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  1. celebrity
    Bradley Cooper Helps Katy Perry Get Far From the ShallowAfter the singer became stuck to a dinghy while vacationing in Italy.
  2. song review
    Tame Impala Is More Subdued Than Ever on New Song ‘Patience’It might make you think about the passage of time … and also maybe yachts.
  3. the habits of the ultra-rich
    Rich People Keep Destroying Their Art With Champagne CorksMeet the woman who helps billionaire yacht owners protect their art … from themselves.
  4. hot shot
    Leo DiCaprio and Tobey Maguire Return to Their Homeland: A Yacht Full of ModelsThe Pussy Posse’s natural habitat.
  5. treat yourself
    These Fancy Sandals Work on Yachts and City SidewalksRoughly the cost of ten high-end exercise classes.
  6. our bodies our selfies
    Pamela Anderson Commemorates Hep C Cure in Most Pamela Anderson Way PossibleHow else would you celebrate major medical news?
  7. foam and diamonds
    A Sparkly, Golden Megayacht Made Just for GirlsThis is probably what Virginia Woolf meant by “a room of one’s own.”
  8. look of the day
    Madonna Is Not Interested in MatchingPrints on prints on prints.
  9. white men with money
    Rich Guy Is Pretty Sure His Megayacht Counts As PhilanthropyMhmmmm.
  10. manslaughter was the case
    Sex Worker Arrested for Allegedly Killing Google Exec With HeroinShe shot him up and watched him die. 
  11. look of the day
    Kim Kardashian Wore Enough Rope to Anchor a Small ShipAhoy.
  12. procreation
    How Billionaires Give BirthDasha Zhukova nailed it.
  13. sad things
    Officials Raise Sunken Yacht in Fatal Long Island DrowningsThree children died when the yacht capsized.
  14. mediocre hoaxes
    Exploding Yacht Prankster Probably Just Likes Helicopters, Coast Guard Guesses“It’s pretty strange.”
  15. yes we cannes
    Cannes Recap: Celebrities Getting Off YachtsTara Reid, Gerard Butler, Paris Hilton, and more grappled with slippery planks in their bare feet last week.
  16. austerity measures
    Know What the Queen of England Could Really Use?A new yacht!
  17. white men with money
    Russian Oligarchs Take a ‘Low-Profile’ Little Getaway TogetherIn kilts!
  18. drama on the high seas
    Somali Pirates Capture American CoupleThe couple had been cruising the world on a yacht.
  19. tiny violins
    Yacht Enthusiasts Are the Real Victims of the RecessionEspecially owners of multiple yachts.
  20. twins!
    For Thanksgiving Last Year, Barry Diller Had BoysWith a side of Jet Skis.
  21. sweden is always ahead of the curve on these things
    Report: BP Chairman Blamed for Marriage ExplosionChairman Carl-Henric Svanberg is dating someone age-appropriate, and people are angry about it.
  22. tony hayward
    BP CEO Tony Hayward Gets His Life Back With a Yacht RaceCertainly you can plug an oil spill remotely from a yacht race. Why not?
  23. rich people
    Hooray! Rich Folks Are Buying ThingsYachts, jewelry, and planes are pretty much flying off the shelves.
  24. ballsy crime
    Chris Orsaris Stole $7 Million in Order to Fund the DreamAnd the dream, in his case, involved a yacht named “Blow Me.”
  25. the greatest depression
    Poor Bankers Forced to Time-share YachtsBankers with big-boat tastes but dinghy budgets have devised a solution to their conundrum.
  26. Foodievents
    Morimoto Sushi: ‘Everybody Look at Me, I’m on a Boat!’Introducing the Morimoto Sushi & Sake Sunset Sail.
  27. tube junkie
    Johnny Depp’s Six Favorite YouTube VideosTurns out, if you had your own yacht and private island, you’d probably just sit around watching funny videos — pretty much like you do now.
  28. bad decisions
    Cabbie-Cum-Billionaire Guilty of Terrible DecoratingBest not to drape your yacht in $85,000 worth of endangered-species skins.
  29. the greatest depression
    Ron Perelman Is Selling His YachtThe billionaire gets with the New Austerity.
  30. yachting
    Megayacht Prices Still Staying AfloatWe know you were worried.
  31. Carl Icahn Parts With Longtime LoveIs he upgrading to a newer, sleeker model?