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Red Farm


How do you characterize your cuisine?

Our cooking is rooted in the classic Cantonese dim sum kitchen and exhibits a very high level of artisanship and craft.

What region or ethnicity most influences your cooking?

At RedFarm we prize delicious food over authentic food, and even though our cooking is primarily grounded in Chinese flavors and techniques we feel no reluctance to use non-traditional ingredients, tastes and presentations.

When I cook I want to surprise myself and our guests. In practice this means expressing myself and my sense of humor through my food. The result is that RedFarm is a restaurant that among other things is about having fun. It is fun for me and fun for the diners.

What is your signature dish?

One of our many dim sums.

What kind of food were you exposed to as a child?

As a child, my favorite food was beef tripe.

Have you ever lived or trained overseas? Where?

I'm originally from Hong Kong, where I started training at the age of 11.

Is there an exotic spice or ingredient that you particularly enjoy using?

Kafir lime leaves.

Does the design and style of your restaurant evoke a particular place? If so, where?

Our restaurant combines the clean modern Japanese aesthetic of light colored wood, white-washed walls, and negative space with the rustic look of a barn festooned with artistic hand-crafted decorations.

When you cook for yourself, what do you make?

I love to fish, and there is nothing I like more than to eat the fish I catch.

Tell us about some trips you've taken for inspiration.

I have taken trips to Beijing, Taiwan, Malaysia, Thailand and the Basque region of Spain.

What's the benefit of participating in New York Taste?

Through New York Taste we are able to become better known in the community and expose more customers to our brand and style of service and food.