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  1. pivot
    Verizon’s Media Business Never Made Any SenseMaybe AOL and Yahoo’s new buyer will know what to do with them.
  2. end of an era
    Q: How Will We Come to Terms With the End of Yahoo Answers? A: ????The site is shutting down on May 4, and we need someone to tell us how to cope.
  3. media
    Verizon Made a $9 Billion Bet on Digital Media. Here’s Why It Failed.By rolling up Yahoo and AOL—including HuffPost, Tumblr and more—the telecom giant was hoping to compete with Google and Facebook. It couldn’t.
  4. death
    Tumblr’s Most Evergreen Meme Has Always Been Its Own DeathThe site’s been dying for years. It’ll keep dying forever.
  5. decisions
    Did I Make a Mistake Selling My Social-Media Darling to Yahoo?Yahoo was negotiating to buy Facebook and Del.icio.us at the same time. Zuckerberg famously said no. Del.icio.us CEO Joshua Schachter said yes.
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    Yahoo Messenger Joins AIM in Messenger HeavenThe service will be shuttered in July.
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    Yahoo Admits That 3 Billion Accounts Were Affected by 2013 HackYahoo adds 2 billion accounts to the total affected since its last count.
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    Yahoo — I Mean, Sorry, Tumblr — Just Made a Video-Chat AppCabana lets you watch videos with your friends in real time.
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    Oath, the Place Yahoo’ll Go!Verizon is reportedly merging Yahoo and AOL and calling them “Oath.”
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    DOJ Charges Russian Spies Responsible for Hacking 500 Million Yahoo AccountsTwo Russian hackers and two Russian intelligence agents were indicted for the 2014 breach.
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    Marissa Mayer Leaps Off Glass Cliff With $23 Million Golden ParachuteThe Yahoo CEO is officially out once the deal with Verizon goes through.
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    Marissa Mayer Is Out at Yahoo, Which Is Now Called Altaba, by the WayThe company is changing its name as soon as it finishes its sale to Verizon.
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    Yahoo Reveals It Was the Victim of the Largest Data Breach in History — AgainTime to ditch Yahoo once and for all.
  14. Yahoo CEO Tried to Get Rid of Male Employees, According to a New LawsuitMore trouble for the Yahoo CEO.
  15. Yahoo Scanned Users’ Emails on Behalf of U.S. IntelligenceEverything going in or out was monitored for a certain phrase.
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    The Only Reason to Still Use Yahoo Is for Your GarbageYahoo confirms it’s for garbage email only.
  17. How to Change Your Yahoo PasswordThe company confirms at least 500 million user accounts were hacked in 2014.
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    500 Million Yahoo Accounts Were Hacked by a ‘State-Sponsored Actor’More than 500 million accounts were compromised.
  19. 200 Million Yahoo Accounts Got HackedYet another embarrassment to add to the list.
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    Marissa Mayer Implies That Running Yahoo Is Harder Than Being PresidentThe Yahoo CEO doesn’t plan to leave after selling the company to Verizon.
  21. Why Verizon Just Spent $4.8 Billion on YahooVerizon wants to buy its way into being an advertising giant.
  22. Tumblr Users Bug Out Over Write-down and Potential Yahoo SaleYahoo’s enormous write-down of the social network has users panicking.
  23. Marissa Mayer’s Slow-Motion Tumblr Car CrashThe company bit off more than it could chew with the Tumblr acquisition.
  24. women at work
    Failed CEOs Truly Can Have It AllGet yours, Mayer.
  25. Yahoo, ‘Crap Homepage for the Midwest,’ Is Undergoing a ‘Financial Meltdown‘Hoo boy, Yahoo.
  26. Time-Yahoo Merger Could Be the AOL Time Warner of the TeensTime Inc. officials met with bankers to “discuss the possibility” of joining with Yahoo. 
  27. Yahoo Searched for Ways to Cut Costs — Layoffs Were the Top ResultThat search engine you sometimes use by accident just fired a bunch of people at digital magazines you don’t read.
