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  1. extremely online
    Go on a NYC Dream Date With Lorde As She Answers 73 QuestionsFanfics do come true.
  2. house tours
    Tour Cara Delevingne’s Willy Wonka Sex Factory of a HomeCome, come through the vagina tunnel.
  3. streamliner
    Which Free Streaming Services Should You Be Using?How to tell apart your Pluto from your Xumo.
  4. extremely online
    Tati Westbrook Returns to YouTube With a Life Update“It’s kind of gone from Lifetime movie, because there’s so many crazy parts, to maybe like a thriller?”
  5. extremely online
    Our Chemically Imbalanced Romance With Trisha PaytasI pressed play on Trigger Warning on a lark and enjoyed it at a time when the H3 extended universe seems fraught with disputes and news of lawsuits.
  6. extremely online
    David Dobrik Ignores Vlog Squad Controversies in YouTube ComebackNo lessons learned, just vibes.
  7. extremely online
    A Timeline of the David Dobrik Allegations and ControversiesAnd just like that, the Vlog Squad is back to old antics.
  8. funny people
    An Intermediate’s Guide to Conner O’MalleyIt’s gonna get weird.
  9. extremely online
    Trisha Paytas Announces Departure From Frenemies Podcast With H3’s Ethan Klein“I really am sorry, but I’m not sorry for how I feel.”
  10. vulture sports
    If You Were Hoping to See Logan Paul Get Knocked Out, We Have Bad NewsThe YouTube star went all eight rounds with the undefeated boxing champ.
  11. depressing dot com
    Welcome to Bo Burnham’s Internet, You Insatiable Baby“Can I interest you in everything, all of the time?”
  12. extremely online
    This Parrot Deserves His Own WoodstockWe could listen to those riffs and vocals all day.
  13. obits
    Dallas Rapper Lil Loaded Dead at 20His song “6locc 6a6y” became a viral YouTube hit in the summer of 2019.
  14. extremely online
    A Guide to Online-Grooming Allegations (and Why Everyone’s Talking About Them)James Charles, Tony Lopez, and Shane Dawson are just a few of the creators accused.
  15. crossing the line
    12 Video Creators on Their Hardest Edit EverVic Berger, Mary Neely, Yasmine Sahid, and more on the flubbed shots, rewrites, and tricky cuts behind some of their best videos.
  16. influencers
    A Guide to the Many, Many Scandals of James CharlesA former employee has gone public with damning new allegations and is suing the influencer.
  17. extremely online
    A Complete Timeline of the James Charles Allegations and ControversiesA former employee accuses him of wrongful termination, medical discrimination, and more in a lawsuit.
  18. internet studies
    25 Edits That Define the Modern Internet VideoAnd create the vocabulary for an absurd, ingenious art form.
  19. in my boo’s coupe riding
    An Interview With Ton Do-Nguyen, Creator of the Iconic ‘Countdown’ Snuggie VideoTon Do-Nguyen reveals how he pulled off the iconic 2012 Beyoncé homage that the queen herself called “brilliant.”
  20. internet studies
    In the Messy Land of Internet Video, the Editor Is KingOnline-video editing announces itself—the seams are the whole point.
  21. keeping up with the royals
    Will and Kate Are Going to Be Vloggers NowThe Duke and Duchess of Cambridge just launched their own YouTube channel.
  22. remix
    Lil Nas X’s ‘Montero (Call Me by Your Name)’ Remix Features Lil Nas XHe’s a one-man a cappella group.
  23. extremely online
    Jeffree Star Hospitalized and in ‘Excruciating Pain’ After ‘Severe’ Car Crash“This morning was one of the scariest moments of our entire lives. I’m so grateful to be here still.”
  24. extremely online
    YouTube’s Jenna Marbles and Julien Solomita Are EngagedSolomita announced your mom and dad’s engagement on Twitch Thursday.
  25. youtube
    Jake Paul Denies Sexual Assault Accusation By Saying He’s a ‘Momma’s Boy’“I most certainly have never laid a finger on a girl without their consent.”
  26. extremely online
    James Charles Says He’s Sorry He ‘Flirted’ With Underage Fans“It sucks, and it’s ridiculously embarrassing to admit this, but I’m desperate.”
