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    Will We Soon Find Out the Identity of the Zodiac Killer?Detectives are submitting his DNA to the same genealogy websites that helped find the Golden State Killer suspect.
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    Ted Cruz Didn’t Not Admit to Being the Zodiac Killer on TwitterSenator Cruz tweeted a questionable meme after someone spilled Dr. Pepper on him.
  3. politics
    Ted Cruz Has a Doppelgänger and It’s Really FreakyThe Texas senator has a doppelgänger.
  4. plausible conspiracy theories
    Ted Cruz’s Wife Doesn’t Deny That He’s the Zodiac KillerHeidi loves him for who he is. 
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    Florida Voters: Ted Cruz Might Be the ZodiacNearly 40 percent of Florida voters say they believe it’s within the realm of possibility that Ted Cruz is the Zodiac Killer.
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    ‘Ted Cruz Is the Zodiac Killer‘ Made the Leap From Meme to Poll QuestionTed Cruz is not the Zodiac Killer.
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    Is This Man the Zodiac Killer? His Son Says YesSee a mug shot of Earl Van Best Jr., whom a new book claims was the notorious serial killer.
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    ‘The Zodiac Killer Is My Father’ Claims New BookIt hits bookstores Tuesday. Get ready for a media splash.
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    Watch a Short Animated Movie About the Zodiac KillerIt’s a “dark comedy” from Brooklyn animators Tiny Inventions.