Strip Search

Photo: Superstock

1. Former Playboy bunny Denise Pernula recommends the Spearmint Rhino (3344 S. Highland Dr.; 702-796-3600) as a classy starting point—it’s less like a strip joint, she says, than like a bottle-service lounge where women happen to take their clothes off.

2. Bar owner P Moss prefers the slightly more downscale Cheetahs (2112 Western Ave.; 702-384-0074): “It’s grittier and the girls are more real. At the upscale wiggle joints the breasts are all out of proportion.”

3. The Palomino Club (1848 Las Vegas Blvd. N.; 702-642-2984) is a favorite of Cirque du Soleil performer Christopher Kenney. It’s extremely louche and the only place in Vegas where you can see both male and female strippers.

4. Alicia Jacobs, an entertainment reporter for KVBC, is a fan of the transsexuals at Las Vegas Lounge (900 E. Karen Ave.; 702-737-9350). It’s hugely seedy, and not in the best part of town, but still strangely welcoming.

Strip Search