  27. close reads
    Demi Lovato’s Documentary Is Acutely Aware of Its ImageDancing With the Devil isn’t just a high-profile tell-all, it’s also a canny demonstration of celebrity construction in real time.
  28. extremely online
    James Charles Replaced As Host of YouTube Series Instant InfluencerThe show will now focus on a genre other than beauty and makeup.
  29. new music
    Demi Lovato Says She Doesn’t ‘Hold Back’ on Her New AlbumThe record is out April 2, featuring collabs with Ariana Grande, Saweetie, and more.
  30. demi lovato
    You Can Watch the First Two Episodes of Demi Lovato’s YouTube Doc Right Now“I crossed a line that I had never crossed in the world of addiction.”
  31. apologies
    David Dobrik Releases a Second Apology As Sponsors and Views DropThis time with the comments turned on.
  32. sure
    Matthew McConaughey Is a YouTuber NowAnd he’s organizing a star-studded musical fundraiser for Texas relief on his shiny new channel this Sunday.
  33. abuse
    Bhad Bhabie Details ‘Abuse’ at Utah Ranch Where Dr. Phil Sends Teens“I was so scared to speak out, because I was like, no one’s going to believe me. A lot of things that happened to me there, it hurt me so bad.”
  34. apologies
    David Dobrik Says He ‘Doesn’t Stand for Any Misconduct’ in New StatementTrisha Paytas has responded in a new video titled, “David turned off comments but I am not …”
  35. recovery
    Demi Lovato Was Legally Blind Following Her 2018 Overdose“I didn’t leave myself time to really feel sad about it. I just was like, how do I fix it?”
  36. extremely online
    Zoe Sugg and Alfie Deyes Are Expecting a Baby YouTube RoyalHow soon is too soon for a Zoella Jr. line of baby makeup?
  37. tea-mz
    Terms of Service: Your Guide to the Lingo of TeaTubeFrom Adpocalypse to Tati Westbrook, all the shorthand to make you fluent in YouTube drama.
  38. tea-mz
    Glimpsing Behind the Curtain of YouTube’s Anonymous Tea ChannelsThe creators behind Sister Spill, Spill Sesh, BeefTube, and Here For The Tea on telling everyone’s business but their own.
  39. tea-mz
    Tiffany Ferguson Reacts to Her Video That Won Over the Elusive YouTube AlgorithmThe drama-commentary YouTuber walks through one of the first hits of her “Internet Analysis” series.
  40. tea-mz
    Does It Actually Matter Who’s Behind an Anonymous Commentary Channel?The saga of Spill, YouTube’s most divisive corporate-run tea-spiller.
  41. profile
    Confessions of a 32-Year-Old Drama QueenNo one is keeping up with Trisha Paytas, YouTube’s most frighteningly entertaining star.
  42. a long talk
    Tuma Basa Changed Spotify With a Playlist. YouTube’s Next.“We’re past that moment where people used to wonder if the Negro League would do just as good as the MLB.”
  43. tea-mz
    Def Noodles Is Testing the Limits of YouTube SatireWhat Dennis Feitosa’s controversial channel has taught him about the perils of lost context on the internet.
  44. tea-mz
    Watching YouTube Through My Daughter’s EyesAnna Oop teaches her about the latest TikTok drama, and me about my child.
  45. tea-mz
    The Receipt-Keeper of YouTubeD’Angelo Wallace is the foremost chronicler of online celebrity. Now he is achieving fame in his own right.
  46. tea-mz
    Welcome to the Circus19 moments that defined YouTube drama’s economy, and then destroyed it.
  47. extremely online
    James Charles Denies Accusation of Grooming an Underage FanThe YouTuber responded quickly after accusations on TikTok went viral.
  48. trailer mix
    Demi Lovato Isn’t Holding Back in Dancing With the Devil TrailerShe says she “had five-to-ten more minutes” after her near-fatal 2018 heroin overdose.
  49. extremely online
    YouTubers Tim and Fred Williams, a.k.a. TwinsthenewTrend, Loved Their SNL SketchThey really couldn’t get enough of “that dude from Good Burger.”
  50. extremely online
    Popular YouTuber and Actress Abigail Thorn Comes Out As TransThe YouTube creator with over 50 million views released a statement and video.
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