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The Weekend Getaway Planner

Clubbing in Tel Aviv. Heli-skiing in Chile. Who says quick has to be close? A little creative thinking, a reliable airline (and sometimes, a big budget) can make a trip that's all the more memorable for its insane pace.

St. George's Parish, Bermuda.  

Four-Day Trips
Kyoto, Mont Tremblant, Tel Aviv, and Annapolis.
Three-Night Trips
The Orient Express, Truth or Consequences, Sonoma, Kassel, Bermuda, Savannah, Manchester, and Monhegan Island.
Two-Night Trips
Greensboro, Woodstock, South Shore, Ivoryton, Boston, and Great Wolf Lodge.
Day Trips
Fort Tilden, Hyde Park Drive-In, Old Rhinebeck Aerodrome, Six Flags Great Adventure, and the Rockaways.
Jersey Shore
The best time to hit the Jersey Shore is in late June, when you'll find the beaches less crowded and the prices far less painful.
Los Weekenders
Red-eye excursions to the southern hemisphere.
Hudson Valley Spas
Emerson Resort, Mohonk Mountain House, New Age Health Spa, Copperhood Inn, and Buttermilk Falls Inn.
North Fork
For a budget-friendly sampling of retro family fun, rent a station wagon and head to the North Fork.
Where to Go Camping When You Want to... with friends, or never see a soul.
One Last Shot
An irresponsible weekend of fun in New York.
Where the Pros Go...
...when they want to rock climb, wine taste, listen to music, and shop at outlets.

Contributors: Sari Botton, Sara Cardace, Rosemary Dunne, Geoffrey Gray, Jocelyn Guest, Melissa Burdick Harmon, David Haskell, Hallie Johnson, David Kaufman, Rebecca Milzoff, Janelle Nanos, Larry Olmsted, Denise Penny, Emma Pearse, Karen Rosenberg, Carl Swanson, James Vlahos, Pamela Wasserstein, Rachel Wolff, Jada Yuan, Amy Zavatto.