  28. unfortunate phrasing
    Vanity Fair Wants to Remind You That Marissa Mayer Has KidsJust in case you forgot.
  29. streaming tv
    RIP, Yahoo Screen, Gone to the Great Streaming-Service Graveyard in the SkyThe company’s original video series will not be affected.
  30. Yahoo Accidentally Leaks Embarrassing Fill-in-the-Blanks Rihanna Review[DELETE ONE OF THE ENDINGS TO THIS SENTENCE AND KEEP THE OTHER BASED ON FACTS]
  31. Yahoo Locked Some Email Users Out for Having Ad BlockersThe Ad-Block Wars heat up.
  32. Yahoo Lost a Ton of Money Through Original Series Like ‘Community’ and […]Yahoo’s recent attempt to delve into original programming has been far from profitable, it turns out. According to Variety, the streaming […]
  33. save community
    Yahoo Lost $42 Million on Community and Its Two Other Original SeriesOof.
  34. Joel McHale Confirms Season 6 of ‘Community’ Was Its LastIt’s been almost five months since Community’s sixth season premiered on Yahoo, and while it’s still a possibility that it might be followed up […]
  35. Dan Harmon: ‘I Can’t Think About Writing a Movie Until I Miss ‘Community’’Now that Community’s sixth season has wrapped up on Yahoo, the next question on fans’ minds is whether the show will return for another season, […]
  36. It’s Time to Let ‘Community’ GoWriting about Dan Harmon feels kind of pointless, because Dan Harmon has done it. Better, probably, but that’s not the point. Dan Harmon has so […]
  37. Joel McHale Says He’s Ready for the ‘Community’ Movie on ‘Conan’Here’s a clip from Joel McHale’s visit to last night’s Conan, where he and O’Brien chat about Community’s latest season on Yahoo as well as the […]
  38. Naomi Campbell Is Getting Her Own ShowAll Naomi, all the time. 
  39. I Bet I Would Really Like the Second Season of ‘Other Space’Recently I was in a bookstore, where I overheard one employee making fun of another’s embarrassing taste in comedy. “So you have like, a dumb […]
  40. the color purple
    Marissa Mayer Hates Purple and Cupcakes, Okay?She’d like to set the record straight on these important matters.
  41. Watch the First Trailer for Paul Feig’s Yahoo Series ‘Other Space’Almost a year ago Yahoo ordered eight episodes of a new sci-fi comedy from Paul Feig called Other Space, and the streaming network released the […]
  42. tv review
    Community Still Feels, Moves, and Thinks Like the One You KnowIt has changed, yet it hasn’t.
  43. Being Dan Harmon and Being Okay With ItDan Harmon has had a busy year. One year ago he premiered his documentary Harmontown at the SXSW festival in Austin, got rehired at Community, […]
  44. chat room
    Dan Harmon on the New Community & His Anxieties“Clearly I’m addicted to a certain amount of self-loathing.”
  45. sxsw
    Community’s Jim Rash on Dean’s Sexuality“For me in particular it was a good season because we deal with his sexuality.”
  46. streaming tv
    Seinfeld May Soon Be Coming to Streaming (But Not on Netflix)What if Seinfeld were on streaming today?
  47. The Season 6 ‘Community’ Trailer Has ArrivedAt long last, Community makes its glorious return on Yahoo on Tuesday, March 17th, and the first trailer just dropped. Meta references are […]
  48. ‘Community’ Premieres on Yahoo March 17thThe return of Community on its new home at Yahoo is happening a little later than first expected. At TCA today, Yahoo revealed that the show’s […]
  49. streaming tv
    Community’s Yahoo Premiere SetNew episodes will go up every Tuesday.
  50. Yahoo’s Marissa Mayer and the Glass CliffMarissa Mayer is trying to resurrect a company in decline. Who should be blamed if it fails?
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