Les Bobos

Illustration by Damien Florébert Cuypers

What They Do:
Bobos—the real ones, anyway—work almost exclusively in fashion, marketing, advertising, and the music and art industries.

What They Might Say:
A mother to her two small boys, actually overheard on the rue des Abbesses, which is like the Park Slope of Paris:“Phoebus et Persée, vous me faites chier!” (Phoebus and Perseus, you’re pissing me off!)

Where to Interact With Them:
At Rosa Bonheur, a restaurant-bar (with dancing till midnight) in the Buttes Chaumont park. Maybe it’s because everyone’s surrounded by trees, but it’s one of the rare spots where you can talk to people and they won’t snub you.

1. Shirt (Surface to Air) open wide. It makes him feels less uptight.

2. Jeans are évidemment A.P.C. Mini-purse is by Marc Jacobs.

3. Any Wayfarer-esque sunglasses will do, as long as they look like what everybody wears but are not what everybody wears.

4. Homemade jewelry. She says she wants to launch her own brand.

5. Petit Bateau clothes never get old.

6. Vintage industrial Jieldé lamps are one of the most praised flea-market finds. (NB: Bobos like to decorate their apartments as if they were German conceptual graphic designers.)

7. Heels. If not designer shoes, then at least Minelli or Jonak.

8. St James sweater (iconic Brittany brand, gives a patriotic touch), Veja sneakers (environmental!), and a mini Fjällräven backpack.

9. The helmet (Momo Design) looks vintage, but it’s not.

10. Freitag courier bag, a favorite since the late nineties, made of recycled tarps. Inside there’s an iMac … what else?!

Les Bobos