The Urbanist’s Amsterdam: Where to Eat

Photo: Courtesy of Wilde Zwijnen

Dutch Ovens
Beyond the brown cafés and touristy pancake houses, a burgeoning local food scene.

Traditionally, eating out well in Amsterdam meant eating foreign. But a new crop of restaurateurs has been experimenting with regional classics, says Mark Schiefelbein, the blogger behind “What’s happening now are mostly French- or Mediterranean-based dishes, but with a Dutch twist.” Here, Schiefelbein’s three-point plan for experiencing the new era of Amsterdam dining.

Taksteeg 7 BG, Centrum; 20-320-4132
“My favorite dish here is a sandwich made with regionally produced frankfurters and sauerkraut, topped with rosemary, and served on sourdough bread. It’s a very Dutch idea, but prepared sandwich style with French herbs.”

Noordwal 1, Amsterdam-Noord; 20-632-3701
“The main draw is the location, but the food is fantastically fresh. Sit on the terrace overlooking Central Station and try the grilled swordfish with beets and parsnip—a Mediterranean fish with very Dutch vegetables.”

Wilde Zwijnen
Javaplein 23, Amsterdam-Oost; 20-463-3043
“Rugged Wilde Zwijnen is always packed, and the ambitious chef uses lots of game meats. I love the take on bitterballen—fried mushed-meat-and-bread balls, made here with duck.”

The Urbanist’s Amsterdam: Where to Eat