What’s Your Escape Fantasy?

Past Vacation Highlights
“Soaking in geothermal waters in Iceland’s Blue Lagoon.”
“Seeing Bette Midler in Vegas.”
“Sleeping with my girlfriend inside a tent on Lago di Garda in Italy.”

Past Vacation Lowlights
“Walking around by myself; I got tired of me.”
“There are only white people in Colorado.”
“Getting two flat tires in the middle of nowhere in Kenya; the cab driver left us with our luggage.”

Top-Ten Most-Sought-After Holiday Activities
1. Eating
2. Shopping
3. Sightseeing
4. Drinking
5. Scuba-diving
6. Snorkeling
7. Smoking weed
8. Surfing
9. Hiking
10. Making love

Most Coveted Islands
Puerto Rico, Turks and Caicos, Greek islands, Paradise Island, Phi Phi islands, Sardinia, Bali, Easter Island, the Seychelles, Hawaii, Anguilla, Bora Bora, Tahiti, the Galápagos, Jamaica, Grenadine islands, Trinidad and Tobago, Schiermonnikoog, Manhattan.

Most- Far-fetched Escape Fantasies
“To escape to Costa Rica with two babes—one beautiful, one ugly, because when I get tired of the beautiful one, I’ll want to cuddle with the ugly one. Then we can make love passionately under the sun and go skinny-dipping.”
“To stay at the White House.”
“To go to a place called Freeland—somewhere with no tax, no snow, no environmental disasters, and where you can grow your own food. A place where there are no petty cops, no penalties, no chaos.”

Top-Ten Reasons for Wanderlust
1. Work- or school-related stress
2. Desire to explore, seek adventure, learn, have fun
3. To eat different food
4. The daily grind
5. A winter that won’t end
6. To be isolated
7. Boredom
8. To go on a spiritual journey
9. To visit family
10. Heartbreak: “Grandpa died this week”; “My love life”; “Exes”

Destination Smackdown
Miami vs. Orlando: 4-2
Argentina vs. Brazil: 5-6
France vs. Italy: 13-12

Other Travel Motives …
“To find a husband—in London.” “To kick it with the red-faced monkeys in the mountains of Japan.” “To get into the Italian mind-set.” “To escape Facebook.”

What’s Your Escape Fantasy?