The New Teenage Slang

Freshie: Loser.

Allow: No, I haven’t/won’t.

Shubz: Party.

Moisty: An uncool person.

Peak: Long and difficult.

Peng/Chong: Good-looking.

Chung: Very stoned (possibly a derivative of ex-veejay Alexa Chung).

Used all at once: “That homework was crazy peak, so I skipped out and went to a live shubz. There were all these freshies outside, and the door guy was like, ‘No moisties.’ But I made it in, and it was full of these mad peng girls, and one of them came up to me and said, ‘Get me a beer?’ and I was like, ‘Allow.’ But she said, ‘Go on, I’m way too chung.’ So I did, mostly because she was utterly chong.”

The New Teenage Slang