What London’s Listening to

James Blake creates post-dubstep in a beautiful minimal electronic style.

Burial provides a perfect dub soundtrack to South London nights; just released a twelve-inch with Thom Yorke and Four Tet.

Anna Calvi mixes gothic and classical and has an album out on Domino that Brian Eno declined to produce because he said he couldn’t improve it.

Mara Carlyle’s unique voice and saw-playing ability made it onto an Ikea commercial.

Cat’s Eyes is composed of the singer from the Horrors and a Canadian opera singer. They had their debut performance at the Vatican!

Factory Floor references classic eighties electronic groups.

Family has taken the witch-house style and added their own London twist.

Mazes are a jangly-guitar band that recorded their album on a lightship moored in the Thames.

Jai Paul combines glitchy beats with George Clinton–esque funk and soulful vocals.

Veronica Falls are female-fronted noise-pop masters.

What London’s Listening to