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  1. zing!
    Democratic Senator Delivers Totally Sick Burn to EPA Administrator Scott PruittHe went with a classic.
  2. zing!
    Jeb Bush Delivers Totally Sick Burn to Donald TrumpThe former governor wants to fight.
  3. zing!
    The Only Way the Jets Can ScoreJets players use Tinder, too.
  4. Ramen on the Rise; Hawthorne’s a Top-Ten BarPlus beer and more, all in our weekly neighborhood round-up.
  5. zing!
    David Fincher Gets Served by Aaron SorkinEmmy-winner zing!
  6. Zing!
    Is Sarah Palin Courting Undecided Foodies With Mail-Order Candy?Imagine our surprise when we opened the mailbox the other day and found a Zingerman’s catalog with what appeared to be a smirking Sarah Palin on the cover.