Ian Bremmer on How Putin, Xi, and Elon Musk Are AlikeIn this episode of On With Kara Swisher, Kara talks to the Eurasia Group president about global risks and strongman weaknesses.
  2. foreign affairs
    Protester Dragged Into U.K. Chinese Consulate and BeatenThe man, who was demonstrating against Xi Jinping, had to be extricated by a British police officer.
  3. foreign interests
    Nancy Pelosi Is Creating a Global Military Crisis for No Reason at AllShe’s going to Taiwan as a semi-rogue actor. At best, her trip will accomplish nothing. At worst …
  4. foreign affairs
    Nancy Pelosi’s Taiwan Trip Is Already an International IncidentBeijing has issued dark warnings about her prospective visit, Biden isn’t thrilled, and the Speaker doesn’t appear to be backing down.
  5. covid-19
    Locked Down in ShanghaiTwo residents describe a city coming apart at the seams.
  6. china
    Xi Jinping’s Cult of Personality Gets a Big BoostThe increasingly autocratic leader will probably be in charge for a long time.
  7. the money game
    What Can the U.S. Learn from China’s Crackdown on Crypto?“It’s telling that the world’s most robust economy says, ‘Big tech is a danger and we need prevent what has happened in America from happening here.’”
  8. the money game
    Why Trouble at a Chinese Real-Estate Company Led to a U.S. Stock Market PlungeWall Street seems to be wrapping its head around just how fast things are changing in Xi’s China. Evergrande’s woes are emblematic of those changes.
  9. crackdowns
    Xi Jinping’s Simple Solution for Youth Video-Game AddictionChina’s approach is just a tad heavy-handed.
  10. hong kong
    Hong Kong’s Pro-Democracy Lawmakers Resign En Masse Over Chinese TakeoverThe resignation of an entire pro-democracy bloc occurred hours after Beijing passed a law allowing the ouster of any legislator who expressed dissent.
  11. interesting times
    Andrew Sullivan: China Is a Genocidal MenaceIt’s time we treat the country as the rogue dictatorship that it is.
  12. the national interest
    Trump Asked China to Help His Campaign, Then Said It’s Helping BidenJohn Bolton’s book reveals the president engaging in the very scheme that he’s falsely charging Biden with.
  13. just asking questions
    Why Humanity Will Probably Botch the Next Pandemic, TooA conversation with Mike Davis, author of 2005’s The Monster at Our Door: The Global Threat of Avian Flu, about nationalism, capitalism, and COVID-19.
  14. vision 2020
    In Second Debate, Bloomberg Was Still a Man in a Billionaire’s BubbleDespite the best debate prep money can buy, Bloomberg remained awkward, on the defensive, and incapable of going after front-runner Bernie Sanders.
  15. michael bloomberg
    In Appeal to Hard Left, Bloomberg Praises Chinese CommunismBloomberg argues that Xi is “not a dictator” in an ostensible bid to occupy the “neo-Stalinist” lane of the Democratic primary.
  16. geopolitics
    Trump and Xi Are Bending the Moral Arc of History Toward BarbarismAs the two great powers celebrate war crimes and funnel Muslims into concentration camps, the outlook for moral progress in the 21st century darkens.
  17. president trump
    Trump: Xi Jinping Is a Bloodthirsty Tyrant – and an ‘Incredible’ FriendTrump said Friday that China would have killed “thousands” in Hong Kong if it wasn’t for him, then praised Xi as a “friend” and an “incredible guy.”
  18. trade war
    Trump’s Big Tariff Threat Against China Is Officially a FlopChina appears to have called Trump’s bluff and extracted significant concessions, but there’s still no end in sight for the trade war.
  19. trade war
    Trump Escalates Trade War With Higher Tariffs on Chinese GoodsTalks continue, but markets are jittery as the risk of a conflict that spins out of control is increasing.
  20. trade war
    Trump Cuts Trade Deal With China, But Unclear If It Means MuchMarkets cheered when nothing really bad happened between Trump and Xi. But the deal may have been less than meets the eye.
  21. business
    How Mister Softee Got Driven Out of ChinaTurner Sparks brought the iconic New York ice-cream truck to Suzhou. It was a hit. Then the hammer fell.
  22. life after warming
    Could One Man Single-Handedly Ruin the Planet?Brazil’s new president Jair Bolsonaro isn’t just a threat to Brazilian democracy. His war on the Amazon rainforest endangers the world.
