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15 East


How do you characterize your cuisine?

The cuisine at 15 East is traditional with a Manhattan approach. We incorporate the traditional Japanese dishes when we feel our clientele will enjoy them and modernize them to accommodate for the New York palette.

What region or ethnicity most influences your cooking?

Italy, France, and Japan.

What is your signature dish?

Sea urchin carbonara with sea lettuce and soy.

What kind of food were you exposed to as a child?

My family is of Italian heritage on both sides so my grandmothers were amazing Italian chefs. My stepmother is Japanese and I was exposed to Japanese cuisine and culture at an early age.

Have you ever lived or trained overseas? Where?

Yes, I did a stagiaire in Paris at a Michelin two-star-rated restaurant called Amphycles.

Is there an exotic spice or ingredient that you particularly enjoy using?

Kaffir lime and lemon grass.

Does the design and style of your restaurant evoke a particular place? If so, where?

Both our restaurants were designed with the customer in mind. We like our restaurants to feel like homes because it is always more interesting to dine in a home than in a theme restaurant.

When you cook for yourself, what do you make?

Steak, stews, polenta, and roast chicken.

Tell us about some places you've visited for inspiration.

Barcelona, Tuscany, Paris, Kyoto, Taipei, and Rio.

What are your thoughts on global cuisine?

As the world becomes smaller and closer we are fortunate to be able to study and explore different cultures and their cuisines. It's great to be able to take these ideas home and share them with our guests.