Botecos—for Drinks and Snacks

Rio’s answer to the take-away corner diner, botecos and botequims are unpretentious neighborhood holes-in-the-wall and sidewalk pubs. As with anything this ubiquitous, quality varies greatly. Chef Roland Villard of

NOVA CAPELA (Rua Mem de Sá, 96)
“A traditional boteco in Lapa famous for not closing until dawn. Try the cabrito assado, roasted goat with broccoli rice; the meat is marinated for four hours before it goes in the oven.”

CHICO & ALAÍDE (Rua Dias Ferreira, 679)
“A popular botequim in Leblon. I recommend the appetizer Tô te vendo (I see you), made with shrimp, manioc cream, and gratinéed cheese. It goes really well with Brazilian pepper sauce and a cold beer.”

“At ACONCHEGO CARIOCA (Rua Barão de Iguatemi, 379) in Praça da Bandeira, I always order etiscos (snack foods) like bolinho de feijoada, a type of fried-bean ball stuffed with spring greens.”

“Not many Cariocas are used to going to CADEG (Rua Capitão Félix, 110), the state-run market, to have a pleasant meal, but it has been revitalized and is now full of good restaurants, like Barsa. Its specialty is oven-baked cod, and on Sundays there is live chorinho and samba.”

Botecos—for Drinks and Snacks