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  1. Dan Harmon Says ‘Community’s Sixth Season Will Premiere on Yahoo in Late […]Community’s upcoming sixth season just got an (unofficial) premiere date. According to Pop Culture Brain, Community creator Dan Harmon revealed […]
  2. Yahoo Confirms That Alison Brie Is Returning to ‘Community’ Next YearUPDATE: According to a rep at Yahoo, the rumors circulating about Brie not returning to Community next year are false. Thankfully, Yahoo has […]
  3. look of the day
    You Will Never Gaze Upon Taylor Swift’s Navel Her supply of skirt sets is endless.
  4. trailer park
    See the First Trailer for Yahoo’s New Season of CommunityGet ready.
  5. Yahoo Raises the Stakes for ‘Community’ in This Season 6 Teaser Community ‘s sixth season won’t be here until sometime after Christmas, but in the meantime Yahoo released the above delightfully retro teaser […]
  6. Jim Rash Wants a ‘Game of Thrones’-Themed ‘Community’ to Happen“These are bad pitches and Dan should never take them, but I just thought there’s gotta be something you can battle for – what’s the throne […]
  7. tv
    The New Season of Community Won’t Be Released All at OnceProbably not until Christmas 2014.
  8. Yahoo in Early Talks to Revive Canceled Fox Comedy ‘Enlisted’Last month, Yahoo announced that they’re bringing Community back from the dead, renewing the show for a sixth season, and they may be doing the […]
  9. analysis
    Why Is Yahoo Sinking Millions of Dollars Into Saving Community?And four other questions about the deal, answered.
  10. Sony Exec Assures That the ‘Community’ Movie Is Definitely HappeningThe good news isn’t yet over for Community fans. Now that the show’s sixth season has been secured thanks to Yahoo, THR spoke with Sony […]
  11. ‘Community’ Set to Return for 13-Episode Season on Yahoo ScreenWhile all might have seemed lost for a sixth season of Community since its cancellation in May, The Wrap reports that a surprise last minute […]
  12. returns
    Community Moving to Yahoo for Sixth SeasonPop pop!
  13. real talk
    Beauty Routines Should Be About Comfort, Not Pain Says the legendary Bobbi Brown, new editor-in-chief of Yahoo Beauty.
  14. weir excited about this
    Paul Feig Will Help Yahoo Launch Original ShowsOther Space is already Bill Haverchuck’s favorite series.
  15. Yahoo Orders a Sci-Fi Comedy Series from Paul FeigYahoo is expanding into half-hour comedies, and Variety reports that the company has ordered a show from Paul Feig (Bridesmaids, The Heat, […]
  16. Yahoo in Talks to Add New Comedy ‘34 and Pregnant’ from ‘Girls’ Writer […]Yahoo hasn’t had a comedy hit since Erica Oyama’s Burning Love, but they’re currently working on an original programming push that potentially […]
  17. revolving doors
    Confirmed: Joe Zee Is Joining Yahoo FashionAs editor-in-chief and executive creative officer. 
  18. revolving doors
    Report: Joe Zee May Leave Elle for YahooHe’s reportedly accepted an offer there.
  19. alternative programming
    Report: Yahoo Is Getting Into the TV GameWill you watch?
  20. ‘Burning Love’ Is Done (For Now)It looks like Yahoo!’s Emmy-nominated web series Burning Love, a parody of dating shows, may have come to an end. “I think we’re all done,” […]
  21. Why Has Netflix Removed Most of Its ‘SNL’ Library?Back in September 2010, Netflix made the amazing announcement that they’d soon begin streaming every single episode of Saturday Night Live for […]
  22. media
    Katie Couric and Yahoo Are Now Tumblr OfficialMarissa Mayer blogs the announcement.
  23. Yahoo Is Poaching Katie Couric from ABC NewsMarissa Mayer is really stocking up.
  24. manic pixie mania
    Search Stats for Pixie Cuts Are 511 Times Higher Than Last YearEveryone wants to be part of the pixies.
  25. gmen in your gmail
    Will Silicon Valley Finally Get Mad About the NSA’s MUSCULAR Program?If they weren’t pissed off about PRISM, maybe the latest Snowden docs will do the trick.
