Expert Tips

The Best Mexican Food … in Tokyo

Salsita (4-5-65 Minami Azabu, 03-3280-1145) is this wacky, wonderful Mexican restaurant set up like a sushi bar; the chef makes everything to order: soft corn tortillas, really lovely tacos, great guacamole, roasted peppers stuffed with beans. It’s all done so precisely, it’s such a hoot.” —Mitchell Davis, executive vice-president of the James Beard Foundation

The Craziest Comedy Show … in Ethiopia

Asmarabeit is this little shack of a club in Addis Ababa; any cabdriver can take you there. Shows start at 2:30 to 3 a.m., and the performers, who are both comedians and raw a cappella singers, make money by heckling audience members. There’s moonshine, tribal dancing, bongo playing—it’s wild.” —Marcus Samuelsson, chef-owner of Red Rooster Harlem

The Edgiest Art Space … in India

Periferry ( is an abandoned boat docked on the banks of the Brahmaputra River in Guwahati. Two filmmakers took it over and now invite artists and curators from around the world to present public-art projects onboard. Anybody walking by can pop in and see a movie, hear a poetry reading, or catch a panel discussion. It’s like a laboratory for creativity in a fairly volatile city with little visible art.” —Sandhini Poddar, curator of “Being Singular Plural,” currently on view at the Guggenheim

The Best Vegetarian Eatery … in Argentina

“Hole-in-the-wall Artemisia (Cabrera 3877; 011-4863-4242) in Buenos Aires’s groovy, Brooklyn-ish neighborhood of Palermo Viejo is really excellent. The staff were so happy and grateful and immediately took us as some of the non-beef-eating contrarians in a city devoted to beef. It was like, ‘Oh, you’re a part of our little secret cult now!’ ” —Kurt Andersen, writer

Expert Tips