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  1. yikes
    Ummm, No One Is Really 6 Feet Apart or Wearing a Mask at the CMAs Right NowNot a mask in sight at the CMAs, just potential superspreader event vibes.
  2. yikes
    The Best Responses to Kim K’s Tone-Deaf Private Island TweetKim Kardashian is facing backlash, this time for “humbly” recounting her lavish birthday party at a private island.
  3. holidays 2019
    Oh No, Christmas Is in Two WeeksOh God. Oh no.
  4. culture
    Pete Davidson As “Depressed Ken” Is, in Fact, DepressingSomewhere Ken is screaming.
  5. yikes
    Workers of Color Accuse Old Navy of Busing in White People for Queer Eye TapingThree employees of color have come out with allegations.
  6. yikes
    Is Diddy Dating His Son’s Ex-Girlfriend?Awkward.
  7. yikes
    The 21 Wildest Celebrity Stories From Moby’s Controversial Tell-all MemoirThe Natalie Portman and Lana Del Rey controversies are just the tip of the iceberg from the book sinking Moby’s career once again.
  8. yikes
    Watch Kamala Harris Shut Down Chris Matthews’s Gross Virginity MetaphorThe MSNBC host compared giving up executive privilege to losing your virginity.
  9. yikes
    Your Claire’s Makeup May Have Asbestos in ItThe FDA is warning consumers to stop using some of the company’s products.
  10. yikes
    My Dear Holmes & Watson, You Have a Zero Percent Rotten Tomatoes ScoreDon’t hit the opium den in disappointment.
  11. yikes
    Offset Crashes Cardi B’s Show With Roses, Begs for ForgivenessThrow enough flowers at your problems and they’ll disappear, right? Right?
  12. yikes
    Roseanne Barr Defends Valerie Jarrett Tweet: ‘I Thought the B*tch Was White!’As promised, Barr uploaded a response to YouTube.
  13. yikes
    Snowpiercer TV Series Plagued by Director Hating and Quitting the SeriesNot great!
  14. yikes
    Couture Designer Apologies Again for Racial SlurShe acknowledged that her first apology was “rushed” and “self-centered.”
  15. yikes
    Russian Blogger Issues Lengthy Apology After More Offensive Content SurfacesThis just keeps getting worse.
  16. yikes
    Restaurateur Joe Bastianich Made Racist, Sexist Comments on Italian TVA clip from Masterchef Italia casts prior allegations in a new light.
  17. local mysteries
    Why Does Wilmington, N.C., Smell Like Cat Pee?“I put a pillow over my face just to give myself something to breathe through.”
  18. yikes
    Donald Trump Tweets His Condolences … for the Wrong Mass ShootingThe president sends his thoughts and prayers.
  19. yikes
    The Chicken Wing Has Become a Luxury FoodFor one chef, wholesale wing costs jumped more than 60 percent.
  20. yikes
    Well, Here’s Scott Disick Groping Bella ThorneThey were photographed by a pool in Cannes.
  21. yikes
    One of the Halal Guys’ Midtown Carts Exploded This MorningThe propane tanks combusted, but thankfully nobody got hurt.
  22. The Model Minority in the Age of TrumpThe United Airlines incident occurred within a disturbing context of increased hate directed at Asian-Americans.
  23. select all
    Video Shows Man Dragged Off Overbooked Flight After Refusing to Give Up SeatAnother passenger on the United flight filmed the incident.
  24. select all
    Former Employee Says It’s Still Insanely Easy for Anyone at Uber to Track YouThe former forensic investigator is suing the company after he repeatedly spoke out against the company’s privacy policies.
  25. This Wells Fargo Employee Was So Stressed She Started Guzzling Hand SanitizerShe drank “at least a bottle a day” to cope with her workplace anxiety.
  26. yikes
    These Teething Tablets and Gels May Have Killed 10 Kids, FDA SaysBad news for the homeopathic products.
  27. Yikes
    U.N. Warns the Declining Bee Population Is Going to Devastate Our Food SupplyThe organization’s alarming report says a rising number of “pollinators” face extinction.
  28. Yikes
    Terrible Report Says Seltzer Slowly Rots Your TeethEven unflavored fizzy water contains an acid that erodes tooth enamel.
  29. New York City
    Drama at Carnegie Deli Reaches an All-Time HighWhat responsibility does a closed restaurant have for its employees?
  30. The Woman Who Had Orgasms in Her Left FootOn the first-ever reported case of a condition dubbed “foot orgasm syndrome.” 
  31. Yikes
    Evidence Suggests Roberta’s Owes Nearly $480,000 in Back TaxesThis has not been a great year for the Bushwick pizza hut.
  32. yikes
    Pay Attention: Nordstrom Tower Has Been Revealed, and It’s Really Freaking HugeReally, really huge.
  33. Yikes
    World’s Worst Roommate Pours Cleaning Fluid Into the Food of Her FrenemiesShe sought revenge on her housemates, and now she’s being charged with a felony.
  34. everyday racism
    Apparently, People Regularly Mistake Eva Chen for Vera WangAnd Joe Zee for Jason Wu — according to the duo’s SXSW chat.
  35. Yikes
    One of Balthazar’s Massive Mirrors Just Fell Off the Wall [Updated]Early reports suggest some customers sustained minor injuries.
  36. yikes
    Man With ‘Live Free’ Knuckle Tattoo Trapped in His Own Orgasm PrisonPoor dude.
  37. Yikes
    Haribo Stops Selling Blackface LicoriceThe “Skipper Mix” is no longer on sale.
  38. yikes
    Watch Shia LaBeouf Head-butt a Stranger in a Bar FightIt happened.
  39. yikes
    Rihanna ‘Cheered Up’ Chris Brown at Court TodayThe most upsetting love story of our time gets worse.
  40. Yikes
    Protesters Dog South Korea’s Meat ChoiceLassie!
  41. Yikes
    Di Fara Reports Are Di-sgustingThey’ll survive this.
  42. yikes
    See the Awkward Moment Involving Chris Brown and Rihanna From Last Night’s BET AwardsRarely is one award given to so many people.
  43. Yikes!
    Updated: Cosentino to Serve Horse NeckIs horse meat going to become a thing now?
  44. yikes
    Trader Arrested for Threatening to Kill ‘Midgets’ and ‘Lifelong Lawyers’ at U.S. Regulatory AgenciesLast month, Vincent McCrudden was charged with failing to register his commodities pool with the necessary regulatory agencies. His reaction? Not good.
  45. yikes
    Spider-Man Update: New Safety Protocols Implemented; Actor Still in Serious ConditionThe ‘Spider-Man’ watch continues.
  46. the future is coming
    Bar Codes on Tombstones That Connect the Living to the DeadPlease scan for memories.
  47. yikes
    Long Island Beach Rescue Goes Horribly WrongA sunbather was run over by a police SUV.
  48. yikes
    NYPD Uncovers Plot to Shoot Cops From RooftopBloods and Crips were working together to take out the police.
  49. tv
    See a Sketch From It’s So Funny, a Misleadingly Titled North Korean Comedy ShowSome of the show’s best “jokes” are about beans.
  50. yikes
    Growing Pains Guy Missing’Growing Pains’ actor Andrew Koenig has been reported missing after failing to make a flight back to the U.S. from Vancouver last Tuesday.
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