  26. media
    David Pogue Knows You Think Working for Yahoo Is LameThe star tech columnist got a new job.
  27. Ranking Yahoo’s 5 New Comedy Shows, from Worst to FirstWe’re still in the very early days of web TV, with Amazon, Yahoo!, Netflix, and Hulu having emerged as the first generation of high-quality […]
  28. the internet
    Whimsical New Yahoo Logo Full of Purple WhimsyAccording to Marissa Mayer.
  29. yahoooo!
    Six Things We Learned From Business Insider’s Massive Marissa Mayer StoryShe almost deleted her first e-mail from Google.
  30. Watch Trailers for Yahoo!’s Five New Comedy Shows from Jack Black, Ed […]After getting into the original programming game last year with shows like Ken Marino’s Burning Love and Seth Morris’s First Dates with Toby […]
  31. gross white men with money
    Yahoo Shareholder Finds Worst Possible Way to Hit On Marissa Mayer [Updated]“I’m a dirty old man and you look attractive.”
  32. yahoooo!
    Yahoo Is Also Trying to Buy HuluTheir names do sort of rhyme.
  33. party chat
    Gloria Steinem Hopes Marissa Mayer Cracks Down on Tumblr PornAnd “thinspiration” posts, too.
  34. i'll tumbl for you
    Tumblr CEO David Karp Reflects on His Mega-Millions“At some point I’m going to have to learn about philanthropy.”
  35. the internet
    12 Things to Know About Tumblr’s David KarpSome fun facts about the new tech boy-king.
  36. yahoooo!
    Yahoo! Will Pay $1.1 Billion to Jump Into Tumblr’s Fountain of Youth [Updated]The announcement will likely come on Monday.
  37. The ‘SNL’ Library Is Coming to Yahoo in SeptemberYahoo! announced today that they’ve obtained  rights to the Saturday Night Live archive from 1975 to 2013 and they’ll begin streaming sketches […]
  38. live from the internet
    Saturday Night Live’s 38-Year Archive Is Heading to Yahoo [UPDATE]Ferrell era, meet Belushi era.
  39. ‘Burning Love’ Season 3 Is Here Yahoo’s excellent web series Burning Love, a parody of The Bachelor, returns for its third season, with three brand new episodes dropping […]
  40. Watch the Trailer for ‘Burning Love’ Season 3 The Yahoo web series Burning Love wrapped up a second season last week, but Season 3 has already been filmed and is coming out April 12th. […]
  41. ‘Burning Love’s All-Star Season Three to Launch April 12th Yahoo’s web series Burning Love, a comedic fictional reality dating show, is set to debut a third season next month that will bring back […]
  42. work-life balance
    Marissa Mayer Just Wants One Thing: EfficiencyLooking at her record, it’s no surprise the Yahoo! CEO wants her employees to show up and work.
  43. yahooligans
    Yahoo’s Reminder: Our Work-at-Home Ban Doesn’t Affect You So direct those complaints to your own boss.
  44. weary working moms
    Yahoo! Work-at-Home Ban Won’t Affect New Mom Marissa MayerShe built her own nursery in the office.
  45. watch
    Marissa Mayer Not Focused on Being Role ModelHow dare she.
  46. Watch the First Two Episodes of ‘Burning Love’ Season 2 Yahoo!’s web series Burning Love kicked off its second season today with the debut of two new episodes. This season stars NTSF:SD:SUV’s June […]
  47. Talking to Ken Marino and June Diane Raphael About the New Season of […] Yahoo! debuted its first batch of web series last year via its video site Yahoo! screen, and they had a massive success right off the bat […]
  48. Ken Marino’s Web Series ‘Burning Love’ Is Coming to TV The Yahoo! web series Burning Love is being edited into a TV show that will begin airing on the E! network next month, Entertainment Weekly […]
  49. The ‘Burning Love’ Season Two Trailer Will Make You Wish It Was February […] Here’s the brand new trailer for the second season of Yahoo’s web series Burning Love. Created by Erica Oyama, directed by Ken Marino, and […]
  50. yohoho.com
    Report: Google and Yahoo Should Share Blame for Online PiracyA USC study claims that they are indirectly helping fund torrent sites by allowing them to be part of these big web companies’ ad networks.
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