  23. China Declared Islam a Contagious Disease — and Quarantined 1 Million MuslimsThe Chinese government has decided that Uighur Muslims “are infected by an ideological illness” and must be cured at concentration camps.
  24. china
    Christopher Robin Won’t Screen in China, Where Winnie the Pooh Is an OutlawPooh gets political.
  25. After Trump’s New Tariff Threat, China Seeks Strategy for RetaliationAs Trump prepares tariffs on another $200 billion of Chinese exports, Beijing seeks ways to hit back — without scaring off foreign investors.
  26. Trump Moves Ahead With Trade Sanctions Against ChinaIn what seems to be a negotiating tactic, the White House announced it was proceeding with tariffs and other trade restrictions until further notice.
  27. Trump Seeks Public’s Trust on China Talks, Tells Blatant LieTrump assures voters that he’s winning the trade negotiations — and that Beijing will lowers tariffs on U.S. goods for the “first time.”
  28. Xi Jinping Hands Trump a Potential Win on TradeHis conciliatory posture provides a respite — perhaps a temporary one — from the tariff wars.
  29. Kim Jong-un (Reportedly) Makes Surprise Visit to ChinaAs his historic summit with Trump approaches, the North Korean leader heads to China for the first time since taking power.
  30. authoritarianism
    Trump Jokes About Staying in Power IndefinitelyBut he also praised China’s president for his hard-fought dictatorship, because Trump loves authoritarians and their power-grabs.
  31. international affairs
    China Poised to Eliminate Presidential Term LimitsGet used to President Xi Jinping, because he’s probably going to be running China for a long time.
  32. Report: Kushner’s Meetings With Chinese Officials Raised Red FlagsTrump’s son-in-law met alone with China’s ambassador, a radical break from past procedure.
  33. France to Ban Oil and Gas Drilling by 2040Emmanuel Macron wants to “Make Our Planet Great Again.”
  34. Home From China, UCLA Players Give Trump the Public Praise He Desperately CravesTrump loves credit.
  35. Trump Seems to Genuinely Want a Trade War With ChinaBeijing offered to cut its steel production. But Trump passed on the easy political win — insisting that only punitive tariffs would do.
  36. Did Trump Just Declare War on a Nuclear-Weapons State Over Twitter?“While I greatly appreciate the efforts of President Xi & China to help with North Korea, it has not worked out. At least I know China tried!”
  37. North Korea Vows to Destroy U.S. Carrier, China Urges RestraintAs a Navy strike group heads toward North Korea, Pyongyang promises to turn “arrogant aircraft carriers” into “scrap metal” if they get too close.
  38. politics
    Ivanka Cleared for Chinese Trademarks Before Dining With Chinese PresidentSketch.
  39. Trump Gleefully Recalls ‘Beautiful Chocolate Cake’ He Ate While Bombing SyriaThat’s only one of the weird moments in a bizarre Fox Business interview.
  40. Things Trump’s Said About China That President Xi Jinping Might Hold Against Him▶️ “We can’t continue to allow China to rape our country.”
  41. Jared Kushner Is One of Trump’s Top Advisers on U.S.-China PolicyTo prepare for his meeting with Xi Jinping, Trump is relying on the expertise of his son-in-law, an oil executive, and a 93-year-old man.
  42. How China’s Leader Is Playing Donald TrumpXi Jinping has quickly learned how to turn Trump’s bluster and bravado to his own considerable advantage.
  43. China’s President Xi Jinping to Meet Trump at Mar-a-LagoBeijing requested to meet at the resort to take advantage of the relaxed atmosphere.
  44. Trump Sends Belated New Year’s Greetings to Chinese LeaderAfter provoking China before and immediately after his election, the president is playing a poor game of diplomatic catch-up.
  45. the news in 15 headlines
    Can the U.S. and China Give Cyberpeace a Chance?The “Cyber Arms Control Treaty” story, in 15 headlines.
  46. other first ladies
    Meet China’s Campy, Trendy, Opera-Singing First LadyWatch her sing communist propaganda.
  47. Xi Jinping
    What China’s VP Ate at WP24 Last FridayXi Jinping feasted on lo mein and honey fried chicken with gravy at Puck’s place.
  48. Mediavore
    President Obama’s Shark Fin Faux-Pas; Dino’s Burgers Opens in Pico-RiveraTongues wag as The Commander in Chief goes to one of San Francisco’s last restaurant’s serving the banned delicacy.